"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, October 29, 2011

JUNK IN THE TRUNK {phase 1 of halloween}

i am not sure if it is JUST a mormon halloween tradition,
but if you are mormon you definitely go to this every year.
the annual TRUNK or TREAT.
dress up.
drive to the church.
pop your trunk.
some decorated trunks.
some not.
pass out candy all in a row of parked cars.
=lots of candy.
i love seeing the trunks that are decked out.
we did not deck.
but our kids did.
cannot wait for monday:):):)

 mr. and mrs. potato head's family was complete with buzz, woody, jessie, barbie, and little bo peep.
they were my favorite themed group.

{until Monday when the big event ensues.
any guesses on our theme?
no cheating if you already know!!!}


our halloween oatmeal has "bugs" in it.
this morning brennan came into my room.
carrying woody and his monkey.
he told me they are great toys.
"and could we go downstairs b.c the sun it out so it's wake up time."
on the way downstairs i told him the trunk or treat was tonight.
where we go to the church parking lot and get candy passed out from everyone's trunks.
and that he would even get to wear his halloween costume.
this is what he said.
he clearly did not understand the candy part.
"i want to go TRICK or treating, not thaaaaaat!"
well ok then.
i love 3 year olds.
funny little people they are.
just call me yoda...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

just enough to get stuck in our hair.

max and i dropped brennan off at preschool in his spiderman costume.
the entire drive there he kept telling me,
"there's something in this. get it off! i'll just tell miss kim there's something in this."
always getting in the way;)
so we came home.
just max and me.
and it was quiet.
i'm still not used to that part yet.
i've forgotten how weird it is to hang out with someone who doesn't talk.
only grunts and points for the majority of the day.
but how fun it is to get them to respond to you,
without any words.
strange how you have to get to know them all over again in a different way when you are alone.
the sun was super bright.
but the leaves weren't crunchy enough to fall apart in our hair.
just enough to get stuck to us and make crackle sounds under our feet.

i love that she has my eyes:)

bippity, boppity, BOO! {the witches}

we've been waiting for 3 weeks to eat breakfast with the witches at gardner village.
a private date with just brennan and me.
i carried him in b/c he was scared the witches might be real,
even though i told him they were not.
we ate pancakes and drank orange juice.
and hot chocolate.
which he spilled on my arm in a fit of excitement when the witches were singing on stage.
he hid from the witches when they would come up close to our table.
bury his head into my lap.
clap for them when they were far away,
and checked with me four times that i was staying with him and that the witches weren't real.
he spent the show clapping, smiling, laughing at their jokes, and finding the witches on his flier that matched the witches there today.
kept pointing to them like they were celebrities he'd only seen on tv or in a magazine.
and refused to take any pictures with the witches at the end.
i love that kid.
and our little private breakfast date.
with the witches:)

now i get why everyone says you should take your kids alone one on one sometimes.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

max was here.

max was missing.
who knows for how long.
i was vacuuming.
and then i was making mac and cheese.
i swore she was watching Aladdin with the boys.
she wasn't.
then i found her.
playing in the toilet like she was a cat in the fish bowl.
with her shirt and a 3 foot radius soaked in "fish bowl" water.
it was gross.
and funny.
in a gross "oh no" i can't help laughing kind of way.
so i closed the door.
washed max's hands.
stripped off her shirt.
ate a pot of mac and cheese with the kids.
and two hours later remembered i had half a roll of wet toilet paper laying on the floor in my bathrooms upstairs.
with a 3 foot radius of pooling water.
thank you beach towels and paper garbage bags:)
and soap.

Monday, October 24, 2011


tonight i learned...
when you are in a bind,
glad press and seal does NOT work as a substitute for wax paper.
it does NOT make your carmel apples glad.
it makes them sad.
and neither does tin foil.
i STILL dislike unwrapping the carmel pieces just as much this year as i did last year.
and the two years before that.
but they taste so good when you're done that it's worth it.
watching my kids faces when we open the pumpkin up for the first time is PRICELESS.
max dug right in.
brennan was hesitant,
like he didn't want to get his hands dirty.
stencils are a lot of work, but really fun.
you can listen to thriller 10 times in a row and it is still a great jam.
if i dangle carmel apples i can get my kids to clean up and sean to carve my witch pumpkin for me.
kids in aprons=so cute.
kids dancing to thriller=so so SO cute {"they've got the moves like jagger"}.
while you are carving, give the kids a spoon and get them to "clean" out the insides.
=an hour of entertainment.
really, it was amazing.
now my feet hurt.
and my tummy is full of Carmel apples dipped in white chocolate and crushed oreos:)
our pumpkin lighting ceremony will be tomorrow and continue every night until halloween.
we are cheezy like that.
which may or may not consist of anything special.
and last but not least,
there is never time for dad to carve a pumpkin for himself b/c he has helped the rest of us {minus max, which i am proud to say i did myself}.
worth the sacrifice for his carmel apples?
i think so:)
we are officially ready for halloween.