"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, September 11, 2010

lawn mowers and gasoline.

last night we went to home depot.
where i learned that lawn mowers run off of gas.
that you buy at the gas station.
in a red can.
and take it home.
to pour it into the mower.
to make it go.
i cannot remember ever mowing a lawn in my life.
downright hilarious.
that's what i say.
before we had brennan the scout master had never changed a diaper.
i don't see why that is any different from me never having mowed a lawn before our first home.
there's always a first for everything.
just laugh, b/c it's really funny.
i wonder if we'll have to mow it before it snows...

in the hood

on thursday we put our hoods on for the first time since may.
and sat in a chair while it sprinkled on and off.

news to us,
brennan has a knack for croquet.
i will miss the green grass of summer.
now, where are all of my hoodies...

inevitably speaking

sugar house park.
the highlight of wednesday.
with blake and brooke.
2 inch stream with rocks.
boy heaven.
we used to ice block down the hills in the background.
the scout master tells me i've told him that 3 times before.
it was only a matter of time before he fell in.
he said he was cold.
it was inevitable,
from the minute we saw the stream.
so glad i had packed an extra diaper.
b/c that's all he went home in.

a few more

the sunlight changed in my kitchen this week.
it's not as bright when i walk out in the morning.
this is the first year i can remember feeling like fall is coming a few weeks too early.
i'm usually begging for summer to be gone by july.
i still was.
but i wanted august to last longer this year.
there's something to be said about the laid back feeling of a warm summer night.
i am ready for early bed times to be back.
and casseroles in my oven again.
but just a few more warm nights...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

WE GOT IT!!!!!!! :-)

Multiple offers.

At the dinner table last night, over a batch of hot taco soup Brennan argued with me over the fact that I told him he had two arms.
"no treeeeee!!!!"
No, you have two arms.
"nooooooo treeeeeee!!!!!"
Aliens have three arms.
Brennan has two.
"noooooooo !!!!!!!!"
After complete distress, we agreed that he could grow a third.
I'd like another as well.
Then we put another offer in on the best house we've seen so far.
Then the scout master's computer broke.
Us: zero
Computers: 2
Then our realtor called us to say there are multiple offers.
So we made another offer.
And went to sleep feeling like we were going to ace our final exam.
And slept like babies.
For the first time in a month.
And so did the kids.
It's gonna be a great day.