"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"ready or not..."

i have this incredible friend.

from my days in chico.

the kind you can be around and not have to say much at all, but still know what you're talking about.

the kind that uplifts you, inspires you, teaches you.

the kind that doesn't get offended and you can always depend on.

for anything.

her name is beth.

i read her post yesterday and got thinking...

we've all played "hide 'n seek" as children (and adults?).

my favorite part of the game was when you finished counting and got to yell as loudly as you could,

"ready or not, here i come!!!"

it seems like life is a bit like that childhood game.

ready or not, here it comes.

click here to see beth's "hide 'n seek."

trust me, she'll uplift, inspire, and teach you too.

(it's a fairly new blog so you can search older posts in a jiffy).

Friday, July 31, 2009

P to the C (a vacation)

a vacation that you don't have to exhaust yourself just getting to?!
i'll take it:-)
a christmas present from the gibson g-rents goes as follows...
there's nothing like waffles to start off a vacation right.
after waffles we headed for the canyons.
and a ride.
a swooping ride.
the kind where you have to put both of your arms up in the air to really enjoy it.
in one of these.
at the top, we lunched.
the things i will allow my child to do so i can have a peaceful lunch include a list of many.
letting him completely annihilate a sucker is one of the P.L.'s favorites.
and hiked.

learning about rocks with grandma G
high ho, high ho
it was a really strenuous hike.
can't you tell?
second day festivities included a day on the lake.
jordanelle to be precise.
the scout master's aunt and uncle own the marina.
thanks to the papworth's for an aMAZing day!
a life vest never looked so cute.
would you look at that little bum strap?!
the pool at the hotel had something like 6 different jacuzzi spas.
they also had the most adorable life size chess set.
other trip amenities follow
i fear i may be risking my life with this one,
but honestly,
if it's not meant for the blog,
i don't know what is.
the end.
thanks gibson g-rents, we had a blast!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Waffles & fresh strawberries. A pontoon boat, sliding down a mountain on a scooter and then down a zip line.

Monday, July 27, 2009

About to ride a gondola. Lunch atop a mountanous peak awaits! Have you figured out where we are yet?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

a guessing game

the getaway-ing has almost begun.
my table is full of packed groceries.
go green bags of course;-)
you know the drill.
my bed is covered in clothing and suitcases.
the list in my head may actually make it into my bag.
although, i have forgotten the things i "couldn't live without"
i lived.
i know, crazy thinking.
here are some clues to our getaway-ing location:
far enough that it feels like it's "SO FAR" away when someone wants you to meet them there.
cooler temperatures (ahhhh, i'm smiling already).
two words.
any guesses?

and yes, we have a house sitter.
and a fish sitter, for that matter.