"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Less white.

After a day at hanalei bay.
As in goodbye:)

a less white emilisq.

B/C with me that is all it comes down to.
Less White:)
There is no form of tan.
And hopefully never red.
Time to get my kids back on this blog!!!
Hot dog!
I'm leaving on a jet plane:)

Glub glub

Here fishy, fishy!

Mac nut

Love me some mac nut.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happily contently homesicked

Today it rained us out.
We had to keep running under the big trees on the beach to not get soaked.
Finally around dinner the sun came out.
We hopped in the car and drove to the hanalei pier for sunset.
The Bridge to hanalei below.
5-7 cars one way at a time.

All of the foliage overgrows onto the street signs and telephone poles here.

Hanalei is so pretty.
The water was flat and calm tonight.
I watched all of the little kids playing in the water with their moms and dads.
It made me so homesick!!!
My heart is aching for my little babies and Sean.
I can't wait to hug and kiss them.


It has been a GREAT trip!
I am homesick.
Happily and contently vacationed homesick:)


Yep, my new best friend here.
I don't think I'm cut out for the tropics.

Puka Dog

Think pig in a blanket,
But bigger.

That's the best way to describe a puka dog.
I tried to explain it to Sean as we ate them.
Got to tango/FaceTime with the kids.
We were eating lunch.
They were eating dinner.
Today I am really starting to miss my kids!!!

Gecko in the shower with me.
Picture me running out of the shower naked and screaming,
"mom!!! Get my phone! Tiny, baby gecko in the shower! Hurry before it gets away!"

I have completely adapted to the no doing hair philosophy of Kauai.
As well as the no need to really shower philosophy.
The ocean counts enough.
Just re-wet the hair,
Throw it up,
And you're good to go.

Tunnel of trees.

Jackie, mom, me below.
Smoothies on beach chairs.
We talked about probiotics and sugar.
It's a long story.
Just know I'm considering cutting back on my sugar.
And I might be picking up some progesterone cream for my hands.

Went to this beach.
Where they filmed the night time surfing scene of "soul surfer."
Jackie told me this.
The locals know all of the hot info on the movie.

"showered" off.
Threw on some clothes.
Went to the movie.

Jackie told us she saw the beach the day before bethany's shark attack.
Lots of sharks.
Perfect waves.
But no one cared bc they just had the surf bug.
And here I am screaming over geckos.
and cockroaches on the wall.
Harmless geckos!
gross cockroaches!
She also lived on bethany's street and saw her out running with her dog after the attack.
Everyone seems to know Bethany here.
And not bc they want to claim they know someone famous.
It's just a small community.
And everyone knows everyone.
I love the feel of it.
I teared up more times than I can count during the movie.
And now I'm going to read her book.
As long as the big fat toad from outside doesn't eat through the walls to come eat me.

I am finally remembering who I was before I was a mom.
Running has been great.
Forgot how easy it is to run at sea level.
The addiction might be back.
or not.
Forgot how nice it is to just talk and talk and talk and talk.
Without being interrupted.
Having a train of thought that not only pulls into the train station, but leaves for another destination!
HA!!! HA!!!
I knew i was down in there somewhere.
but man, I'm ready for mama to come back out too.
My lips are antsy for those little Gibson cheeks:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taro fields, sand, & boy drama

Every beach we have gone to has different sand.
Some is orange.
Other sand is more black.
It's amazing.
i've been to hawaii before.
mainly kona and oahu.
kauai once before.
but i don't remember it ever being this lush and gorgeous.
It took me forever to figure out how to get the sand off of my skin.
It doesn't just wash off with water.
We went to hanalei to shop and meet some of the lds members at the branch there that my mom goes to church with on Sundays.

The taro fields are gorgeous.
Mom's friends own a chunk of the taro fields behind me.

We ate lunch, shave ice, and bought souvenirs for Sean and the kids.
I can't WAIT to give them what I found!
Hidden away in my bag:)

Mom's friend at the church showed us how to wrap pork in taro leaves and then in tea leaves to make a tasty little recipe.
"Lau Lau."

The younger girls were all talking about Bethany Hamilton. The girl from hanalei whose arm was bitten off by a shark.
There's a movie that just came out about it.
We are going to see it tomorrow.
The premiere was here last week.
So these girls are all friend's with her.
At least they said they were.
Whenever anyone becomes famous everyone seems to claim they know them.
Let's give these girls the benefit of the doubt.
It is hanalei.
Small town.
It's possible.
So they were talking about how the movie made all of this boy drama and that "Bethany is just not drama," so they didn't like that part of it.
And that it was really weird to see people they knew being played by actors on a big screen.
It was fun to see the girls light up when they talked about it all.
You could tell they felt really special.
Then the girls found bugs in the taro leaves so they went outside to throw the bugs out.
They were so calm about it.
I wouldn't be so calm.
They were big bugs.
So we went outside and there was the baptismal font.
In the ground.
With big wood planks covering it for safety.
I loved it:)

They were such good people.
I loved meeting them all.
I am tired.
More pictures:
Hanalei bay.

Bali hai (basically just a really big rock).
think the movie "South Pacific."

Na Pali coast.
Crystal Clear Water.

AND I walked on water.
My muscles are getting sore.
The roosters made me think max was crying on the baby monitor this morning, but then I peeked open one eye and remembered I was in Hawaii.
I wish they'd roost somewhere else.
The Emily show bids you goodnight.
That is all.