"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, November 25, 2011


My dad has been buying fish from John at the fish market for thirty years.
maybe more.
It's like cheers, where "everybody knows your naaaaaaaame, bum bum bum!"
Fresh fish.
Hot crab over the counter.
fish layed out for the picking.
One of my favorite stops:)
Brennan said he liked to push the eyeballs.

The waves roll in and the waves roll out.

the smell of the rich,
thick ocean air is just as good every time.

max was scared of the waves.
thought they were going to eat her.
guess we shouldn't have told her they would if she didn't run.

No filling necessary.

We got pilgrim hats in our turkey "poppers" this year.
Brennan convinced almost everyone to put their hats on at some point during dinner.
Max didn't eat dinner until 8pm.
b/c we let her nap until almost 6.
I decided I love pumpkin pie for the crust and the whipped cream.
I've been aware of it for years,
but have never just scooped out the middle until now.
No filling necessary.
Max agrees.

Happy thanksgiving:)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm not used to the traffic.

So far I have rememebered...
Billboards in California are in English and Spanish.
A lot.
I can read Spanish.
Bc the English is right by it.
Why couldn't my high school Spanish teacher have done that on our midterm???
Much more efficient when trying to translate.
It is still fall with all of the leaves on the trees.
There are more Mercedes Benz's.
And less escalades.
Almost no escalades.
It is odd to have an almost 4 year old, an almost 2 year old, and an almost newborn all at the same time.
A walking marvel is what I am.
at least to the people at the gas stations.
Or maybe the crazy lady with lots of kids.
I prefer goddess of children.
With little gems.
And it gets darker faster here.
I swear it does.
I showed Sean my short cut through Benicia to half moon bay.
It made me feel really smart:)
I like my old maps from my glove compartment better than the map on my iPhone.
At least until I need to know where my little blue dot is.
Sean told me i was old fashioned.
And I liked it:)
And then he told me I was cute.
I love him.
And I love that my kids can watch two different movies at the same time in our car.
Almost as much as the 25 mpg we got on our drive.
We only had to fill up once.
in 13 hours!!!
There is only one more stop we have to make before we roll up on the good old hmb Ryan residence.
Glory be:)
***below is salt on the salt flats, not snow:)***

P.S. the traffic is suffocating here.
On a whole new level.
That I'm just not used to anymore.
Especially when max starts screaming.
That is all.

Monday, November 21, 2011

narrowing it down

they wanted to bring them all.
and by all,
i mean EVERY movie we own.
we've narrowed them down to these "few."
have mercy.
i hope it makes the 12 plus hour drive feel like less.
it's going to be a long day...
heaven bless the in car movie.
and the seat warmers.
i really love the seat warmers.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

i SO invented post-it note glue.

have you been to your 10 year high school reunion?
i have not.
it's a weird thing to not have been yet.
and about to be going.
my sister and i used to watch romey and michelle's high school reunion.
rented it from movie magic.
right next to baskin robbins.
movie magic first.
then stopped for ice cream after.
i remember how thrilling it was to stand in front of the wall of vhs movies (wow), scanning whether we were going with the new releases or the classics, like bill and ted's excellent adventure.
then it was up to the checkout.
candy, popcorn, treats...
i hope i'm remembering this part right.
either way,
gone are the days of the video rental store.
so my brother in law helped me make the name tags for everyone going to the reunion.
when he saw my picture he said,
"WOW! you look really young!"
i'm still young now though.
at least i think i am.
he of course said lots of wonderful things about how youthful i still am,
and "didn't i know what he meant?"
*wink wink*
and it's odd how i still have that person inside of me.
and yet no longer know that person at all.
in fact,
somewhere in the last ten years i have even stopped imagining myself as that face,
even though i remember a time when it was the only face i knew.
and now that face isn't inside my thoughts anymore.
it's me in there.
just a different one.
with a lot more life experience than before,
but still not very much at all.
is that how it happens?
one day you realize you've stopped being 12 and you're all of a sudden 30, 50, 82?
but still have 12 year, 18 year old, 30 year old moments?
funny how that happens.
i totally invented the glue used on post-its.
that's my story,
and i'm sticking with it.
what do you think?