"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

EXTRAVAGANZA!!! {april, may, june}

max slept.
for the entire 3 months.
it was amazing.
who knew babies really can "sleep like a baby."
such a gem she is.
i was somehow still not with it, despite getting good sleep.
so i forgot my groceries at harmon's.
in their drive and load.
went to costco.
got another load of groceries.
and couldn't figure out why there was so much room for them.
then halfway home, and singing my heart out to prince,
i realized why there was so much room...
but harmon's still had them for me sitting in the cart.
it was embarrassing.
and funny.
"2000-zero-zero-party's over..."
then spring came.
and the family yard perked up.
man, i miss living by them!
the popcorn blossoms were "popping right before my eyes!"

sean and i celebrated 6 years of marriage in april.
i took him to the batting cages.
and go carting.
may was a huge month.
the big kahuna right in the middle of april, may, and june.
we blessed max.

sean became dr. gibson

said his dr. oath.
was "doctored," so TA speak.
then we had a rough patch.
it snowed in may.
big huge flakes.
i loved it.
and sean PASSED the boards!!!
we celebrated at COWABUNGA.

and he started working.
just in the knick of time.
to cap it all off,
we finished the month by meeting
hot shot magna cum laude.
boy was he a piece of work!
see her elbow?
with his incorrect diagnosis.
click here.
btw, it was junvenile xanthrogranuloma.
that goes away.
and doesn't need to be removed.
good thing i didn't let him carve it out of max's arm.
you know, 'cause i'm "one of those moms" who couldn't handle it anyway.
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missile crisis

i am in denial about baby gates.
i think the denial is on its way out b/c i did in fact purchase one yesterday.
and was in fact planning on borrowing one from bree,
but in our mad dash out the door forgot them.
i hope she'll bring them tomorrow??
i don't know why i fight it.
yes i do.
i don't want to climb over them myself.
i don't want holes in walls.
i wish i had a piano bench.
i've seen those work before.
i will spend the weekend deciding if i want to ignore the gates some more,
or if i want to save myself the headache and enjoy the carefree life of gates.
if we had quintuplets or something i'm sure we'd put them up and be happier for it.
but that would be the least of our problems!
this morning i thought that if there were ever another cuban missile crisis,
bieber fever and i would be taking peanut butter down into the bunker with us.
that is all.
the end.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

the dealer.

my friend got me this for christmas.
we laughed for 10 minutes about how perfect it was.