"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, May 15, 2015

the things i'm gonna be missing about chapter 1 {35 weeks}

things i will miss about being pregnant...
juice. the way it tastes. there's nothing like it other than when i'm pregnant.
when i'm not pregnant, i literally wish i could love juice as much as i do when i'm pregnant.
people genuinely caring about me.
everywhere i go.
everywhere i am.
strangers caring and looking at me like i'm super human.
and helping me.
it's awesome.
the minute you have your baby it's like some switch goes off and everyone just looks at you like "you know how that happens right?" instead.
and then you're just annoying them with your crying baby.
people asking me how i am.
and listening to what i'm saying.
my kids being so unbelievably helpful when i drop anything.
they all race to see who can help me first.
being able to say i don't want to b/c i don't feel like it and no one even bats an eye.
how much easier it is for me to help my kids be more independent.
out of pure necessity.
because i just can't do it for them anymore.
they always grow up a little bit when i'm pregnant.
for the better.
and it's amazing.
the ability to sleep whenever and wherever.
on cue.
does anyone have some juice?
the intense urge to have something right then and there.
like you can't think about anything else until you have it.
like an oreo mcflurry at 11:45pm that you end up eating while walking through walmart because that's where you were on your way to and you just had to stop at mcdonald's on the way because you
thank you mcdonalds for being open 24 hours a day.
god bless.
everyone encouraging you to be absolutely as lazy as possible,
and when you go to lift a finger or get anything done they are truly disappointed in your accomplishments of movement.
organizational abilities.
ain't nobody that can get crap organized and thrown out like a pregnant lady.
not having a monthly cycle.
this might be my favorite thing about being pregnant.
even more than juice:)
specifically not having RAGING hormones for 2 days before and a week during.
instead, they're nice and crazy the entire time,
and you don't really notice it as much because you're not on the monthly roller coaster of it all.
so crazy is just your general well being and it just works.
for me.
like i feel less crazy.
and less hormonal in general.
nursing does this for me too.
i dread the day when i have to go back to a monthly cycle until freed by menopause.
sometimes i think it might be worth having 10 babies and being pregnant for the rest of my fertile life.
and then i try to bend over, i stand up and try to walk, or i get to the end of the day,
and i think nah, not for me;) i'm good with a monthly cycle.
receiving help.
because you really do need it.
and you're so helpless in some situations that you could literally cry you appreciate the help so much.
thank you just doesn't quite do it sometimes.
and it's amazing to see how incredible the people in your life are.
i really love the people in my life.
i'm really gonna miss these things about my life.
right now.
on page 63 of chapter 1.
maybe it's page 90 by now.
but then again, who's counting anyway?
all i know is that when chapter 2 comes,
these are the things i'm gonna be missing about chapter 1.
the end.

{the day after the basement was finished, i cleaned out the garage. and then i stuffed my kids into the van like sardines. or maybe i stuffed everything around them. whichever.}