"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, July 28, 2012

kentucky derby {ann marie}

it appears i will be having a Kentucky Derby party at my house next year, 
solely based on the fact that i now have a hat to wear to it.
all because one of my oldest BFFs is making her way
east to become a bonified lawyer.
oh how i will miss my beloved ann marie!
rubios just won't be the same.
there's no one else i would rather dish with about bachelor/bachelorette!
but onward she must go,
so go forth and get trained my dear, 
you're going to be a great liar!!!!!
i mean lawyer;)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

not the best sharer.

i was feeling like i was getting into a slump.
too stuck in our routine.
wearing the same clothes every day.
falling onto the couch in complete exhaustion every night.
and i realized today,
so i pinched my cheeks,
clicked my red ruby slippers,
and called sean's mom up for some grandma time with the biggest gibbies.
then i straightened my hair,
squeezed into a pair of jeans that actually buttoned 
{no i am NOT back into my regular pants, 
just my after baby pants,
 and they're tight,
but they buttoned.
it always takes me a good year. 
and really, i just like panel pants a lot.
just sayin'.
so i put some makeup on my pretty little face,
and took my two men out on the town.
i nursed my baby right there at the table.
a first for me.
although i'm not one to nurse al-a-mode {wink wink},
it wasn't so bad all covered up.
and quite convenient i must say.
my new favorite way to wait for my food to come.
don't judge.
i had to fight baby chase off of my raspberry lemonade.
his charming little face almost made me cave to give him a little taste.
i didn't,
but mainly b/c i'm not the best sharer.
it's a work in progress.
baby steps;)
sean and i shared our entree b/c we're cute like that,
but i made him get his OWN cheesecake.
like i said,
i'm not the best sharer.
but let me tell you,
i was the bell of the ball with those two men on my arm tonight.
one lucky lady i am.
happy date night.
i've missed you.

money bags

i love it when laundry day becomes payday:)
hello lani's shave ice shack.
we're comin'!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

utah award {pioneer day photos}

my phone spent the day soaking in a bowl of rice yesterday,
after i dropped it into the cowboy caviar on the way to the family yard.
it's the most delicious avocado dip, drenched in an oily dressing.
pulling oil out of the inside of an iPhone is a slow process.
this is what i have learned.
andrea's float won the UTAH award!
{lots of other people helped build the float, but i just call it "andrea's"--my apologies}
it was the float that had the most things on it "about utah."
that is how my 12 year old cousin johnny described it.
the news people on ksl loved it too.
they spent a good 30 seconds {1 hour in parade talk time} pointing out the fry sauce, green jello, etc. as the float went by their station.
after yesterday,
i never want to eat anything with sugar 
{or at least until this sugar/food coma wears off...................}
i woke up with a massive headache from all of it.
oh how lovely it was yesterday though.
another fantastic holiday at the family yard.
in the words of sean,
"it's a good thing utah gets cold in the winter b/c i couldn't do this all year round."
and in the words of me,
it's a good thing utah gets warm in the summer b/c i CAN do this all summer long!

 the end.
{until next year}