"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, May 15, 2010

pinkish--it begins!

the pool is open.
uncle troy temped the short people with fudgsicles.
one wasn't enough for the mini-man.
he needed to steal from cousin audrey.
"thief!!!" i said.
a big smile he gave me.

let it begin.
not yay is the sunburn i can feel on my face.
i had just showered and put all of my face stuff on.
didn't want to put sunscreen on.
didn't want to wash it off.
was going to sit in the shade.
sun felt really good.
so now i'm pinkish.
to the pay check fairy:
i hope you bring me a phone that takes better pictures.
note to self: remember when it was cool just to have a phone that TOOK pictures.
my, aren't things relative?
i'll even leave a tooth under my pillow.
or a penny.
i have lots of those.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

thirsty camel

what are the rules about "double dipping" at costco?
sean says you can go back as many times as you want.
i think you can only go the once.
plus, there are always plenty of booths to peruse for a full snack, often a lunch, and sometimes a dinner.
what do you think?
i've been feeling like a thirsty camel the past two days.
like i've been walking in the desert for 3 years without water.
just using what was in my humps.
and now i'm almost at the oasis.
i can feel the cold water.
dreaming of drinking it.
licking my lips.
giddy with excitement about how it's going to feel.
but have you ever had the flu and given in to your thirst before your stomach is ready?
i have.
it's not pretty.
so when we get to the oasis in the next month,
i think it's going to take all of my will not to plunge my head in and start guzzling.
b/c mercy, it's not fun when you drink too much too soon.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

shake it like

"shake it, shake, shake it, shake it, shake, shake it, shake it, shake, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture."
sean has 2 jobs.
brennan is talking.
max laughed for the first time today.
she has her daddy's smile.
i have fresh veg and fruit in my fridge.
we bought life insurance this morning.
i felt like i was playing the game of "life."
filling my van with little pegs.
except i don't have the van yet.
but i wish i did.
b/c right now i only have room for kids and strollers.
so when the "shake it like a Polaroid picture" song from my college years in rexburg came on in the car today, i turned up the volume and told brennan to shake it.
i can still picture my roommate melissa dancin' her heart out to that song blaring in our kitchen.
brennan shook his head back and forth and opened his mouth really wide.
gosh, i'll bet he won't even get that line in the song when he's bigger.
who didn't love Polaroid pictures.
no one, i say.
except maybe my parents b/c i'll bet the film was mucho bucko.
my sister got a Polaroid camera for christmas or her birthday one year.
it was really cool.
i think i heard they don't even make them anymore.
i also think my parents may have known what they were talking about when i was a teenager.
just saying.
i love it when life is soooo good that sleeps sounds like a waste.
shake it
shake it
shake it
shake it
shake it
shake it
shake it like a Polaroid picture...


it was warm and rainy yesterday.
at about 4pm we really needed to get out.
my sister in law had been showing off her latest and greatest purchase from kohls on mother's day.
buzz plush toy.
and for a good cause.
"i can fit $5 into the budget this week," i said.
so off we went to kohls.
when we got to the rack and they had buzz AND woody i told him he had to pick one.
he said "b-oh-ff."
i was so excited he spoke that i bought him both.
besides, it's for a good cause;-)
or something.
sean says i'm a sucker.
probably so.
but buzz and woody were the ones smooching in the back seat the entire car ride home.
all i heard was "smooooooch, smoooooooch, smooooch."
it was cute.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

inside out or outside in

he likes to load from big to small, outside in.
i like to load inside out, no discrimination to size.
we've agreed to disagree in the matter.
and that's why our marriage works.

Monday, May 10, 2010

THE DOC is IN!!!!

note: you will never see this much red on my blog ever again.
day 1
where's daddy???

i loved the snowy mountains in the background of this picture above.
day 2
dr. scout master giving a speech.
brennan kept saying "daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy" the entire speech.
then he screamed b/c we wouldn't let him go sit with dad.
aunt ashlie carried him away kicking and screaming.
it was awesome.
muchas gracias a-town.
"the hooding"
where he was officially given the title doc.
so cool.
i think this means we might be grown ups...
nah, no house yet.
we brought the pork loin back for the last part.
tamed him with a bag of m&m's i grabbed as we ran out the door.
one point for team mom.
go me.
"the oath"
the "sean-tur-age"
(pronounced like mirage)
his female study mates.
yes, he only studied with the girls.
his pt besties.
i love them all!!!
they loved the goodies i sent with sean to school;-)
the entire gang that showed up to support us:
left to right:
(brother landon, wife sarah, MAMA C, grandpa dick, grandma joi, sandie, dad/silverfox, me, max, B, dr. scout master, sean's mom val, bro in law shawn, sister nat, sister a-town, husband kenny, gpa casper, name dropper, gma capsper)
10 points if you actually put names to faces in that picture.
go you.
i think the kids were tired.
plus it was 500 degrees in there.
brennan's red sweater was torn off 2 seconds into the ceremony.
above: dr. scott ward (pt big wig) and dr. scout master
and it's been a nonstop party ever since.
as it should be;-)
i need a nap.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

no diaper, no outfit, not home=creative

the following occured at a mother's day brunch:
1. 1 diaper found in bag, better make it count i said.
2. 1 diaper used, here we go.
of course we ALL know what was bound to happen next.
3. grandfather ryan AND his pants AND max's outfit AND a linen napkin were NOT spared.
4. no diapers.
5. well, not exactly "no" diapers.
6. size 5 big brother brennan's diapers.
7. i give you, a "diaper outfit."
seeing as i am never good at remembering to pack an extra.
good thing i always remember a blanket and ziploc bags.
gallon size.

do i dare say it's reminiscent of a baby snuggie???
"please, someone, get me a diaper in my size. and an outfit. and a bow. mercy."
it did it's job.
thank goodness that didn't happen during any of the graduation festivities.
sorry dad;-)
i owe you a pair of clean pants.

on these.

i just want to kiss on these all day.

happy mother's day.
mommy high all day:-)
and tv for the pork loin so i can sew.
i wish i wasn't such a procrastinator.
pictures of the DOC to come.