"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, February 18, 2012

millions of puffs, puffs for me

the draper costco has the double pack of reese's puffs.
i ran and then skipped.
to grab two boxes.
and then brennan and i celebrated with a dance back in the cart.
sean had to pull the off to the side b/c it was such a scene.
i have no shame.
it was pure bliss.
i don't think costco has ever made me so happy.

Friday, February 17, 2012

extra lemon extra cold

i don't make the rules.
baby wants it.
baby gets it.
i have never wanted something so intensely than i did tonight.
ice water with lemon and a straw.
lots of lemon.
extra cold.
i drank 3 glasses before i stopped to breathe.
the straw was just as crucial as the lemon and the ice.
i'm not kidding.
shame on me for not believing in pregnancy cravings before.
just like the talking m&m's.
ok, maybe not.
you get me though.

smoothie + max = love {mustache}

for the last three days after brennan goes pee,
he walks out of the bathroom,
turns around, 
and makes his naked bum talk with his hands to us.
it's the grossest thing on the planet.
his bum mostly says hello.
sometimes it only grunts.
or makes unidentifiable words,
and occasionally toots.
max and i are traumatized.
and i ask you,
where does an almost 4 year old boy learn such a thing???
i promise he has never seen any jim carey movies.
or sponge bob.
we are a disney chanel and pbs house!
and mickey mouse does NOT talk with his bum.
phineas and ferb on the other hand...
it is a mystery to us all.
i completely blame his father.
and even though his father has never done such a thing to me,
i know it must be from his DNA b/c i would never do such a thing.
except the time when i mooned the video camera tape we were sending to grandma max with my clogging competition on it.
my mom was so horrified that she made me go back and edit it out.
in my defense,
i had no idea it was to be mailed to grandma max.
i would have NEVER mooned something going to grandma max.
i have dignity people!
and respect!
and occasionally a sense of humor.
have mercy it's funny.
until it's gross.
brennan's bum,
not mine.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

blooming pencil marks

i have an actual BLOOMED flower in my flower bed today.
in the middle of february.
how crazy is that?!
last week brennan asked me what the pencil marks were on my forehead?
and then later that day he said i had them on the sides of my eyes too.
"just like when i draw with a pencil."
this is what he said.
then he traced them with his fingers.
i LOVED it!!!
b/c i thought he was so smart for being so aware.
so loving for tenderly tracing my wrinkles with his little chubby fingers.
i told them those were the wrinkles he and makenzie put there, bahaha!
little pieces of them i get to take with me everywhere i go.
then he told me to erase them.
not so easy kid!
when he got out of the bath the next night he had pruned fingers and burst into tears b/c he didn't want the wrinkles on his hands forever.
here i thought he would love them b/c i had them.
oh the mind of an almost 4 year old.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"c" is for cookie

the almost 4 year old read us the instructions to our
thank goodness.
my favorite part was:
1. brennan still being in his underwear.
2. that they took bites out of several and then placed them on the cookie sheet.
and max's "Rapunzel braids."
named by brennan.
loved by all.


from ME to YOU:)
you're welcome.
and happy birthday to my mother in law!
on the gammet for today will go as follows...
{if we are lucky}
1. find something festive to wear. kids included.
2. make premade valentine's cookies with the kids that i bought on saturday at ream's.
{there will be no actual baking.
and no actual clean up.
and no actual frosting.
but there WILL be actual eating.}
3. make last minute valentine's for brennan's preschool party.
{i used to do this stuff a week in advance.}
4. try to figure out something festive for dinner.
b/c i forgot that it was valentine's this week,
even though i knew that it was.
do you know what i mean???
or maybe we'll just have tacos.
like i planned.
with red sparkling something in our cups.
a fancy drink makes it festive,
tomatoes are red.
that's festive.
they are in my tacos.
and really,
what else says LOVE like tacos?!
nothing else.
i swear!
"by the moon and the stars in the sky,
and i swear like the shadow that's by your side.
i'll be there!
for better or worse,
till death do us paaaaaaarrrrrrrt!!!
{insert forever here}
i'll love you with every beat of my heart!
and i swear!!!"
please tell me you loved that song as much as i did?
middle school dances.
did you plan ahead for the day of love?
i wish i had.
and yet,
it's still just as fun having not.
flying by the seat of our pants.
no expectations.
happy LOVE day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

dinglehopper {flame}

{grandma gibson's early birthday celebration,
as her birthday falls on valentine's.
valentine valerie.
born on valentine's day.
in st. valentine's hospital.
no joke.}
who knew hibachi was so frightening?!
max burst into tears when the flame part came.
i think it was the heat that scared her the most.
it does get hot.
brennan hid in my lap.
and kept asking if there was any more fire part,
and could we please NOT come back to this place?
poor babies!
at one point i had them both in my lap.
kisses, hugs, warm little bodies.
i managed to feed myself with one one free arm.
surprisingly enjoyable.
they loved the steak and rice.
i was glad they didn't want to try the shrimp.
b/c dipped in the white sauce...mmmm
all mine:)
and the highlight of my night was when i was OH so lucky to have brennan comb my hair with his fork.
thankfully, a clean fork.
"dingle-hopper," he said.
yep, we have officially been watching too much little mermaid.
wait for it...
wait for it...
so funny,
until it wasn't.
am i a bad mom b/c i laughed before i frowned?
my heart ached for her fears.
it really did.
and loved for her hugs and kisses.
to make it all better.
and soothe her worries.
with brennan hiding in my lap.
making little whimpering sounds.
max curved alongside me for dear life.
and a baby kicking in my belly.
oh i love these little babies.
and their innocent little hearts.
there is nothing better.

if it were halloween {32 weeks}

slip on shoes only.
no exceptions.
flip turns are officially out at the pool.
it took my back two days to recover from last week's swim.
not pretty.
no more cleaning tubs.
or mopping floors.
this could be a good thing.
i haven't decided yet.
i cannot give up vacuuming.
my mother in law may be the only person to truly understand my vacuuming line yearnings.
anyone else?
heaven forbid anything fall on the floor that needs to be picked up.
thank you to my two short people.
when they are cooperative.
very convenient.
except when it's not.
my lower back has reached an all new level of discomfort.
mainly at night.
have mercy,
i wish i didn't have to turn over during the night.
there are muscles i never knew i used to turn over.
varicose veins...
they just keep getting worse.
trust me, if it were halloween, i could wear them as a costume.
there will be no photographic documentation.
you're welcome in advance:)
it was not this way with the other two.
who knew the third baby could change all of the rules??!!
now i know.
it can.
the charlie horses wake me up sometimes.
did you know you could get them on the front of your leg?
me neither.
but you can.
i'm experienced in the matter now.
i'm not ready to be up with a newborn all night for weeks on end,
but i'm sure ready to not be pregnant anymore.
except i know i'll miss this life of just two.
when it's a thing of the past.
remember HERE?
is it wisdom to recognize it now,
or foolishness to wish it away?
i couldn't help but remember THIS tonight.
"It is like climbing a mountain,
and as soon as you reach the top
you get knocked back down to the bottom
to climb it again,
but I guess the fun is in climbing
and not arriving."
-Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Sunday, February 12, 2012

no need {trees}

no need to water my trees after all.
good thing i didn't screw my hoses back on.
pass the hot chocolate!
pass the red fuzzy blanket!
and help me to convince brennan to give me the tv all to myself.
i love utah.
most exciting weather patterns on the planet!
happy snowy Sunday:)