"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, July 30, 2011

stay awake, don't fall asleep.

nighty night:)


play rocky music in your head while looking at these.
it is necessary.
brennan finally has a built in playmate that plays back.
team mom-1
team kids-1 billion

the artichoke

how much nutritional value do artichokes really have?
this is what sean and i were talking about over dinner the other night.
i mean really,
you get the little bit of meat on each leaf (which you dip in butter AND mayo),
and you do this until you get to the heart which you subsequently slather dip in butter AND mayo again.
so my question is,
is there even enough in there to be nutritional,
if there is something in there worth some kind of nutrition in the 1/4 cup of vegetable you actually end up eating,
how much of it is cancelled out by the butter AND mayo?
important dinner conversation.
open for comments.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

kosher salt takes the lead.

this means:
A. i will be growing zucchini in my garden next year.
B. the kosher salt will now be moved from the back of the pantry shelf to the front of the pantry shelf.
that is all.
thank you lisa.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

july will do that to a person

so far today,
brennan has peed on my stairs.
and IN my dryer.
yep, you read that right.
that's what i was asking myself when he told me.
my brow furrowed.
head tilted a little.
so when i walked into my laundry room and found a puddle of pee in my dryer i said,
"oh, you really peed in my dryer."
and he said,
"yep, that's what i said!"
well ok.
since he peed on andrea's carpet last week too i guess it's safe to say we've ruined our 2 month streak of being accident free.
well then, i suppose we can be grateful it's only pee:)
we mormons celebrated pioneer day this weekend.
basically a 4th of july,
round 2.
where we remember the pioneers that crossed the plains and settled the beautiful valley of salt lake.
oh how glad i am that we got to soak in the celebration all day.
with fireworks and s'mores in the rain at night.
i am officially on my way to being summered out:)
july will do that to a person.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

southwest safety announcements {THE END}

and then we flew home.
and we were sad.
and happy.
all at the same time.
funny how that happens with vacation.
southwest saftey announcements are hilarious.
"if you're flying with children, place your mask on first. if you're flying with more than one child, place the next mask on your most favorite child or on the one with the most potential."

duck #172

in murphy's the streets are lined with shamrock's.
and once a year they host the duck races.
a fundraiser for the humane society.
you buy a duck for $5.
they put your duck in a huge garbage can.
and then dump them all off of a bridge.
the first duck to float to the next bridge is the winner.
second place gets a prize too.
duck #172 was retired this year.
after three years of winning in a row it was determined he was just too good.
poor duck #172.
happy retirement.
there are four races.
2 kid.
2 adult.
after each race, the kids get in the water and throw the ducks out.
so they don't go down the creek.
brennan died and went to heaven throwing those yellow rubber duckies to shore.
max watched.
and sucked on one's head.
until they made her throw it in the can.
and do you know who won 2nd prize???
who knew?!?
she had gone to buy a pie for that night.
raspberry rhubarb.
when sean heard her name.
hot dog,
it's always more fun when you win.
really, it is. 
brennan picked the dragon.
max picked the butterfly.
with glitter.
and then they both fell asleep in the car on the way home.
stuffed with three kinds of ice cream.