"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, October 1, 2009

all is forgiven

my favorite thing to do at night is creep into brennan's room while he's sleeping.
tonight he was making a purring sound.
we have colds.
mine is almost gone.
his is in the middle.
i love to watch his sweet face sleeping.
perfect lips, perfect cheeks, perfect cabbage patch dimpled hands.
because no matter what has happened during my day, i am automatically softened, and he can do no wrong.
he is perfect.
because when he spills his entire bottle of milk and unrolls an entire roll of toilet paper within 5 minutes of time in one morning, i can go into his room while he is sleeping, and all is forgiven.
all is forgiven.

rainy day escApades {goodbye sept-hello oct}

between the rain and hail we went for a walk.
there are cows on our street.
remember the ones from last year?
here at two pics that mysteriously disappeared from that post.
look at my baby pork loin!
click here for last year's fall.
it was one of my favorites:-)
let's just say....
don't get too attached to the cows on our street...
i can't believe how big the little loin has gotten in a year.
although, he's still my little tender loin.
and i love holding his hand:-)
then i realized it was way past 5, so tomato soup and grilled cheese became dinner.
have you ever had the tomato soup from costco????
it's creamy.
we love it.
so satisfying for a cold nose:-)
on the schedule for later today:
hocus pocus
it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown
(both fall favorites in our house)
a note to the scout master: halloween decorations brought from the garage, please:-)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

in my hands

alright, first of all, i never want to live in michigan. click here to see why. what the heck?!

second of all, it's been a long time, but

emilisq's bloggin' bookies is making it's triumphant return today!!!

that's right folks, it's back, and BOY do i have a book for you!

in my hands, by irene opdyke.

we're discussing this one at the end of the month, but i DARE YOU not to read it in a week. it's really that great.

in my hands is a true story of a polish woman who is studying to become a nurse when world war 2 begins. she tells her story of saving her jewish friends, and many others, from the nazi's. when i finished this book i was in awe of what an amazing woman irene is. i hope you pick up your copy asap. it will inspire you to amazing heights. i look forward to discussing it with you oct. 30th!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

tutus & bows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's right folks,
jenn, you KNOW i want one of those white hats with the gigantuous bow that lily has!
everything was happy, healthy, and wealthy inside my belly button.
we couldn't be MORE excited:-)
the ultrasound tech said she didn't get the 100% shot b/c miss modest in there kept her legs shut tightly, but the 99% shot showed us what we needed to know.
i told the tech i wasn't going to be the happiest camper if this baby came out with a penis after thinking it was a girl the entire time!
she laughed and said, don't worry, it's a girl.
we got to see a little 3-D face.
dainty and girly.
maybe someone will look like me now??!!
oh happy day, i couldn't be more excited!

trucks or tutus?

today is the BIG day.
we get to find out how everything is doing inside my belly button.
here's a WACKO theory i'm putting to the test on how to predict the gender of your next child....
are you ready for this??
you are supposed to look at your "previously born" child's head.
if the calic is dead center?
you will have a girl.
if it is off to the side at all...boy.
that calic is a little to the right if you ask me, but 3pm will tell.
will it be trucks?
or tutus?
click here to see a real live mama who swears by this theory!

Monday, September 28, 2009


i really want the BOB Revolution Duallie stroller, with the infant car seat accessory. in navy. please no gifts for birthday and christmas this year. CASH ONLY. so i can get it:-) i would be willing to forfeit future birthday and christmas gifts, if needed. please feel free to let my family and friends know.
with love,
(your favorite little helper elf)
**yes, santa does december birthday shopping b/c we are EXTRA special birthdays.**
i was the one who birthed a 9.4lb baby 19 months ago, and am currently gestating a possible 9 pounder again. have mercy on me for this, if nothing else. also, i breastfed that 9.4lb baby for an entire 13 months. oh, and i've been REALLY patient and loving lately. AND i cleaned my bathroom tub until it sparkled.

PHO and TEA.

i woke up this morning, still arguing with my throat about the condition it has allowed itself to be in for over a week now.
i don't want anything rough going down these tubes.
i do, but my throat doesn't.
it wants tea.
so i'm drinking tea.
mint green tea, with honey to be exact.
how much tea is too much tea?
i may find out today.
be gone.
Vietnamese "pho" is on the menu for tonight (pronounced "fuh").
it cures all of life's woes.
and no, i'm not making it.
i'm buying it.
cooking is not fun with a sore throat either.
see what i mean?
it's almost oct 1st and my pumpkin puree sits lonely and in cellophane.
this must change.
i'll just drink tea.