"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, March 4, 2010

730 days!

730 days ago...
i still went one more week after this picture was taken of me pregnant.
and then,
THIS came out:
9lbs. 4oz
21 1/2 in. long

happy birthday brennan!
you are super funny.
your sense of humor is hysterical.
your laugh is contagious.
your smile melts me.
and i love your big toe.
most of all,
i love you and everything you bring to life.
i love the person you've changed me to be.
love, mommy
in other news...
grandma and grandpa ryan arrive today!!!!!!!!!
and uncle adam and auntie kelsey arive tomorrow!!!!!!!
we are SO excited:-)
(pictures taken when the pork loin was 8 weeks old, trip to iowa to visit grandma max--who makenzie "max"ine was named after)
this is my favorite one below.
the mama's boys;-)
love you max.

both of you...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


b/c at some point he's not going to care where i am or what i'm doing.
and that will be sad.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

gleaming white, i wish.

i was watching a commercial yesterday of an attractive husband and wife brushing their teeth.
the lighting was bright, their clothes were crisp.
their teeth were OH SO white.
gleaming white!
then came the seller...
"proven to leave your teeth feeling fresh 5x longer than other brands..."
so i thought,
"i have to try that! my teeth will look gleaming white, and i will definitely feel the freshness lasting 5x longer!!!"
so when my tube of toothpaste ran out last night i went to replace it,
only to find that it's the same one we've been using all along.
my teeth are not gleaming like the commercial.
and i can't say that they feel any more fresh than any other toothpaste i've ever tried.
dang it.
thought this was interesting...

Monday, March 1, 2010

neb & mommy money

neb is back.
and the bulb syringe.
aka "nemesis."
i have to know.
does using the humidifier really do enough to warrant me having to wipe down the windows every morning?
so the framing doesn't get moldy???
i'm not convinced that it's really that worth it.
time is money people!!!
time is money!
and mommy money is worth WAY more.
especially in the mornings.
inflation is up in the mornings.
i think window wiping is worth $50,000 of mommy money b/c it has to be done in the morning.
at the same time as breakfast.
and all of the other morning chaos.

but you tell me.
to humidify or to not humidify.
that is the question.
in other news...
tsunami warning turned out to be a flop.
mama C reported several swells that came in and out of the beach they could see.
she is home safe and sound and tsunami free.
the pork loin was recorded at 102* last night around 11pm.
we're off to dr. lynch for the 24 mo. check/my chance to quiz the doc over the validity of the rsv swab done on saturday.
grandma gibson has been recruited to stay with max.
the scout master starts his last, SAY IT AGAIN LAST!!!!, internship today.
the end.