"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, January 22, 2010

ma' toes

the only thing i'm really concerned about
taking care of before little miss max arrives is ma' toes.
there's nothing that says "let's push a baby out" like freshly manicured toes.
or i guess it's pedicured toes.
dr. N. reports that i am 50% effaced and 1 1/2 cm dilated.
at 41 weeks with brennan i was finally 1 1/2 cm dilated, so i am feeling quite happy with my early progress at 36, almost 37 weeks.
bree guarantees that this means i will be pregnant for at least 3 weeks or more.
dr. N. has offered to induce me at 39 weeks.
i don't think i have the strength to turn him down;-)
that means we have 2 weeks from sunday.
ma' toes are scheduled for next saturday.
i'm thinking pink.
with flowers.
"are you ready?"
that's the question i keep getting.
"how are you feeling?"
i'm ready and i'm not ready.
i'm ready to not have a baby in my stomach any more.
i'm not ready for the sleep deprivation.
i'm enjoying my sleep.
something i thought was not possible during pregnancy.
especially at the end.
i'm enjoying brennan.
so i'm feeling great!
sleep makes me feel great.
so do people caring how i feel.
nice to be cared about:-)
it's all very medicinal.
like freshly pedicured toes.
in other news...
the pork loin has not eaten a speck of dinner for 3 nights in a row.
he is still alive.
and fully pork loined out.
so i've stopped worrying about him starving.
and i'm appreciating more food for me, HA!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


the first disagreement sean and i had
after getting married was about dishes and making the bed.
i think it started about 11:30pm and ended around 2am.
sean vowed never to bring anything up with me when i'm tried ever again.
so in my tired state i was bugged that he would put his dishes in the sink and let them sit there all day, with the oatmeal cement sticking itself to the side of the mug.
it wasn't that the dishes were sitting there all day.
sometimes you're busy and dishes have to sit.
it was that it took 5 times as long to clean them at the end of the day when everything was REALLY caked on from sitting all day.
my solution had always been to just fill the cup, plate, etc with water to soak so clean up was a snap.
he was bugged that the bed was never made.
my argument was that i always made the bed...right before we got in it!
i thought it was silly to use valuable "getting ready time" in the morning to make the bed.
so we made a compromise.
he would soak his dishes, and i would make the bed.
last night i was reminded of our first late night disagreement.
in a good way.
the scout master was home for all of 12 minutes between internship and scouts.
tuesdays are busy in our home.
in those 12 minutes he ate 1 1/2 pieces of pizza (took another 2 pieces with him to scouts), organized some scout materials, hugged the pork loin and i, and was out the door.
the pork loin cried at the door.
it was sad.
after the hustle and bustle of his departure i saw a beautiful thing.
my sink was full of sean's dishes from work, SOAKING.
"i love you" was what i saw in my sink.
good thing i made the bed today;-)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

VIP dreams

so far, all i've noticed about my scrubbing bubbles gel toilet bowl cleaner is that it makes my bathroom smell like a clean hospital room.
and i don't like the smell of clean hospital rooms.
the pack lasts for 6 weeks.
hopefully it really will clean the toilet for me,
as advertised on the box.
(but on the box there was this little sponge creature that did the work. i see no creature in my toilet. false advertising.)

last night i dreamt
that my father in law got us front row box seats (is that even possible???) to a king's basketball game.
sean and my friend beth were with me.
two of my friends from high school were players on the team.
micah cummings and gabe gammon.
gabe is shorter than me, and i don't remember micah being tall.
i haven't seen or talked to these people in 10 years.
so we were in these box seats, but we couldn't even see the game.
it didn't bother me.
we got to wear these fancy vip tags around our necks.
i felt super important with my neck tag.
beth went to talk to the players on the bench, but i just sat in the little box.
some fancy dressed men came up and brought us plates of chocolate pudding with lots of whipped cream and purple Gatorade.
beth stole my Gatorade, but i didn't mind b/c i don't like Gatorade that much.
and i thought it tasted like medicine anyway.
i also ate a cold chocolate chip cookie with homemade whipped cream (the pudding and whipped cream they brought earlier was from the can), and i remember thinking the cookie would have been much better with the whipped cream if it were warmed up.
beth and i were just about to go "powder our noses" when sean came back with his arms full of stuff from the souvenir shop.
i asked him where he got the money for it, and he said his dad gave him money and he was to "go to town" in the gift shop.
then i woke up.

Monday, January 18, 2010

turkey button

and now the countdown REALLY begins!
i know you're jealous of my table.
it's the coolest.

and this is my view.
in NESTING news...
i am working on round 3 of the first square of max's blanket.
there are supposed to be 50 squares total.
mama C is doing 25 in hawaii, i'm doing 25 here.
i think i've given up having it done by little miss's arrival.
we'll see.
the window sill in the nursery has been cleaned, wiped down, and bleached.
clothes have been folded, refolded, some washed, some not washed, organized, and reorganized.
i have an obsession with bins.
organizing in bins.
what is the scientific research behind nesting?
is it really hormonal?
i had 4 people walk up and push my belly button in yesterday.
it's a good thing i knew them.
and liked them.
otherwise it would have been really weird.
just call me turkey button.