"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, September 19, 2009


we have the beginnings of a mullet.
chop, chop, i say!
chop, chop!
and then a date night at cougar stadium for the scout master and myself.
no little loin.
endless hours of
& "rah-rah-ing"
lie ahead.
go cougs, go!
i love game day.
and cousins who offer to babysit:-)
thanks andrea.

Friday, September 18, 2009

miss scarlet, in the kitchen, with the mag light.

i came out this morning with a mag light in hand.
heart "a pounding."
eyes wide and crazy.
there was someone in my home.
someone i didn't know.
i think i may have still had one earplug in.
yes, i wear them.
product of dorm life and an airline mom.
now i'm addicted.
back to the mag light.
whoever was in my house was going to get a firm smashing of the skull if they thought they were going to prance into our place.
fight or flight?
mama bear had to protect her cubs.
that's what i felt like.
so with all of my courage mustered i crept out to the noise.
and what i found made my heart jump!
the scout master.
opening a banana for the pork loin.
babe, next time your early class is cancelled make sure to let me know;-)
that would have been sad to hit you over the head with the mag light.
i can hear it now,
"it was miss scarlet, in the kitchen, with the mag light."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

free...or something

sometime late last night sean came in to tell me he was going to pick brennan up at 5 so i could have a few hours by myself.
i tried to think of every excuse why this was a bad idea.
wait? why am i trying to think of an excuse?
i don't know.
on my way to a friend's house i called sean.
"i forgot to remind you i'll be at stacie's, so we won't be home for you to get brennan. go ahead to your school thing and we'll see you later."
"oh, i'll just come to stacie's."
dang, he's got an answer for everything.
why was i trying to make an excuse again?
still don't know.
why is he offering?
b/c he's great, that's why.
so he picked up brennan.
ann marie and i went out to dinner.
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, bajio!
do you know the jingle?
one pineapple shrimp and a mixed diet coke/dr pepper later i'm here at home.
with nothing to do.
no baby to feed, bathe, read books, get into jammies, or clean up after.
and i'm wondering...
what in the heck did i do with myself before i had a kid????
dinner was extremely relaxing.
no child to feed, hush, or creatively console in public.
i just got to chat.
oh, how i love a good chat.
but now i'm home.
no child, no husband.
and it's weird.
not bad, just weird.
i finished my book last night.
in my hands.
just added it to my top 5 best reads ever.
amazing woman.
holocaust rescuer.
can't describe how in awe i am of her courage.
can't imagine having to live in a world where i have my daily freedoms and choices taken away.
where fear ruled my life.
random find at the end of another book i read earlier this year.
still can't believe i almost didn't read it.
i need a new book now.
suggestions please.
there surely must be a new book on my stack next to my bed.
i fear i may be at the end of my stack.
how did this happen???
referring to the end of the stack of books and the ability of knowing what to do with myself when my child is not present.
have you had this happen?
you surely must have had this happen.
i surely am thankful for the scout master.
it felt really good to have a minute, even if i didn't know what to do with it the entire time.

conclusion, insight, & a secret

another successful shiny tub (original story: click here).
conclusion: much easier, much less time if you do it once a month instead of once every two years.
insight: imagine if i did it once a week! maybe i could really do that whole "spray & wipe away" thing. hmmm...
secret: every time i went to "powder my nose" i pulled the shower curtain open for a peek. yes, i'm still amazed that it can shine like that.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

inspector gadget, doot doot!

my post was stolen today!
click here to see by who!
yours truly,
inspector gadget.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

jean duds

fall, we can feel you.
and we are really happy about it:-)
because we love our jeans.
(many thanks to grandma sandie/gram for brennan's jean duds. they fit GREAT!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

sprained scout master

the end of this story goes like this...
how did this happen?
a birthday.
fun was had by all.
even the sprained scout master.
i give you,
a birthday galla!
just replace with bubbles.
the scene of the crime.
i watched the gimped scout master hobble out the door this morning.
off to class where all of his classmates can diagnose and treat his ankle.
i think i saw some excitement in his eyes;-)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a bbq swarr-eh.

regrets to...
all of the other adults at the party who are missing from all photos.
next time.
next time will be your cameo.
special thanks to...
bro. and sis. adderly for their bbq-ing generosity.
the backyard crew
(andrea, jaren, troy, julie, dave-provider of backyard, sean).
the clean up crew.
the icey cold pool that kept the children entertained for hours.
the sand box.
dip, soda, cheesecake/desserts, chip, cup, plate, & napkin "bring-ers."
jaren, for saving emma and doing the grocery shopping.
andrea for bringing the newborn (we can still call him that, right?)
the scout master, for bringing home the knock-out champion title.
again (you make a wife proud!).
troy for the tight pants.
the shout outs are getting out of control now.
the end.

elmo was busy

elmo was busy last night.
my question:
is he awake when he moves his things around or does he do it while sleeping?
elmo, compliments of the strong yard sale.
we thank you strongs, VERY much.