"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

we almost didn't make it {the day before is the worst}

this was t-minus 17 hours and 10 minutes until 2nd grade started.
we almost didn't make it.
awesome park for the win.
and 69 cent mcdonald's ice cream cones.
i don't know what was worse...
that we started school on a thursday,
or that everyone else started school on wednesday.
the day before.


reflux can't hold him down!
it just tappers him off from the 86th down to the 50th in weight.
just wait until he stops barfing up everything he eats;)
not to worry though,
he's still the longest baby on the block.
who ever heard of a 24 inch {aka 2 FOOT LONG} 9 week old anyway???
we have.
dean DA beanSTALK.
the 2 FOOT LONG beanSTALK.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

one dinner i won't forget

there were about 500 bees,
the kids were crying and running away from the table,
spilling their drinks,
breaking their cups,
and not wanting to eat.
also, dean cried the entire time.
that's basically how it went this year.
the back to school feast.
can't win 'em all;)

i bribed him of course

{above: orientation day. where the mommy's stay}
it was all fun and games until he found out i wasn't going to GO to school with him.
totally caught me off guard.
so of course i did the only logical thing. 
bribed him with his binky
and sent him off in the car with dad:) 
the baby man goes to school.
dear chase,
not sure how we got here pal.
feels like you should be at home playing cars around the coffee table forever.
i hope they make you pull up your own underwear and shorts.
'cause i just can't say no to those bright blue eyes of yours.
{except you call me mommy. the only one to call me that so far. 
and it's the sweetest thing i've ever heard.}