"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, June 17, 2010

wish list

( i totally staged this picture)
new shoes for me.
on the budget.
but in the middle of the list.
top of list?
for june.
shortly followed by...
for july.
then if santa REALLY loves us,
iphone 4's.
that means we both want one.
didn't know i wanted the 4 a month ago.
funny how that happens.
thought i just wanted the 3G.
the cheapest one.
not even the 3GS or whatever the video one is.
but now i have read the email for the 4.
and i think i might not survive without the 4.
did you know it has a camera phone with 5 (count them) FIVE megapixels.
then protein bars for sean.
he said he wanted some.
and since he is the one bringing home the money now, i think it's best he get some.
then diapers.
cheesecake factory and/or sushi dinner night out.
haven't decided if children will attend b/c i haven't decided if babysitter is in the budget before or after my shoes.
this is where the shoes come in.
b/c my feet hurt.
and i love walking.
and i go walking a lot.
have you ever had a wish list of things you really wanted for a long time?
like 3 years?
it's the thirsty camel syndrome.
and really, we need almost none of it.
but want all of it.
now for the balance of it.
thank goodness for our budget.
the end.
now...black or white?

some explaining to do

and so the oatmeal begins.
i was trying to hold off, but the girl was ready.
i forgot how long it takes to feed them.
no, i remembered.
which is why i've been trying to hold off.
i really did forget how funny they are the first time they eat it.
how fun it is to feed them for the first time.
so new.
so exciting.
i followed the directions on the box the first time i made brennan's.
it was milk soup.
wouldn't even stay on the spoon.
we set up the video camera on the tri-pod for him.
we still got both cameras out for max.
she ate 3 or 4 spoonfuls, with most of it ending up on the bib.
actually, i forgot to put a bib on at first.
no onesie's were harmed in the making of this picture.
but her freshly bathed neck was caked.
good thing you can just wipe off skin and it's clean again.
it was close.
i have two bug bites on my right thumb knuckle.
it has me wondering if a spider was in my bed last night.
either that or dr. scout master has some explaining to do...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

like mommy do.

i guess this is how mommy does it.

i had a dream last night that someone stole both of our cars and our carseats.
except sean's car was a classic mustang, not a red chevy cavalier with no air conditioning.
i'm glad i woke up and found everything in its designated place.

except for the part about the cavalier with no air conditioning.