"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, February 5, 2011

pre-superbowl jitters.

only in utah,
would someone like myself
get overly excited about the last case of weinhart's on the shelf.
only in utah would there be one case of weinhart's left on the gourmet rootbeer shelf.
the night before the superbowl.
i, my friends, cleared them out!
with bud light stacked to the ceiling on the other side.
sitting there all lonely and unbought.
lucky weinhart.
i love living here:)
i fear it is going to be an all nighter for the fourth night in a row for little miss max.
the bulb syringe is back.
she does makes sick look cute.
playing peek a boo with sean and his hat between bulb syringe death matches.
poor thing.
i used the squeeze bottle version of the netti pot tonight on myself.
didn't even know i was congested.
was scared to death to do it.
in fact,
i stood in the bathroom yelling to sean,
"i'm freaked out!
i don't want to do it!"
so i sucked it up,
but, not really.
which was the part i thought i had to do.
suck it up.
that's why it freaked me out.
b/c i thought you had to suck it up.
like in sleepless in seatle where they use a lot of those nose sucking things.
nasal spray is it?
you don't suck this up.
you breathe through your mouth.
tilt your head to the side.
and squeeze that bottle of saline into your nose.
and out it comes on the other side.
so i started yelling again,
"this is weird!
come in here!
you've got to see this!"
at which point my head tilting was less than perfect, so the saline started coming out of my mouth too.
it tasted a little like the ocean.
and made me feel a little scared that i might drown.
not really.
and then i yelled,
"it's coming out of my mouth!
oh, i need to tilt differently.
come see this!"
and sean said,
"no thanks,
i'm good."
so i said,
"do you think it's gross?
it's not.
it's really cool!
you've got to try it.
honey, this is amazing!!!"
and then max woke up and saved him from me forcing him to watch saline go in one of my nostrils and come out the other.
which really saved him from the part right after that when all of the saline is gone.
let's just say it's not pretty.
and leave it at that.
go buy your own.
and you'll see just how pretty it isn't.
but oh, how pretty it is after.
what the???
what kind of blog is this?!
holy moly,
i can breathe!
that's what kind of blog is this.
the pro-breathing kind.
or this is.
and the headache i didn't realize was a headache for the last 5 weeks is better.
so much less pressure.
little to no pressure!
and so simple.
like 1850's go into our wooden pantry and pull out the medical cures simple.
can't wait for round 2 tomorrow morning.
if you don't have one for your next cold,
you're cheating yourself from gold.
walgreen's my friends.
be there to buy yours.
and it's on sale.
$4 off.
at least it was tonight.
maybe people will stop telling me i sound like i have a cold when they talk to me on the phone now.
maybe max will sleep tonight.
or not.
i'm breathing through my nose!!!
this is great.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

out with the old, in with the new. {goodbye january}

 hair bows are out.
mo hawks are in.
so are stripes.
happy groundhog day.
it's the lucky mo hawks.
not the groundhog.
that are bringing the spring early.
at least, i hope.
although i'm not gonna lie.
i'd love more snow.
just not the days when it's sunny,
with no snow,
and too freezing to go anywhere.
like rexburg freezing.
now, where is that movie...
i just cannot tell you enough how happy i am to see january BE GONE.
last night the kids played in the big room after dinner.
in their diapers.
b/c getting ready for bed, or getting ready for anything, is always an assembly line.
one step done is one step closer to being finished.
brennan was blowing on max's tummy.
her leg.
her back.
then pulling her by her foot when she'd try to run away.
they were both laughing.
it was great.
i laid on the floor in my swimsuit, covered with sweats and a sweatshirt.
and sean cleaned up our dishes from dinner.
we had grilled cheese and tomato soup.
and both kids ate it.
well, brennan ate half.
and then dunked the rest in the soup and kept saying "uh oh" over and over and over, and then ran off.
then brennan hit max on the head.
not during dinner.
during when they were laughing.
it was after they were laughing from him blowing on her tummy.
she started crying.
everyone got changed into jammies.
i left for swimming.
it was a fantastic night.
it actually felt like we might be doing something right.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

in the 10's.

this morning, while bieber played at the strong house,
max and i went to costco.
and then to the bank.
where i opened her first savings account.
it was my favorite part of our day.
i put her up in the chair.
and we got her all set up.
i still have the one my parents opened for me back in the early 80's.
so will we say we opened hers in the 10's??
which was the temperature outside today too.
but that's not with the wind chill.
i think we're in the negative 10's with the wind chill.
and by 4:30pm potty training was bagged.
due to the hysterical crying of bieber,
begging to have his diapers back.
with big crocodile tears.
b/c he didn't want to go to the potty anymore.
or wear underwear.
game off.

Monday, January 31, 2011

down to naked.

we've gone through one pair of buzz and woody underwear and are now down to naked.
no action.
at least,
nothing that is treat worthy.
mcqueen is sparkling and new.
i'm giving it until thursday.
all bets are off and diapers are back.
how long can a child hold it?
i was a pro.
just sayin...
you can do it bieber!!!
i declare,
potty training is boring.