"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

7 days from yesterday.

we had our carpets cleaned yesterday.
i was so scared the cleaner was going to turn around and see me taking his picture and think i was weird.
although, now it seems more weird that i took it without him knowing...
so what does this all mean?
it means that for a week we will be extremely careful about taking off our shoes and having clean feet on our carpet.
we will be all worked up over spills,
cleaning them immediately.
and be jumpy whenever the kids are eating meatballs.
in fact, meatball night may be skipped entirely this week.
and then 7 days from yesterday we will no longer care and the stains will slowly come back.
so just to be safe,
don't come over for the next 7 days from yesterday.
that way you won't be blamed.
i suppose the same thing goes for the new car.
but maybe it will last for an entire month.

a friend named "friend."

brennan's first day of preschool was yesterday.
i dropped him off.
and only had max.
for 2 1/2 hours.
it was weird.
and great.
and weird again.
he came home and said he played with toys.
and made a new friend.
i know this is true b/c when we were walking to our car he was waving goodbye and saying,
"bye new friend!"
and he couldn't remember what he had for a snack.
but knew they had a snack.
i love the mind of a 3 year old.

concrete angel

typical max:
find a blanket.
and lay down with it.

corn flakes and ice cream

when i was a kid johanna's was my favorite restaurant.
corn flakes and ice cream.
it was on the menu.
and my mom always let me order it.
so sunday night i told brennan all about how we were going to breakfast on dad's day off, and that he could order corn flakes and ice cream if he wanted.
which of course he did.
and you know what?!?!
they don't have it on the menu anymore.
good thing i talked up the hot chocolate and scones too.
otherwise we would have had a real emergency on our hands.
new labor day tradition,
i hope.

max ate half of this scone herself.
i kid you not.

walking on the ball of my left foot.

for the last week i've been walking on the ball of my left foot.
a 2 hour walk in flip flops is to blame.
and my abnormally high arches.
good thing i'm married to doctor.
private physical therapy:)
and a free tape job.
i know,
today was the first day i've been able to walk semi-flat footed.
good thing it's getting cool enough outside for TOMS.
b/c they have a little arch support.
who knew flip flops could be so mean?
does this mean i'm getting OLD???

go cougs

just know that saturday afternoon was ALMOST not pretty at the gibson home.
thank goodness the cougs pulled through in the 4th quarter.
as usual.
and beat ole miss.
like i said,
ALMOST not pretty.
but turned out pretty.
really pretty.
just not as pretty as max;)
she drives a tough competition though.