"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, August 13, 2016


and then
the 14 month old climbs up onto the couch
and steals the popsicle out of your mouth.
we have a climber folks.
send reinforcements.

Friday, August 12, 2016

keep calm, and may the odds be ever you in your favor {school's around the corner--stay strong guys}

we've officially hit the point in summer 
where we are all just ready to be back in school.
late nights are old.
except when they're not.
you get to this place, and you wonder 
how did i ever want school to be out?
you wonder if you're just being negative,
and then you see a mom at costco with 4 kids.
2 of them are going for blood,
the baby is asleep in the cart covered in pizza sauce,
and the 4th is doing the potty dance,
and you just give each other the
"keep calm, and may the odds be ever your favor"
you KNOW the look.
no hand signals necessary.
it's times like these where you don't care one bit about enjoying the last days of summer.
you just want school to start.
carpools, and crazy mornings, and not homework at all.
ain't nobody that misses homework.
but then the next day,
everyone sleeps in until 9am,
you make little pita pocket pizzas for lunch,
{maybe there's no vegetable, but darn it, it was hand made, 
and you didn't even make the kids microwave it themselves 
bc you were feeling so generous right then and there}.
you read books at the lunch table,
and go for a walk,
and the thought of carpools and early mornings just seems like nothing you'd ever
want to actually do, and you can't believe you were wishing for that just the day before.
and that's when it hits you.
just when you can't handle the flow, the ebb comes in and makes it alllllll ok.
also hormones.
it's possible hormones might be involved in all of this.
either way,
when you get to this point in summer,
ain't nobody cares about 4 servings of veggies a day;)
that's for sure.