"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, November 22, 2013

dear sean, there's 20 gallons of milk in our fridge.

dear sean,
do you remember last night when i told you that yesterday was the most perfect day? and how that is always the kiss of death? welp, this is one of those times when i am not happy to be right. max was up the entire night. first she came in at 1am asking for a "beenana and milk," then 2, then 3, and finally at 4 i just told her to come into our bed where she tossed and turned until 7 when brennan came in to get up for school. why did we let her give up her binky? can we give it back? how psychologically damaging and confusing would it be to give it back? just for a month until christmas. then she could leave it for santa!!! or we could let her keep it until she's 14! whichever, just as long as she goes back to sleeping. what do you think about my idea? brennan doesn't want to sleep in the same room with her anymore. now i know why. she is so loud all night long. she is not on my happy list. i sent her downstairs with brennan once the sun came up. she yelled and screamed at him. i gave her my phone so brennan could get dressed in peace. you won't believe this, but brennan got himself all dressed AND ate his entire breakfast before he turned on the tv. i was so proud of him. i tried to go back to bed for half an hour before we had to leave for school, but max came in screaming for her milk that got lost in her bed at 1am last night. i gave up on going back to sleep after the 3rd time she came upstairs to ask me something in a 10 minute period. then when we were trying to get out the door to get brennan to school she screamed and huffed and puffed about getting her jessie boots on and not being able to get the zipper zipped up on one boot. it was annoying. i had my coat, chase, and my purse in my hands, along with barney and a half empty bottle of milk. at which point i remembered that it was friday, and even though i had gone to the store and stocked up on milk yesterday i had forgotten to cancel the winder. good news for you though because now you have your workout drinks for the week, and i guess we won't have to go to the store for the milk on thanksgiving because we have about 20 gallons in our fridge right now. i hope that you are laughing because all of a sudden i am. max just went poo for the second time this morning and is screaming for me. it is 8:51am. i am ready for bed. i love you and miss you.

i bought bologna for the first time yesterday 
for the kids and made them sandwiches with lots of mayo.
i had to make myself one too because it looked so good.
it was almost as big of a hit as christmas morning.
i kid you not.

P.S.S. it snowed yesterday, and i listened to christmas music. it was wonderful.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

the girl who cried wolf

dear dad and sandie,
good news. the water heater is NOT broken like we thought. phew. max just turned the dial down to pilot lighting. she told sean it was brennan on the way to school. brennan denied it. then she told me later it was brennan, and wasn't he so naughty for doing it? then after asking brennan one more time, and him denying it so fervently that i believed him, she finally fessed up. at which point i told her about the boy that cried wolf. i don't think she got it at all. especially because she kept telling me that she likes being the wolf a lot because wolves are so cute and cuddly. welp, i'm sure you are laughing and smiling right now thinking about how great the circle of life is because i'm getting back what i put out as a child. i'm not giving up hope here, but man, i can't help but laugh about how funny it must be for you to watch me be a mother and go through the same things you went through with me. signing off now to go save the world one lying child at a time!
all my love,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

the beauty box

playing beauty shop in the bathroom sink.
i told her a kinked neck is just part of the deal.
when it dried she asked me to curl it in ringlets,
and spray it all over.
oh the life of girls.
chase tore apart the space heater and ate some soap or shaving cream.
good times at the beauty box.

Monday, November 18, 2013

letters to beth {batman drawing, 2-5 church, & baby ready}

dear beth,
i can't believe bear is turning 2!!! it seems like you were just here celebrating, and it's already been an entire year. our babies are growing up so fast, wah!!! i am so baby hungry, but then all three of my kids cry at once for hours and hours and hours, and brennan and max fight all day, and i think, eh, i'm not sleep deprived ready, no patience ready, or ready for my life to be turned upside down ready. and then i think, let's give it another year. sean thinks the woman brain is hilarious and fascinating all at the same time. thank goodness he loves me for it.

tell me about smith's new school, what is the name for your children's book.do you have one yet? my kids will be sooooooo excited to hear that you are writing a book. they ask all the time when you are coming over next. i can't WAIT to see your illustrations. your batman flying over the city drawing is still the coveted drawing in the house. my children TREASURE it, and it has a designated safe spot behind the bread bowl. it has had some additions made to it, which i'm sure you will think are charming. brennan is sooooo into drawing right now, and i love it. right this very minute he is drawing a motorcycle man. i love his attention to detail, and how he puts what he is drawing right next to his paper so it can be more real. i'm pretty sure he learned that from you when you drew the batman for him. he is really growing up.

chase is sick, so i am staying home from church with him. i am DONE with 2-5 church and am not ashamed to say that i feel like i've won the lottery to get to stay home with him. i realize i shouldn't be complaining b/c church is so close and easy to get to, but by this time in the year, i am just ready to go to church at a normal human being time. i don't think it matters if you have little kids, older kids, teenagers, or grown ups in your house. 2-5pm church is just not conducive to normal human sunday functioning. 

max is girly as ever, complete with drama and a capital D. she gets herself dressed before i get out of bed, AND this morning she even made her bed before 8am all by herself. she is so motivated and organized, and i'm wondering if it's just a girl thing or a max thing. either way, i know she is an up and at 'em kind of gal, and it makes for a more simple morning around the gibson home. 

happy anniversary my friend and congratulations! i am so happy for the both of you! 7 years and going strong. i hope you have some time to spend together and celebrate, but it seems like with little ones at home, sometimes those moments are hard to find. happy birthday to bear, ROOOOOAAARRRR!!!!!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

letters to Emily {updates}

Dear Emily,

I just love that you met Stephanie Nielson!  What an honor. I seriously think she would be the best ambassador or queen or something like that.  But guess what?  She is a mother.  A MOTHER.  I love that.  I also love the title to your blog that says, because one mom decided to stay home.  You are amazing.  I love Stephanie because she makes motherhood a full time amazing fulfilling  job for all of us who simply decided to stay home.  She makes mother hood an adventure that I want to go on.  
And the fact you met her and Christian is so awesome!   And did I mention you look amazing?  I love those spring colors on you.  Oh Emily, I miss you and your amazing Kitchen skills.  
Bear turns 2 tomorrow.
Bryce and I celebrate our 7th anniversary...tomorrow.
We are signing up Smith for a new school for next year.
I am working on my children's book. ( text done, art in production)
I am loving life.
And I love hearing from you!

sorry so short,
I am not as cool as you.