"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, September 19, 2016

without any rush to get to the next

This year will forever be the year that's engrained in my mind as 
the "year of the little boys." 
It took us two attempts to go walking today 
bc the first time we got caught in a sudden downpour. 
Like hiding under trees bc a flash flood literally appeared out of nowhere 
Also, if you missed the breaking news, there was a tornado in Utah today, 
and I swear to you the skies were swirling all day long across the entire state. 
I have video to prove it. Have you ever seen an entire sky of clouds move in circles??? 
Like FAST circles with an eerie black, grey sky. 
Well Maria and I did today, and it was NUTS! 
So in between our two walks today we sat in the garage 
and went in and out to be in the rain. 
I told chase the wetter he got, the taller he'd grow. Basically I bribed him to brush death with lightening, but let me tell you, it was my favorite part of the entire day. 
I think the best part of being able to do the little years part deux 
is that you know it's not going to last, 
and you know they're going to grow up and get obnoxious, 
so basically anything they do that might have been "naughty" 
when your oldest child did it at the same age just seems sweet and innocent 
with the second pack that comes through. 
Love these little boys, 
and this year where we get to soak it all in 
without any rush to get to the next.