"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 30, 2012

city creek {a photo gallery}

it was now or never for my grand tour of the new mall in downtown salt lake city.
calling it a mall seems to feel like an injustice though.
it is a shopper's dreamland.
a spectacle of architectural bliss.
with a fountain made by the bellagio creators themselves.
{i've heard the fire/water/music show at night is quite the treat}.
every store you could ever want in one location.
fish, a creek running through, live plants and trees.
and an outdoor/indoor roof for any weather the state might experience.
and in utah,
we can experience all 4 seasons in the same day.

nordstrom kid's had us at hello.
we had to bribe them with balloons and chocolates to get them out.
and then we were really in trouble.
b/c max found the shoes.
first the steve madden sandals.
with sparkles.
she would pat her chest saying "me, me, me,"
and then hand you the shoe while she took off her own to try them on. 
 then she found rows upon rows of more shoes.
and ran her fingers delicately across them all.
so so so
and then she found the pink sparkle toms.
we have a serious problem on our hands here.
a shoe girl.
i ADORE her for it.
for now...
note to self:
must bring children in swim suits.
or bring extra clothes.
he left with dripping pants.
but said he didn't care.
if he's good with it,
i'm good with it:)
but i think the weather was what really made it work out ok.
or maybe it was the carmel/chocolate apples
we used to bribe them away from the fountains.

in case you were wondering.
and i think i got another sunburn.
the security guards did not like that i was letting my kids put their feet in the creek.
and shooed us away right after i took this.
party poopers.
the popcorn is popping downtown too.
i just can't get enough.
 everyone should have a baby in the spring,
when the blossoms are popping.
there's nothing that could make the waiting anymore worth waiting for.
i'm in love with everything around me.
it's just all so romantic.
and breathtakingly beautiful.
i love my kids.
i love my husband.
i love my life.
remind me of this when i'm sleep deprived and having a complete meltdown in 3 weeks.
with poo up to my elbows.
spit up on the shoulder of every shirt in my closet,
and have cranky kids with a super impatient mom {me} that can't handle the smallest of catastrophes.
may the odds be ever in my favor,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

yes! yes i am!

yep, STILL pregnant.
and there is no avoiding it now,
everyone answers my phone calls with,
"are you in labor?!"
i love that my calls are answered after 2 rings
in the middle of
work meetings,
and showers.
it's quite the charade:)
ok, no one has answered my call in the shower.
but if i call you this sunday,
just know that i won't be able to restrain myself
on such a holiday as april fool's day.
and i will answer,
even if i am not.
and you won't really know if i'm telling the truth.
wouldn't it be funny if i were though?
and no one believed me?
how is it possible that i'm sad it's almost over.
but can hardly contain my excitement to be done???
water break!
sunday please?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

blossoming slushies {friday to me}

the trees are blossoming all over utah.
we are ever so lucky to have these beauties on each side of our house.
truly, the most beautiful time of year.
whites, pinks, reds, and purples.
lining the streets,
everywhere you go.
popping like corn.
against the clear warm blue skies.
it's like every day is friday this week.
at least it feels that way.
and i'm soaking in every last minute i can get:)
with sonic slushies and happy hour.
i've never seen such beautiful red lips on all of us.
it was quietest lunch we've had in months:)
glory be,
it's friday to me.

watch out!

saying goodbye to sean this morning brennan waves and says,
"drive safely and watch out for monsters!"
i love 4 year old boys:)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

less is more

he rarely wears clothes anymore.
he puts them on in the morning,
and takes them off during max's nap.
sometimes earlier.
i'm just going with it.
less laundry for me.
and really,
at what other age can you really get away with it?
and have people adore you for it!

Monday, March 26, 2012

lists {38 weeks}

i have become obsessed with making lists.
lists for jobs i would like done.
around the house.
outside of the house.
home depot.
best buy.
lists for next month.
lists for june.
{thank you sean for humoring me}
lists for what brennan is supposed to bring for his preschool snack on tuesday {just in case}.
lists for the hospital.
b/c really, what is the point of packing a bag?
other than the fact that if you pack a bag, you surely will NOT go into labor early.
i've packed two bags before.
and i always end up needing everything i've packed before it's time to go.
and then re-pack the night before anyway.
so no packing a bag this time.
just a list.
for what i might pack if i were going to pack.
which i'm not.
i'm living on the edge!
my belly button is so far out that you can't help but push it in when you walk by me.
it's softer than a baby's bottom.
and clean as a whistle.
my outie,
not the baby's bottom.
side hugs are officially the only kind i can give.
straight on just ends up with my face in your chest.
it's awkward.
and my hands barely make it to you.
i'm not a huge fan of hugging anyway,
so it's really working out for me.
i haven't worn socks in three weeks.
too much work to put on.
and take off.
i don't plan on wearing socks for the next week.
thank you toms.
and hopefully for the next 6 months.
thank you 70* weather.
minus today b/c it snowed.
and a few more days before june when it will probably snow.
note toms option above.
i've been staying up late indulging in my books.
enjoying my last moments of time where i can actually keep my eyes open to do such a thing.
my towel doesn't wrap around my belly after i shower.
not even close.
it makes it around the top and then forms a christmas tree from there on out.
yet i still try to wrap it every time.
and realize it doesn't fit each time.
just like i have never realized it before.
perfect posture is a must when bending over.
particularly to get something out of the two lower drawers in my fridge.
otherwise, i fear i might actually tip over.
no joke.
my undershirts don't cover my belly.
they make it to the outie, and that's about it.
i want to stay pregnant forever {in no universe could this be true} for another week,
and secretly pray to be put out of my misery.
all at the same time.
i can't imagine our life with another little person.
yet i know i won't be able to remember what we ever did without him.
i hold max a little longer and find myself begging for an extra song every day before her nap.
enjoying her as my baby once more each day.
as if it might be the last.
i have stocked up on every food, toiletry, and storable item i could possibly buy for the next month.
possibly the year.
as if i won't be going anywhere.
ever again.
so much for the budget.
i remember my cousin telling me that even after having two babies she was still nervous about delivering her third.
i couldn't understand why.
until now.
i am still mortified of my water breaking in a public place.
every time i go out.
i wake up excited.
and excited is a nice place to be:)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

peppermint scrub & hair dye

i have rituals.
pre-baby, "good job" you made it to 38 week rituals.
they involve my feet getting well pampered and my hair getting well colored and groomed.
a full day of myself, salon talk with the ladies, and smells of peppermint scrub and hair dye.
my toes are sparkling red.
but i wish i would have done them baby blue.
for festivity's sake.
you wouldn't believe how long it takes to put blonde highlights back into color.
when you don't really know what you want.
and have it turn out right.
a long time.
two tries.
and a lot of toner.
all hail the greatest hair stylist to have ever lived.
god bless kim.
and toner.
and sean.
for taking both kids
all day.
and loving it.
followed by the best cafe rio salad i have ever had.
at 9:15 at night.
holy crap, i'm going to have a baby next week!