"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, September 18, 2010

just call me wilbur, wanting more.

he wanted to go more.
we were out of money.
the following occurred. it was sad.
frankly, i had $4 in my pocket, but i wanted a deep fried oreo.
it felt selfish, but i figured, everyone should get one thing they want at the fair.
he got his,
i got mine.
no one got as much as they wanted,
but it's always better to be left wanting more than to be left feeling overdone.
b/c really, who likes an overcooked turkey?
gibson's meet deep fried oreos.
i regret that there was not a sample platter of each item on the sign.
next year.
at the fair i learned
10 things:
1. if it's not fried, you shouldn't be eating it at the fair.
2. you and your wallet are trapped, just like the animals.
3. $40 isn't enough to get the food and go on the rides.
4. the piggies are my favorite, and piglets really are cute.
5. i can relate to cows that need to be milked.
6. it is confirmed that brennan really really REALLY likes race cars.
7. sheered sheep look slightly violated.
8. if you really want to go on the big slide, you should go, b/c you'll wish you did if you didn't. woe is me.
9. don't put your kid on the pony if you don't think they will stay on the pony.
10. 3 hours is not enough time to spend at the fair, but at least we left wanting more.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

caselot express

i love me a caselot sale.
just not the part where an entire case of cream of chicken soup slides off the seat and onto the floor.
robbers stole my computer tower!!!
actually, mama C is in town and kindly dropped it off at the shop.
let's hope the fellas at pc laptops can get us back in business.
i've never been so happy to have bought an extra warranty on something.
thank you american express.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


the house inspection passed with flying colors.
we met the sellers.
could not have hand picked better people to buy from.
inspector was in awe of what great condition the house was in.
i'm amazed at how much we've been watched over and blessed.
at how everyone told us we would find "the perfect house."
that our house was still out there when we lost other offers.
and were late by a day on others.
it's true!
i'm a believer!
as cliche as it sounds,
this house and us,
in all of it's cheezy and cliche glory.
is it time to move in yet???
we're in love:-)
with a property.

club med

there are no words.
this kid is hilarious.

now what?

last night we had a fantastic idea.
our first thing for the house!
the sellers agreed to leave their patio furniture.
i could barely contain my excitement.
due to the fact that it is nearly impossible to find affordable patio furniture in utah right now.
and the snow does not turn me off from outdoor living.
so yes, i wanted it for the winter.
so instead of buying patio furniture we cut our cost in half and bought an outdoor heater.
and a water and sand table for the pork loin.
it was the last one.
so you know it's a good one.
long story short,
we loaded up our rack of a cart, added an ice cream for the pork loin, and headed out to the car.
where we realized the strollers were in the trunk.
now what?

Monday, September 13, 2010

crazy lazy eye

i'm watching you!
from two DIFFERENT directions.
well, only when i'm tired.
and staring off.
and really everything just goes hazy anyway.
so nothing's in focus.
but it looks like i'm watching you.
from two DIFFERENT directions.
and then i'll blink,
and everything goes back to normal.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


we have become stalkers.
at least it feels like it.
after going to 4 different stores searching for patio furniture on end of the season clearance we were feeling a little defeated.
no patio furniture anywhere.
at least not at home depot.
not at lowes.
not at smith's marketplace.
and not at walmart.
so we cheered ourselves up by going by the house.
and what did we find??!!
the SOLD sign was pasted, bright and red for all to see!
can you see it?!
right there, on the top!
that's gonna be ours!
bitter sweet.
our mood was refreshed and spirits renewed.
inspections tuesday.
so exciting:-)
now, about that patio furniture...