"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, August 3, 2012

one lump or two {afternoon tea}

my grandparents sent me an old silver tea set of theirs from grandpa's working days in the airlines.
in celebration the london olympics 
chase being 4 months old we threw ourselves a tea party.
{did you know chase is 4 months old this week?}
so proud:)
i was teaching them about not pressing their tea bags when taking them out, 
just like grandma joy taught me,
{and about how we only drink certain types of tea--non caffeinated}
sugar {one lump or two},
cream {say when},
and then brennan picked up his cup and said to himself,
"pinky up!"
very gentlemanly like.
i laughed so hard in adoration,
and asked him where he heard that.
and he said,
"tinker bell."
and then went about his tea drinking business.
such a funny kid.
max was a lady the entire time
until she squeezed her tea bag with her fist at the end.
so glad we're not british.
b/c surely americans can get away with those types of things.
so glad she's 2.
i forget how pretty silver is.
how does one keep it clean and polished?
i know i should know this.
but i don't...
thank you grandma and grandpa tabery,
we are honored to have it in our home.

neverland sign up's

eating tortillas on the back porch,
and painting our toes all the same color.
sign us up for neverland.
i don't want them to grow up!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

take me out to the ball game

my mom bought 10 tickets.
my cousins came too.
brennan now wants to play baseball.
like now.
chase slept on me.
and then i nursed him in my seat.
{i'm 2 for 2 now, go me--convenience is just taking over, don't judge!}
uncle dave took the boys {minus chase} for a ride of the bumble bee train during the 7th inning.
i spilled brennan's snow cone.
then he spilled his own snow cone.
it was tragic both times.
but worse when i did it.
the lemonades mom bought cost an arm and a leg.
dave spoiled us all with hot dogs, cotton candy, and anything else the kids asked for.
mary ate her ice cream in the most darling little plastic baseball cap.
reminded me of getting them at baskin robbins on those summer nights in iowa as a kid.
the blonde curly haired pitcher signed a baseball for brennan.
mom knew a player on the other team and dazzled the kids with knowing a real live SUPERSTAR.
childhood, baseball, and summer are my three favorite words today.
if only i could have had a plate of garlic fries from candlestick with my dad too:)

when we got home at 10:30pm all three of the kids were crying from exhaustion.
for the first time, it wasn't annoying.
or stressful.
it was just adorable.
i don't know why.
it just was.
{either i'm changing or it was a TOTAL fluke, probably the latter.}
there's just something so relaxing about sitting at the ball park on a summer night that must have put me in some kind of budha mood.
their little bodies were stained from spilled snow cones and sticky cotton candy fingers.
foreheads shining with sweat.
and eyes red.
brennan walked into his room crying, 
"i'm so tired, i just need to go to bed!"
{he has never said this in his entire life.}
chase was screaming so loud it sounded like one of his legs had been cut off.
{i even checked to make sure b/c i had never heard him cry like that before.}
max could barely hold her binky and blanky at the same time.
i could have stayed at that baseball game all night long.
i want summer to last forever and end all at the same time.

baby doll max

panel pants

yep, totally still 
wear my panel pants:)
b/c they're just really comfy.
{no need to worry about buttons this way}
happy 4 months TODAY chase!
i don't know how we ever managed to survive without you!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

bucket list {baseball}

last night i played baseball with brennan.
we took turns being the hitter and the pitcher.
then sean took over while i went inside to make dinner.
brennan kept winking at me through the window.
{through my very dirty kitchen sink windows, might i add.}
he would give me the thumb's up and then wink with a grin.
then sean would remind him to keep his eye on the ball, 
and he would hit that ball with his little dora bat.
what a charmer that boy is.
another check off of my life's bucket list fulfilled:)