"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, May 1, 2010

pork loin ROAST.

i massaged a pork loin tonight.
not the one that was in my belly.
he's fast asleep in his crib.
the one i bought at costco this week.
tomorrow i will wake up to the smells of dinner.
but by lunch i will be glad.
b/c that pork loin will turn into candy shredded pork goodness.
oh boy, i love cooking while i sleep.
i will be adding a can of coke and 1c brown sugar in the morning.
thank you max for giving us a reason to celebrate tomorrow:-)
and thank you brennan for letting me give you an extra squeeze before bed tonight.
it made me feel like a million bucks.

sleeping beauty

pinch me.
i must be dreaming.
to get to have this beauty as my daughter.
i am the luckiest mama.
he got a J-O-B.
a dream job.
in utah.
see, told you i'm dreaming:-)

Friday, April 30, 2010

food revolution gone bad.

jamie oliver would be so disappointed.
he really has changed the way i shop.
jamie, that is.
well, not entirely, seeing as i'm still buying captain crunch.
but the gibson table has seen a variety of fruits and vegetables we've never seen before.
ok, now it just sounds like i'm bragging.
i kind of am.
i'm proud of my fresh foods!
it's safe to say most of our monthly budget goes to fresh fruits and vegetables.
i used to think only broccoli and green beans existed as dinner vegetables.
it's amazing!
and i love it.
oh good, he just threw his bowl of captain crunch on the floor.
feeling really glad i didn't put the milk in it like he wanted.
go me:-)
maybe this will be the motivation i need to sweep for the first time this month.
he's eating them off of the floor for me now.
how does THAT fit into the food revolution?!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


today i have a STRONG DESIRE to strap his arms down with duct tape and make him sit in one place.
i think this means we need an outing.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


they look beautiful today.
hundreds pooling everywhere.
on the streets.
my doorstep.
my steps.
like a lush garden growing out of the concrete.
i've never noticed them in their bright green state.
b/c in another week i'm going to be cursing them.
dried out and clogging my outside drain.
blowing into my house and tracking their way into every corner.
but for now, they're just really pretty.
like they could never turn into something annoying.

Monday, April 26, 2010


i told my cousin audrey not to have sex until she was married.
she's 10.
max was laying on the floor looking extra cute with her darling bow, little pink dress, and bright blue eyes flashing up at us.
i've been watching this show on mtv about teenagers that get pregnant and are thrown into taking care of babies in high school.
audrey watches the show too.
we talked about the twins episode.
so we sat there looking at max in all of her cute glory,
and i just blurt out,
"don't have sex until you're married!"
they aren't so cute at 1am and 3am and 5am,
or whatever a.m. they chose to awake.
well max is, but it still doesn't make those times easy to be up at.
she shyly giggled and said, "ok."
thank heavens.
how many times do you think she'll have to hear that to wait?
turns out it was really good advice b/c i'm extra grumpy this morning.
not because max was up.
but b/c max slept 8 hrs straight.
good thing brennan was up screaming from midnight to 3am.
then max woke up to eat at 3am and was so stuffed up from the cold we all have that she didn't go back to bed until 4am.
sean is an awesome nose sucker.
he got her all fixed up.
and then everyone was up at 7:45am again.
i'm grumpy and exhausted.
i wouldn't change my life for one minute.
but thank goodness i didn't start this life at 16.
or by myself at any age.
b/c i couldn't do it at any age by myself.
i've got to give it up to the single moms out there.
b/c starting it at 25 with an amazing husband is hard enough.
and it's a lot more fun to take care of them when you are ready to enjoy them.
so 25, 35, 45, whenever.
just not 15.
b/c every girl on that show always has a final interview.
and what do they ALL say?
i wasn't ready for sex.
i wish i would have waited.
it wasn't worth it.
hindsight's 20/20.
i know you can have sex and not get pregnant.
and that lots of people have sex before they're married.
and they're great people.
amazing people!
maybe you!
to each is their own:-)
this is just what i told audrey as we were looking at max yesterday.
i want audrey to be able to soak up her very own max someday.
in all her glory.
b/c i feel so spoiled to get to soak up my max today.
that's all;-)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

my greater trochanter.

it was my year to plan.
i thought we needed some SPICE!
spicy sushi.
then spicy fun.
go carts.
we were squished in our cart b/c we wanted to ride together and take turns driving.
he said he could feel my greater trochanter.
woo woo.
except what that really means is that he could feel a part of my femur sticking out.
or some physical therapy term like that.
he was a MANIAC on the go carts.
i kept screaming, "NO BUMPING!!! NO BUMPING!!!"
he laughed and did more crazy stuff.
it was awesome.
on my turn to drive i kept worrying i was going to get a warning for bumping.
i was very concerned about bumping.
it was my first time, i couldn't help it.
i screamed a lot.
sean laughed a lot.
it was TONS of fun:-)
batting cages.
i hit 5 balls.
then shrieked b/c it hurt my hands so badly.
did you know it hurts to hit balls in the batting cages?
i had sean do all of his tokens and mine.
his shoulder still hurts this morning.
but boy oh boy was it HOT.
i'm trying to convince him to play baseball now.

we REALLY needed that:-)
on the way home we stopped at arctic circle for chocolate dipped cones and it made me wonder,
how do they chocolate dip the cone without the ice cream melting?
(big thanks to grandma gibson for taking the kids)