"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, November 18, 2011

just for us

when we walked out of the imaging center tonight,
the snow was falling.
in big huge white flakes.
like a celebration.
just for us.
just for our special news:)
as if we were the only people on the planet to have ever received such wonderful news.
he sucked his thumb for the better part of the ultrasound.
all nestled up inside of me.
clutched his hands under his knees.
showed us his little button nose.
ten fingers.
and ten toes.
heart beating.
and more toes.
i love looking at the itty bitty toes.
tiny baby bum.
sucking his thumb.
11oz of little boy miracle.
that my body made.
is making.
without ever telling me how it was doing it.
or what it needed to do to do it.
how is that possible?
that something so complex can be created so simply.
so flawlessly.
completely subconscious of my mind.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

it was fresh, btw.

all of a sudden they are obsessed with babies.
having them wrapped up in blankets.
keeping them warm.
hugging them.
kissing them.
good timing.
{weird part is that THEY were the ones to come up with it on their own.}
tonight i ate a goldfish cracker that i found under the kitchen table.
i THINK it found its way there this morning.
but who really knows.
i remember thinking it was either going to be stale or fresh.
but i was eating it either way.
b/c the thought of having to crawl out from under the table with it in my hand to throw in the trash,
and the possibility of it being crushed in the process,
leaving little orange flakes under the table
was far more exhausting than to just eat it.
it was fresh,
by the way.
and there's carpet under my kitchen table.
feels cleaner than dirty tile.
although i hate having carpet under there.
it still feels less dirty eating off of carpet than tile in this situation.
i promise.
{plus, i vacuum...occasionally.}
blue or pink?
we shall see

one little, two little, three little...

gobble, gobble.


this morning i organized my pantry.
it was not pretty.

i'm a new woman!
and i could sit at the open door and stare at it all night.
i keep walking over to look inside and relish at its beauty.
now what do i do with the rest of the leftover stuff??
{thank you pregnancy urges. you work like a charm every time on my pantry.}
about that basement...
i've never had one of those before while pregnant.
this could get lovely:)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my $21 iTunes bill

i can already tell you i started listening to christmas music about three weeks too soon.
and now it's too late to turn back.
i'm in it.
and it's been wonderful.
i'm just not sure it will still be wonderful in another 40 days.
the love affair you know you should run from,
but can only run toward.
and every night when i'm making dinner,
minus the last three nights that max has been watching barney on my computer,
i have it on.
softly playing.
making me feel warm.
and happy.
blissfully content.
i also must confess i just got a $21 bill from itunes.
all christmas music.
ella fitzgerald
frank sinatra
burl ives
bobby helms
bing crosby
the andrews sisters
paul mccartney
diana ross
and justin bieber.
minus two songs i bought from last night's GLEE episode.
it's more than lovely.
which i listened to three times in a row when the kids were riding bikes today.
the two GLEE songs.
and i danced in my chair to it every time.
with possible arm movements and leg kicks.
scarf wrapped around my neck.
sunglasses on.
face in the sun.
big black puffy coat.
ugg boots.
and three layers of clothes underneath.
it was SUPER COOL.
until it wasn't.
when my neighbor caught me.
which was fine.
b/c it was awesome.
dancing in my chair.
with my kids riding bikes.
and bringing me flowers to put in my hair.
sometimes dead leaves too.
sun out.
and the smell of snow in the air.
you better watch out,
you better not cry,
you better not pout,
i'm telling you why,
santa clause is coming to town!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

he just grew ears.

"mommy i have ears."
"oh really? did you just grow them today or have you had them your entire life?"
"i just grew them today."
well, that explains a lot.
i love 3 1/2:)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

sometimes thrice {lately we really do}.

she is obsessed.
in fact,
that might be an understatement.
the only good thing about it is that we have finally found something she will sit still and watch for an extended period of time.
which i never knew was something to be appreciated.
seeing as brennan froze in front of the tv at 10 months no matter what was on.
except barney.
he never like barney.
wouldn't watch him.
a waste of $20 i thought.
boy was i wrong.
of all things.
the dvds i had almost thrown out b/c brennan despised them.
who knew?!
for max it works.
twice a day.
every day.
and sometimes thrice if we are extra desperate.
or if dad is extra late coming home.
and i'm extra done being "at work."
standard time is a killer.
but not barney.
he loves you.
and you love him.
i promise.
b/c lately,
we really do.