"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, August 6, 2010

yo ho

hope you have a fantastic friday.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

parking garage

when you build a parking garage EVERY day,
it's easy to be proud of yourself when it is perfectly symmetrical.
just sayin...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

tank top

after washing brennan's hands in the bathroom sink today, i told him to go and dry them off.
when i got halfway down our hall i turned to see him drying them off on my freshly washed tank top.
hey, at least i know he's listening.


while price comparing baby monitors
yesterday the pork loin was giving max her first lick of a sucker.
"share momma. mmm-hmmm." (nodding his head up and down)
max just seemed really confused the entire time.
but my brennan felt like a million bucks.

Monday, August 2, 2010

is this heaven? no, it's iowa.

we got max napping, sunscreened ourselves, shoed ourselves, watered ourselves, and readied ourselves to go outside.
only to find it was raining.
it was warm and humid.
i figured we would either get drenched on the way out and i'd totally regret going,
or it would sprinkle heat.
it sprinkled heat.
good thing, b/c i hate it when i'm wrong.
brennan ran around in the rain.

and i sat under the pavilion playing with my phone.
it was the first time the entire week that i actually enjoyed the humidity. there was thunder.
loud thunder.
and 5 minutes of torrential downpour.
i felt like i was in iowa.
"is this heaven?"
"no, it's iowa."
but iowa is pretty close.
and so is utah.
brennan became royally soaked.
and then max woke up.
i pulled him back to our house in a red metal wagon,
with wobbly wheels and chipping paint.
broiled salmon.
steamed some "trees" and rice.
had family night.
oh happy day.
the pork loin thought it was free refills.
it took a lot of explaining and bribery to get him to understand that you only get the one cup that you paid for.
b/c when mommy says, "all gone,"
she means the ice cream in your cup that she paid for is gone.
which is the same thing as, "completely gone."
and the ever flowing frozen yogurt fountains don't work like the milk in our fridge.
is this heaven?
no, it's my life.
same thing;-)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

when honesty is not the best policy

the entire sunbeam class
of 3 yr old girls and boys came into the women's bathroom to "powder their noses" so-TA-speak while i was nursing max at church today.
all of a sudden they were standing in a semi-circle around me.
uncomfortably close.
sheesh, is anything showing?
hanging out?
this is what i was thinking.
i've never been so happy to have my nursing cover on for once.
the following conversation occurred...
"why is your baby crying?"
she's hungry.
"are you going to feed your baby?"
i am.
"with a bottle?"
"how are you feeding her then?"
"pizza? sometimes we eat pizza at my house"
"why is she covered up?"
b/c i'm feeding her.
"with a bottle?"
yup, you got it.
(b/c at this point i'm reminding myself they're 3,
why am i trying to explain that max is sucking on something that is not a bottle).
"why are you covering her up?"
so she can eat without...
she's trying to sleep.
and then their teacher shuffled them off to class again.
at the end i figured honesty really wasn't the best policy.