"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, March 20, 2010

tinsle town

i'm nursing a popcorn and mr. pibb hangover this morning.
we took max to her first big girl movie last night.
as you can see, she thought it was riveting.
we saw the blind side.
it made me wish i was from the south.
and had a southern accent.
oh what i would have given to have a southern accent in high school.
it would have been so darn cute.
i had to settle for pom poms instead.
one peep from max at the end of the show was all that occured, which a binky and a little rocking of the car seat fixed.
it was really fun.
fun b/c we did something that we could have never done with brennan.
fun b/c i felt extra grown up.
fun b/c it was out of the house!
fun b/c it could have been a disaster.
but it wasn't.
it was a success.
and sometimes facing the little fears is what it's all about.
the scout master opened both of his ladies' doors.
i felt extra special:-)
note to the gods of physical therapy job hiring:
please let us have a job offer soon.
so we can make some money.
and buy new cell phones.
with cameras that work.
but we'll still go to the dollar movies.
b/c why pay $8 when you can pay $2.
but next time we'll sneak our own drinks in.
but not the popcorn b/c microwave popcorn is just not the same as movie popcorn.
big thanks to cousin ashley for babysitting the pork loin at such late notice.
we love you!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


this morning i got stuck in the automated options of a government office.
by some small miracle, i actually wove my wave through the correct path of menu options.
at least i think i did.
how can you really know that pushing 2, 4, 5, and 1 again b/c you think you fit into one of the categories they've just listed is the right selection?
i'm always hoping there's a push zero option to talk to a REAL person.
do they exist?
so i'm stuck in the menu options.
finally find my way through.
feeling really proud that i've managed to classify my situation into their vague menu options.
taking 10 whole minutes that i could have used to unload my dishwasher.
only to find out that when i got to the right place,
they're closed.
b/c it's friday.
and in utah on friday all state offices are closed.
curse you 4 day work week.
and your automated menu options.
at least it's friday:-)
wait, wasn't that the problem?
in other news...
it's snowing here this morning.
so i got out max's boots.
b/c dang it, i spent $20 out of our budget on them when i was pregnant.
how did i reason that was ok?
i just hope they fit next fall too.

every girl needs boots to go with her skinny pants;-) BAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

they DO make noise!

in fact, giraffes DO make noise.
not one i'd ever heard before.
turns out, not many people know what they sound like.
but i guess i'm not the only person who has ever wondered about it...
click HERE to HEAR what they sound like.
i'd classify it as neither a growl NOR a roooaaaar.
let's just call it a dying bird.
that's what a giraffe sounds like.
thanks tamra;-)

and the giraffe ROARED!!! or was it growling???

the pork loin ended up looking like christmas by the end of the day, because he sat in dog poop in his jeans.
the red pants were the only thing available after the incident occured, and i just didn't feel like changing him.
over corned beef and cabbage gigi and i discussed the sound a giraffe makes.
neither of us could come up with a sound.
we had gone through every animal sound in brennan's zoo cart.
but when we got to the giraffe...well...
what sound DOES the giraffe make???
brennan growled.
i figured that was a pretty good try and gave him the thumb's up.
b/c don't all animals growl?
the giraffe must.
i guess birds don't growl.
but big animals growl.
or roar.
then there's the whale.
it mostly moans.
but the giraffe.
have you ever heard a giraffe make ANY kind of a sound?
i never learned about it at school.
not that school should be a measuring stick for knowledge in every case.
or in most cases.
i've never heard a giraffe make a noise at the zoo.
it usually just stands there and sticks out it's black tongue.
i'll bet i could google it.
in other st. patrick's day festivities...
gigi was ravishing in her green with max.
i secretly wanted her bracelet. and her cooking is always something to talk about.
isn't that a bonnie rait song?
really, why do i only eat corned beef and cabbage on st. patrick's day???
i forget how juicy and tender corned beef is.
i love it.
it's delicious!
and the cabbage.
i didn't even know i liked cabbage.
actually, i thought i hated it.
due to a cabbage soup diet ann marie and i did in high school.
cabbage soup for breakfast and lunch.
potato for dinner.
soup for breakfast in the summer.
soup for breakfast any time.
what were we thinking???
17 years old and bikini season.
that's what we were thinking.
oh thank you 27 years old.
you are much nicer to my mind and body.
it smelled good at first.
it tasted good the first bowl.
then, it started tasting not so good.
made me hate cabbage.
until yesterday.
b/c now i like it again.
well, i do.
or maybe i just love the way gigi does it.
that's usually the case.
and mercy, don't forget about the green jello.
i think it's some sort of state food in utah.
really, there was a pin for green jello that they made during the 2001 slc olympics.
they're serious about their jello here.
but what about the giraffe???

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


the following occurred
in my sour cream container on taco soup night.
a trial was held.
the accused was convicted and found GUILTY!!!
it was the scout master.
the soup:
note to self:
do not add 1/4 c oil to your cornbread if you don't remember ever adding it before.
you are probably reading the directions wrong b/c you are extremely tired.
in fact, you are MOST DEFINITELY reading the directions wrong.
thus, your cornbread turns out looking more like lemon bread.
still tasty, but awfully oily.
that couldn't have been good for our arteries...

Monday, March 15, 2010

beauty sleep

beauty sleep
is all about utilizing your resources...
even though i'm not sleeping as much as i'd like,
i've never felt more beautiful than i do with her in my arms,
and brennan at my feet.
i love my wrinkles.
the ones that my children are leaving behind.
little pieces of them on my face.
no money,
but still wealthy.
i think she has my eyes.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

less is more

when i fill up the smaller glass
it makes me feel like i'm getting less.
so then i feel like i can have more.
i LOVE that feeling:-)
kind of like eating the dough and not the cookies.
you can always have more dough than cookie b/c it's just the dough, not the real cookie.
so it doesn't count as much.