"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, September 21, 2012

sometimes ya win.

sean and brennan drove to idaho last night and home this afternoon to go to the byu/boise state game.
brennan walked in the door holding his sign from the game and told me,
"mom, the broncos won. sometimes ya lose, sometimes ya win."
i love him.
it was so quiet with the big boys gone.
i got to sleep in with max and chase,
exercise in the mornings,
and have the tv all to myself at night.
it was a lovely little break.
during chase's morning bath i gave him his first hair cut.
just a little off the top to even things out.
his comb over was getting out of control.
now he's all spruced up for his first airplane ride.
he and i are jet setting home to california tonight for some smooching and spoiling from the grandparents, as well as paige's wedding.
we can't wait!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

chub-a-chubs learns to sit

{check out the changing leaves on the mountains--heart stopping beautiful.}
tonight while brennan played tball i started teaching chase how to sit up on his own.
i love propping my babies up in the grass and then letting them topple over into the soft green cushion it provides.
brennan used to scream when the grass would touch him,
but max and chase just lay there in bliss.
just happy to be alive and laying in the grass.
i was dying over chase's chubby thighs,
and couldn't stop laughing when he would lose his balance and roll backwards.
i would prop him up and position his legs to steady him,
then let go of his hands,
and cheer him on.
when brennan got up to bat i yelled a big "WOOOO!!!" and scared chase half to death.
his back.
looking stunned in a calm and confused kind of way.
after ten minutes of being a really good sport he face planted into my knee and cried a little.
i love his cry.
right into my neck.
all cozy and safe.
i'm really going to miss sitting on the grass watching brennan play tball.
last game next week.
go "bean-an"!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"i carried a watermelon." {timing is everything}

i went out to my yard this morning and said enough was enough.
i was PICKIN' ME some watermelons.
i've been patiently waiting for their curly-q to turn brown,
for their white spot on the bottom to turn yellow.
{i was hoping.}
and their thump to sound hollow.
my arm got all scratched up by the pumpkin leaves that have taken over the watermelon patch,
but i grabbed those two watermelons out one by one.
and let max wash the dirt off until they shined their beautiful green and white stripes,
looking for that yellow spot of theirs on the bottom,
like a mother looking to see if it's a boy or a girl.
i was a crazy looking happy person when i saw those two yellow spots.
they are heavy little ladies,
but i picked one up in each arm 
and felt like i should be walking into the dirty dancing employee dance shack 
looking for patrick swayze.
patrick swayze i did not find,
but i dare say 
those striped twins 
were pretty darn close 
after months of patiently waiting for them to be ripe.
brennan took my picture while i balanced them in each arm.
who needs cross fit when you have watermelons to carry around?
{and baby car seats i might also add}.
not me. not me.
so ladies and gentlemen,
i give you,
the two most beautifully ripened watermelons i have ever laid eyes upon.
i carried a watermelon!
that's what i will say when sean walks through the door.
except he won't think i'm weird or crazy,
{i will insist he call me Baby though--i always wanted that pink flow-ie dress she wore.}
b/c he will be just as crazy and happy to cut into them as me.
and then when he's telling me how awesome life is to grow watermelons in your backyard,
and how lucky he is to have such a life,
and such a GREAT wife,
will i ask him if he could 
please dump and clean up the baby pools i've left out all afternoon;)
timing is everything.
my daddy always taught me.
for watermelons too;)

the diaper fairy {under my pillow}

when i went to make my bed this morning i found chase's wet diaper slightly under my pillow.
i slept with that beauty all night long.
yep, that's the type of super glamorous life i lead.
it must have been good luck too, 
b/c chase slept a lovely long stretch that has me in the best of moods this morning.
max and i put our corn stalks on the porch,
all tied up like a christmas package in september.
we planted 'em,
grew 'em,
ate 'em,
and now decorate with 'em.
oh how i love growing corn.
may your day be one of diaper fairy magic.
i know mine will.

Monday, September 17, 2012

for my porch.

while brennan was at preschool and chase was snoozing,
max and i chopped down our corn husks.
they will now happily dry themselves on my front porch.
and in the process, properly decorate my entrance for the fall.
this was the whole reason i grew these babies:)
i'm bursting with joy!
amazing how things grow.
click here and here.
pumpkins are next on my chopping block.
i can't wait to find out just how many are hiding under all of those monster leaves.
oh happy day:)
i love his chubby crossed fingers.
all fattened up for your viewing pleasure.
doctor approved.
{really, he did. approve him. chase is all up to par on his calories again. hooray!}
thank you body, you're