"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, September 12, 2009


have you ever been near a port a potty when it's being emptied?

we were last week.
i plugged my nose and scooted away.
the pork loin?
he went right up to the fence to peek through.

apparently foul smells don't bother him yet...

he stood there the entire 10 minutes it took.
lots of noise, big truck, smelly.
toddler's paradise.
i'm happy when you're happy, little loin:-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

a memory

thankful that the scouts wake up early to put pretty flags up all over our neighborhood:-)
so i can remember.
what i was doing.
8 years ago this morning.
woke up early for class.
like 6:30am.
not normal in my college days.
checking email.
dial up internet.
hence, the busy phone line.
cell phone turned off.
roommate sleeping peacefully.
friend ashley pounding on my door.
"terrorists are attacking us em, come to my room. they just flew a plane into the world trade center."
"em, come on."
i remember my heart pounding as we walked to ashley's room.
as we walked in, we watched the second plane hit the 2nd tower.
saw a united airlines plane hit a tower.
the same airline my mom flew for.
she was supposed to be flying a trip that day.
got ahold of mom.
spent the rest of the day piled into the whitney hall rec room watching the news for the rest of the day.
i don't even remember eating.
by my 11am class they hadn't cancelled classes yet.
we went.
the teacher sent us home.
they cancelled classes after that.
it was like no one really knew how bad it was yet...
what were you doing?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

curly fry, that's me

i don't remember being extremely emotional when i was pregnant with brennan.
or particularly intense about having to have a specific food at odd times of the day.
let me paint a picture for you tonight.
watching america's got talent
(aris's fiance is in jersey boys, performed on the show tonight).
arby's commercial came on during the break.
curly fries.
the ones that are the really tight ringlets.
return home with curly fries.
play taped oprah season premier.
(no, we don't have tevo. we still use a vhs tape and record our shows.)
so oprah.
22 yr old girl, oprah makes her wish to meet josh groban come true.
(well, she really wanted him for a prom date back in high school).
in comes josh.
girl starts crying.
jumping up and down.
hands over the mouth hysterical.
and there i was.
we're talking tears "a droppin" people.
with arby's curly fries on my lap.
pregnancy at its finest.
oh dear.
i'm there.
i'm really there.
i was the epitome of the pregnant woman that "they" make fun of in commercials.
it was hilarious.
so glad sean was watching espn in the back.
maybe he won't check the blog today...and we can keep this just between us.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

not folding his arms

what is the toddler doing during family prayer?
not folding his arms.
that's for dang sure.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

does that mean we're #3?

if you're a cougar fan you'll most definitely appreciate brennan's new trick.

GO COUGS!!!!!!!!!!!

way to beat those oakies!

(for the non-college football watchers:

byu (ranked #20) beat oklahoma (ranked #3) last night 14 to 13.)