"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, March 17, 2014

next year: NETS. {st. patty's}

happy st. patty's pat!
get here already;)
"i am NOT going pee in that potty." -max
brennan: "leprechauns are attracted to green. 
what do we have that's green?"
me: "asparagus."
brennan: "no, no, broccoli. we need liiiiike broccoli."
me: "we don't have any broccoli."
brennan: "ok asparagus it is.
we're gonna need some limes though."
max:"yeah, yeah, limes!"
another year we didn't catch him!
next year: NETS.
brennan assures me he just 
they have beards though.
'cause his teacher says so.
messy little guys.
 when you stop believing in leprechauns,
just sayin'.
to ya!
happy st. patty's:)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

fuffer duffer fanfasfic

dear sean,
you are STILL my favorite 
most fun person i know.
i laugh so hard with you by my side.
especially when you have fake chest hair oozing out of the top of your shirt,
a cap on your head,
and a fancy cane in your hand.
also, when you installed 
the new faucet in the kitchen sink yesterday, 
i pretty much fell in love with you 
all over again 'cause wow,
i didn't even know how bad it was--thank you mother, my eyes have now been opened.
i hofe you fill find me 
af fuffer duffer fanfasfic foo;)

not even a wee bit. {the tee vee thing too}

and i didn't even pee my pants:)
not even a wee bit.
so proud.
note: chase holds on like a monkey so strong 
that i could take my arms away and he wouldn't fall down even an inch.
also, the family yard doubled this winter.
can't wait to see what uncle dave has up his sleeve.
and for lazy summer pool dayz.
we made it to 11pm before chase turned into a craft destroying monster, 
and i needed a shower before ski school.
and what on earth do you do with three children 6, 4, and almost 2 awake while you shower?
{note: brennan picking nose. always.
so dependable in this way.}
let me tell you.
you wait until they're not looking, put a movie on for the baby in your room.
i do have some standard of safety at least,
and then you run like mad,
as fast as you can,
hoping that for 5 minutes this just might be your chance.
except then,
you end up having a revolving door of shower visitors 
for the entire 6.5 minutes you take to wash your hair, shave your legs, and scrub your feet.
because max drew on her jammies,
and brennan drew on max's jammies,
and did i spell "a-l-uh-ks" right?
at which point they've all figured out that the baby is watching a movie in your room,
and you see how happily and peacefully entranced by the tube they really are,
and mostly how they're not moving or speaking at all,
and you think,
no one is even thinking about being grounded 
and you can have your hair dried in ten minutes or less,
and MAYBE even get dressed and put some toner and lotion on your face,
and so you close the door to the bathroom ever so quietly,
as to not disturb the animals,
and you enjoy 20 minutes of hair drying, 
face lotion applying, 
tooth brushing, 
under wear putting on 
blissful peace.
and then you pretend like nothing happened,
and you get everyone dressed for ski school,
and like i said,
you pretend nothing happened:)
plausible deniability.
i learned fancy words and phrases like this from independence day when i was in the 7th grade.
and sometimes i use them in almost the right context.