"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, October 5, 2012


we went to go for two hours before brennan went to preschool.
6 hours later we had cancelled our lunch plans, 
ditched preschool, 
discarded naps,
and come home with sunburned faces and necks.
chase included.
{aloe vera is our friend tonight. ouch.}
i didn't even bring chase food, thinking we would have been home for his next meal at noon.
thank goodness i brought my boobs, 
and had the bread from brennan's corn dog to feed him.
{so glad they are fastened on there tightly.}
somewhere in the middle of it all i got a migraine.
the white blinding spots and all.
so for two hours my sister in law drugged me with her migraine concoctions {two motrin and an exedrine--nursing approved, by a nurse--that's what nat does} and then she massaged my migraine into remission with all of her fancy massage tricks.
at one point i was searching for the best garbage can option to puke in.
and tried to think of the most inconspicuous way to puke into a garbage can under a pavillion with people eating nearby.
these were things my migraine self was thinking,
head in my arms, eyes closed, taking deep breaths.
thankfully there was no puking,
as we've had enough of that in the last week for our liking.
max wanted to ride on the massive burlap sack slide for the entire 6 hours.
it was my favorite too.
she convinced three different people to take her down 10 times each.
no, i'm not exaggerating.
my second favorite thing award goes to the presidential pig races.
bacon o'romney vs. barrak o'HAMMA.
i can't remember who one,
but it was hilarious.
pigs squeal when you pick them up.
i didn't like that part.
i didn't pick them up,
the guy in the overalls did.
and they squealed.
we got lost in the corn maze that was supposed to only be 5 minutes.
we kept wandering around in what felt like the same circles over and over and over again.
until we finally figured it out.
yep, we're pretty amazing:)
brennan swam in a dried corn pool,
and got lassoed by grandpa.
pumpkins galore,
haunted houses,
dirt bike races,
tractor rides,
duck races {with NOT real ducks},
jumpy houses,
jumpy bubbles,
jumpy horses,
dress up costumes,
life size lincoln logs,
slides, swings, and play houses in the shapes of airplanes, monster trucks, buses, noah's ark, tractors, and big rigs.
deep fried twinkies, deep fried snickers, corn dogs, chocolate drizzled powdered sugared donuts--AMAZING.
it was like the fair, but BETTER:)
and after 6 hours, 
there were STILL things we didn't have time to do.
the best $23 i've spent in a long time.
so slather me up in aloe vera,
and put me in front of the byu game.
my done for the day button has officially popped.
in a good way.
a really good way:)


on HIS birthday he surprised ME with a new byu shirt.
what a guy:)
i made a bargain with brennan to take off the knight costume.
b/c he didn't want to take it off.
and they weren't for sale.
{not that i WOULD have bought it anyway.}
and the lady didn't know where they got it from.
so i told him that we could come back and put it on before we left.
knowing full well that i had no intention of coming back to put that
darling little knight costume on his perfect little boy body.
one for team mom.
as long as he doesn't remember...
i will now go forth and nurse my sunburn and migraine aftermaths respectively.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

the bestest {birthday boy}

you're the bestest:)
ladies and gentlemen,
i FINALLY surprised him with a birthday present.
he had no idea.
{sean is the hardest person to surprise.
he always guesses what you're going to give him, 
with the exception of sandie. 
now i can finally relish in it too. yessssss!!!!!!!!}

firsts {haircut}

yesterday i took little miss max to miss kim 
{who's been cutting my hair since i was the right bold age of 18 i might add}. 
i had never cut her hair before.
and the whole thing intimidated me.
the stars aligned and it grew it evenly with bangs from birth.
but the ends have been looking a little frazzled lately,
so i scheduled her to get the star treatment from the ever lovely miss kim.
complete with a princess braid at the end.
she clung to me when we walked in,
burried her head in my neck,
and cried through the entire cut once i set her in the chair.
she wouldn't look up in the beginning,
just held her eyes down.
i thought for sure she'd try to get down or run away,
but she just sat there looking down.
scared to get in the big chair and do something she'd never done before.
{both of the boys have had haircuts by 4 months old by yours truly}.
by the end she slowly warmed up and gladly agreed to have her newly trimmed locks braided,
with a pink sucker for all to be forgiven.
pink ice cream, as promised on the way home.
oh so fun to enjoy my little max.
and while we drove home we talked about how sometimes new things are scary at first,
but then they're not so bad at all.
b/c sometimes they end up really sweet.