"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"the eye" and "the nod"

24th of july
bigger than the 4th in utah
pioneer day
rib cook off
have you ever used a pressure cooker and then grilled your ribs?
oh my goodness.
you have not had rich, juicy ribs if you have not used the pressure cooker.
and basted them with 7-up.
the pork loin ate ribs too.
lots of fruit.
drank my fresca.
spilled in onto his face.
this included up the nostrils, in the eye balls, and carbonation burning the throat.
it was sad.
until he found something else to do 5 minutes later.
do you see the ribs leftover on his face?
sand on his chest?
he had a great day.
in and out of the baby pool.
harmon's for some getaway groceries (stay tuned)
car cart was discovered
chip & dip
mini oreos
Gatorade (G2)
henry's rootbeer
waffle mix
but then it was time to go.
he screamed from the moment the scout master pulled him from the car cart to the car.
i saw some oncoming shoppers giving us "the eye."
do you know "the eye?"
it's the one where they either have never had children or they have had children and forgot what it was like to have children.
this is much more comical, but definitely not as appreciated as "the nod."
"the nod" is from a parent who remembers having children or currently has children, possibly whose children just had a similar episode earlier this week.
so they gave us "the eye."
we looked at each other and grinned.
chuckling always makes the tantrums more enjoyable.
plus, when you have a camera...
it only lasted 3 minutes this time.
or some short number like that.
poor little guy.
i never knew he liked the car cart so much.
looks like i'll be pushing the car cart around harmon's from now on.
happily looking for "the nod" from the rest of you;-)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

i'm taking hostages...and then flushing them

if you are friends with me on facebook, you will know of my disgust for the creature above.
i have been ranting for a few weeks now about the little varmints.
we live in a basement,
meaning we are prone to more bugs than the average home dweller.
we spray.
it works well.
and then this year it rained for the entire month of june.
i love the rain.
i welcomed the extended spring.
i'm not a heat person, so only having to deal with hot july and august, instead of hot june, july, and august made me a happy little camper.
but all of this rain has brought some extra campers into our camp this summer.
damp soil and rain.
which fill all of our window wells.
lovely wells they are.
full of earwigs apparently.
not lovely as they are.
so i've been squashing earwigs and flushing them down the toilet.
the scout master has been in the grind as well on the earwig squashing committee.
you HAVE to make sure they are really dead.
have you seen arachnophobia!?!
i don't want them crawling out the next time i go to "powder my nose."
so for bree and brooke i have posted the picture above in answer to your question of,
"what do the little varmints look like?"
and to answer the age old question...
if they crawl into your ear will they really make a nest and hatch millions of babies??!!??
it's been a fear of mine since the 1st grade.
true story.
please tell me that brandt neider just made it up to be mean.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"tv is ok," says me

obviously someone who has never seen two cousins cuddle.
b/c if they had seen this,
they would have said tv is ok.
the end.
movie: wall-e (brennan wants to watch it every day. really. wish i was kidding. but i'm not.).
the real end.
for real.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


if there are two carts already parked in the middle of the parking lot,
is it okay for me to leave mine with it?
or do i need to walk my cart responsibly to the cart return?
the cart return worker already has to pick up these two carts, right?
plus i could push them all together to make them more stable and less likely to roll into someone elses car.
now, let's just say that there were NOT two cars of shoppers unloading their items and walking their carts to the cart return at the moment you were considering this little ethical choice.
what would you do?

i walked mine over into the cart return.
i felt like such a responsible little shopper:-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

the jones's

when i drink this

this happens
well worth the sacrifice.
just embarrassing when someone comes to my door.
you know, holding my finger over my upper lip like a mustache and all.
i've heard it's fairly distracting.
i know i can't pay attention to what i'm saying when i'm doing it.
like it said,
well worth the sacrifice.
for family pictures we just took on saturday by jackie, click here.
and feel free to email her for your booking.
but better hurry 'cause she's a busy lady!