"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, June 3, 2010


i forgot my swim suit.
to go to a water park.
i'm not kidding.
my in laws took us to a water park tonight to celebrate dr. scout master's big test!
everyone else had everything they needed in their bags.
but me, no swim suit.
oddly, it worked out great.
max and i enjoyed ourselves in the shade.
even soaked our feet in the baby pool.
brennan left screaming b/c he loved it so much.
seriously, if you live in utah, it's worth a visit.
Hawaiian music, bright, fun colors, and really really good pizza.
i give you,

i just can't get enough of this feeling:-)
happiness just doesn't quite give it justice.
praise the lord.
this was a good day.
a long time comin'.


HE PASSED!!!!!!!!
the boards;-)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

glad you're here

welcome summer.
we're glad you're here:-)

breakfast, wrapped up.

a big breakfast always starts my day off right.
this is my latest and greatest.
breakfast burrito.
scrambled eggs with mayo and salt.
wrapped up in a grilled whole wheat tortilla.
side of fruit.
yessssssss pleasssssssssssse.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

lately, i need more laughing.

(he offically hates wearing diapers, but has zero interest in anything other than flushing the potty)

every day i fight myself inside.
let him be 2?
teach him how to grow up.
or both.
whichever answer you like.
the answer everyone will say is "let him be 2!"
it sounds really good.
i know.
but really, there has to be a level of healthy boundaries somewhere.
"moderation in all things," my mom's voice chants in my mind.
laugh, cry, get irritated, or become irate.
those are my most common options of reaction.
right or wrong, they are on the front lines of defense.
laughing usually means he is not touching or breaking anything.
lately, i need more laughing.
did i mention he tore the cabinet off a week ago?
sorry annie, we're on it.
he threw a bottle of my nail polish on the tile floor yesterday.
i was so scared he was going to cut himself on the glass and then i'd have to deal with that too, that i didn't get angry with him.
i threw out my butt and leg and barricaded the spill off from KOO-JO the destroyer while i unwound toilet paper to clean it up.
it was a five year old bottle of 99 cent sally hansen clear polish that had a red tint from using it too soon on red toes.
it's a good thing it wasn't my deer valley and spice OPI.
i may have been angry if it was that.
i WOULD have been angry it it was that.
ironically, those are the moments i am most excited to share with sean in the evenings about our day.
those are the moments that have us rolling at the dinner table.
saying how cute he is.
how wild and crazy.
and they are the moments that i decide really didn't matter that much at the end of the day,
when he's fast asleep and perfect in his bed.

sometimes i'll just start hugging him tightly and kiss his gushy cheeks when i'm so frustrated i want to cry.
or i walk out of the room and pace the house trying to ignore the tantrum in the other room.
stopping to give him the time of day for his feelings seems to help.
everyone just wants their feelings to be noted.
i really like the holes he has put into his jeans.
the dirt on his pants and hands is "so brennan."

but i'm glad she's not putting holes in her dresses.