"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, February 5, 2010

report on my findings

3 mornings in a row the pork loin (who has been recently rumored to be "thinning out") has woken up at 6am.
i walk into his room, less annoyed than i would usually be at such an absurd time, b/c i've already been up since 5am myself.
i see a smiling toddler, standing up, pointing to his "bum."
"do you need a new bum?"
"uh huh!"
at least today i didn't have to throw everything into the washing machine.
then it's off to start our day.
we're starving before 7:30am.
the culprit?
"choch-et" milk (as he calls it).
and coke.
i'm swearing now that i will not allow the pork loin to drink soda at dinner.
and if i break that swear, then i promise that i will at least not refill his cup with it.
with mama C in town and "last supper lunch dates" we've seen our fair share of soda this week.
for heaven's sake, we can't keep filling up diapers will all of this liquid before 6am.
toddler needs to go back to a diaper that lasts until 8am.
5am wake up for me.
why you ask?
chest pains.
i have this burning line of skin right under my chest.
only other woman i've found to experience this is mama C.
with brennan it started around 32 weeks.
with max it waited until 36 weeks, but has turned out to be much more painful than it ever was with brennan.
i wake up on fire.
then i poke the scout master and ask for his aluminum water bottle, which i lay across my bare chest.
when i say chest i mean at the top of the baby bump.
right on "the table."
the tummy table.
then i fight myself over staying in the bed versus moving out to the recliner.
i always end up on the recliner by 5.
and then the pork loin is up at 6.
saving me from laying awake on the recliner with the burning chest.
so what have i learned this week?
that if you need some cheering up in the morning from a sleepless night all you need to do is put on the footloose song and any additional top ten songs from itunes that you may be ashamed to admit you enjoy listening to.
no shame people, no shame!!!
i'm starting to feel like the first time mom that believes she will actually sleep better after the baby is born.
really though, i'm not sleeping now, so an hour and a half between night nursings will be more than i'm getting now.
report on my findings to come...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

6:30am sunday SUNDAY sunday!!!

super bowl "baby," here we come!!!
dr. N couldn't believe i was sitting in his office not in labor with the way things "are" in the cervix.
told me that if i would like an epidural (uh, YES PLEASE) that i will need it before my water breaks.
water breaks without an epidural, there will be no time for an epidural.
so they sent me home with this lovely little fold-able handout.
call at 6:30am sunday morning.
can't wait!!!
mama C is here from the land of aloha.
we're putting our crochet squares together.
laying out obscenely large bows/flowers and little pink shoes.
now to figure out more comfortable ways to sleep upright until sunday...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

coke and churro

just doing my part to add to childhood obesity.
there was a churro involved as well.
it's a good thing toddlers are so cute,
b/c i'm totally over the tantrums today.
somehow i allowed myself to believe i would go into labor this past weekend.
something i'm really bugged at now.
b/c i was much more patient when i was pregnant with brennan.
but now i've managed to feel like i'm at least 40 weeks.
but i'm 38.
only 38.
so why was i irritable the entire weekend?
b/c i totally planned on being un-pregnant-ed by today.
thank goodness ann marie is bringing cafe rio over tonight.
bless her.
and the really annoying thing is that i know it's for the best b/c i've had a cold the past week.
and it's finally going away today.
so i might actually be healthy now when i deliver max.
see, pregnant woman "done gone lost her mind" this past weekend.
lost all rational sense of good judgement.
now, i have a week left to get it back...