"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, April 5, 2012

sushi helped too

my cup runneth over.
the sushi take out helped too:)

chase stunk {a story}

chase stunk.
grandpa had the cleanest hands.
grandpa offered to make chase not stink.
grandpa changed chase.
chase made grandpa stink.
grandpa called for help.
sean came to help.
i went for bags.
chase peed all over grandpa and couch.
grandpa and sean made sounds of shock.
grandmas and i laughed.
kelsey and travis on skype look afraid, lol.
chase starts to scream.
max backs away.
grandpa and sean clean chase up.
brennan tries to hold binky for chase.
chase stops crying.
chase all clean.
chase new clothes.
i feed chase.
sean cleans pee off of couch.
grandpa cleans pee and stink off of himself.
brennan crashes diet coke on coffee table onto carpet where chase peed on couch.
after sean told him not to.
sean yells "no!"
max says "uh oh" fifty times in a row.
i laugh.
brennan almost cries.
all occurred in ten minutes.
grandma's watch from kitchen.
smart grandma's.
first day home a success:)
first night home,
12:30am-3am was not pretty.
nursing contractions almost made me puke.
didn't know they happen AFTER you're done nursing too with the third.
thought they only happened during.
more drugs.
better luck tonight.
good thing grandpa came back this morning.
an hour of extra sleep for us:)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

like i've known all along

it's like i've known what he looked like all along.
but i didn't.
and i wanted to know so badly.
and i do.
and i feel like i always have.
but i didn't.
do you know?
max and brennan love him.
for now.
and they fight over who gets to hold him.
brennan is patient about waiting for his turn.
max screams and pushes brennan away when he tries to look at chase when she is holding him.
chase loves to lay in their arms.
just not when they poke him in his eyes.
and not when he's hungry.
and not when they take out his binky.
and not when they squish his head.
but he does like it when they kiss him.
max loves to cover his legs with a blanket.
and cuddle him with her cheek.
such a little mommy.
and she's huge.
ginormously huge.
funny how that happens when you have a baby.
and your last baby becomes the size of king kong.
i thought i knew she'd look huge,
but then she was HUGER.
is that word?
i'm in love with chase's hair.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chase's Twin

I hate how they leave that second baby in there with your second and third, etc children.
I should get a discount for the extra occupation or something.
Are you with me on this one?!
Actually, I think it looks kind of cool.
Or cute.

Baby noises & head smells

Nursing cramps are the pits.
Zophran and perkiset are wonderful.
Chase's little baby noises and the smell of his head are intoxicating.
Cheesecake factory take out, homemade apples and cheese snacks (thank you parents), and a book with an afternoon nap made me want to stay in the hospital for three days instead of two.
Seeing Brennan hold chase's binky in and play games on Sean's phone laying next to him made me want to be home with my family.
A shower brought me back to human status.
And fat sumo baby cheeks make me want to sit and kiss chase all day.
Brennan agrees.
I LOVE me a big fat chubby baby!!!

Record Breaker

Chase Ray Gibson
9lbs 6oz
20 in long
Born 6:44pm April 2
Bigger than Brennan.
Posterior right up until he came out.
(good job chase for turning down at the end)
4 hours 45 min start to finish.
5 pushes.
And a partridge and a pear tree.
Thank you epidural.
Thank you dr Nielson for 39 week inductions.
Thank you Sean for standing by me the entire time.
Have mercy I'm tired:)
In a really good way.
I can breathe again!!!
Who knew I would make one bigger than Brennan?!
Go figure.
I make ginormous boys:)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

t'was the night before induction...

the bikini tradition.
the only bikini i own.
the only time i ever put it on.
my mom did it when she was pregnant with me.
and i loved it so much i had to do it with mine.
after much analysis,
i fear it may be another 9.4 pounder.
have mercy.
and thank heavens for 39 week inductions.
{i think it's safe to say a 7lb baby is out of the question}
def bigger than the 7lb 14oz max.
but bigger than brennan???
we shall see...
pray for 8lbs 4 ounces or less.
and good health for he and i:)
i guess it's time to pack a bag.

must be

must be conference sunday:)