"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, July 5, 2014

"if you take a mouse to the movies..."

the women took the kids 
to the movies.
and the men went to applebee's to watch the world cup.
brennan didn't move a muscle the entire movie,
max got bored about half an hour before it was over,
and chase discovered a new and convenient way to eat popcorn.

i just kept thinking,
"if you take a mouse to the movies..."
or a toddler.

lessons from AC.

Cocktail Cruise lessons from Uncle AC.
with rum and milk.
or something like that.
step 1
step 2
step 3
step 4

the day we conquered BIG BERTHA.

scariest water slide 
we've ever faced.
sean was sent to clear the path.
we heard rumors it was really dark in the middle and that the house keeper's daughter once lost a toe nail in it.
so basically it scared the crap out of me.
never had any intentions of going down it myself.
fully planned on cheering on sean,
maybe encouraging brennan into it,
and calling it a day.
and then max went down right after sean.
which made brennan want to go.
followed by brennan bullying me into it.
using my own words against me.
"mom, if you don't go today, you'll never get to go.
you'll miss your chance, and you might regret it.
just do it. you'll be glad you did."
and then i went down it 6 more times before my dad called us up for dinner.
we conquered bertha.
and she bettered our courage.
and it was such a great day.

the swimming hole

"mom, mom, mom! i saw this in a movie once!"
and then he jumped off the front of the boat.
{if your friend jumped off a bridge his name would be brennan.}
the swimming hole.
where you jump off the boat,
swing into the lake on the rope swing,
and push the boat away from the shore when the wind blows it too close to the rocks.
once a day.
every day.
 dad: "what's is called when someone does that?"
me: "photo bomb."
dad: "oh yeah, yeah" as he chuckles and walks off.
note: baby with orange ear plugs on my shoulders. basically he tore them out 
and screamed about them until we finally gave up 
and decided that he doesn't like to put his head into the lake water anyway.
also, we rescued a boat from absolute death and towed them to safety. 
it was thrilling.

after 10.5 hours in a car.

when you're trying to go on vacation 
someone always has to lock your bathroom door 
with no one in it. also, please note dirty moldings.
all areas standing 3-4 feet tall look this way in my house.
i give you...
The Lake House
after 10.5 hours in a car 
with a 6 yr old, 4 yr old, and 2 yr old.
then we fed them all bowls of reese's puffs and put them to bed.
with the magic twirling aquarium lamp.

my story about when summer really got going.

i spent most of june breaking up fights between my kids,
getting them to make their beds,
put their breakfast dishes into the dishwasher,
and their jammies into the washing machine before lunch.
we got used to swimming lessons,
and going to bed waaaaaaaaay too late.
like 10pm every night.
or 10:30.
and some nights i would turn to sean and tell him how much the beginning of summer stinks like moldy cheese,
and how was i ever going to survive without kindergarten every morning to send brennan of to???
because brennan without a routine is like a firecracker pointed at the crowd.
no really.
it's not pretty.

 but then there was this one day at the end of june 
where our friends had all gone home from the pool,
gigi brought out suckers,
and the sun fell behind the fence.
and there's just this beautiful thing that happens to the family yard pool water at dusk.
it changes from turquoise green that has served you well all day, 
into this glowing silvery blue.
and you know that you aren't going to have to put sunscreen on your babies for the rest of the day.
and that your kid are going to be so distracted by the bath water which the family yard pool produces at such a time of the day, that they will forget about needing to eat dinner, watch tv, say they are bored,
and for five minutes they 
and they will share licks of their suckers with each other. 
and that's when it hit me.
we had made it into our summer groove.
i all of a sudden knew i never wanted summer to ever end!
where we swim all day, 
have no plan for dinner EVER,
go to bed after 10 every night,
and sleep in until 9 every morning.
the point where you wonder how getting kids off to school in the morning 
was ever something you looked forward to doing.
and how on earth will we ever adapt to that life again anyway?
also, you vow to never use a hair dryer again
except maybe once a month on sunday.
and that's my story about when summer really got going.
the end.