"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, July 2, 2011

the wild rumpus {no underwear & optional rash guards}

 let the festivities
or the wild rumpus.
there will be no underwear for the entire weekend.
except on sunday.
especially at church.
where we will sing patriotic songs and talk about our freedoms.
only swimsuits.
and optional rash guards.

i covet.

i covet his flip flop tan.
people pay for a tan like his.
says sean.
oh summer:)


 normally there's not this much snow left in the mountains.
usually the last patch melts the final week of july.
this year, flood warnings in utah have been like tornado warnings across the plains.
there are at least one a day.
i've never lived in the plains.
is that even true??
just saying,
we get them a lot.
not tornadoes.
flood warnings.
and watches.
worse than the floods of '83 says the weatherman on channel 5.
and my grandpa tabery.
when state street downtown flooded.
for several weeks.
3 to be exact.
says sean's grandma.
and state street is like our Pennsylvania avenue.
a big deal.
which is why sean fixed our negative grade.
b/c he's a boy scout.
and you can never be too prepared.
you know,
it is their motto.
scout's honor.
i swear.
something it appears utah is really good at.
not swearing.
just being prepared.
seeing as state street has not flooded this year.
despite 200% above average precipitation.
{a whole lot of melting snow}
or something impressive like that.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

meditation shrine

i live for the stormy days of summer like today.
my windows and doors are open.
the grass smells wet.
the air is humid and thick and fresh.
a break from the heat and sun beating down.
perfect for weeding.
and taking care of a sick baby max.
after a sleepless night,
and a cranky baby up at 6am,
{who was napping by 8:30}
i'm thinking it's been a sinus infection all along.
i was just furiously hoping it was allergies.
for the past 3 1/2 weeks.
poor thing.
and in june.
i can't decide if i'm glad it's not allergies or not.
#1 mom award to me,
thank you thank you,
i'll be here all week.
making my children suffer.
le sigh.
my garden makes me smile.
b/c i planted all of these from seeds.
and it appears my tomatoes are sprouting something.
and the green beans are getting big and bushy.
sunflowers that are almost as tall as max.
sometimes i will go and sit in front of them.
for awhile.
like it's some kind of meditation shrine.
it's all very exciting out in that dirt.
trust me.

en verano

when bedtime is always late.
the windows are down at night.
popsicles are an afternoon snack.
and shave ice is often lunch.
as susan put it,
"summer: when popsicles and ice cream become the major food groups."
more please,
yesterday was a park city day.
i didn't wear sunscreen.
it's not pretty.
my sunburned skin that is.
park city was pretty.
and smelled nicely too.
my sunburn is not nice.
oh how we love brooke, blake, and baby jack.
muchas gracias.
{i took high school spanish for three years.
i'm pretty much NOT bilingual.
but i like to pretend i am.}
 farmer's market.
everything was $3.
made it easy to remember how much everything cost.
made it not easy to feel good that everything was the same price.
even though size was different.
apparently size does NOT really matter at the farmer's market.
but, the quality WAS worth it.
except next time i'm getting the brat.
is that how you spell it?
i'm not talking about BRATZ,
the annoying dolls.
i'm talking about bratS,
the spicy sausage.
with mustard and onions,
and parmesian on top.
and more corn.

 thank you wednesday.
you've been good to us.

cart sleeping

 STEP 3:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

85 year old teeth

because my teeth are 85.
now i can drink without a straw and eat ice cream again.
not that i want to drink without a straw.
but sometimes you need to.
like when you drink milk.
i don't like to drink milk out of a straw.
and eat grapes on my left side of my mouth.
the left side has been neglected.
and the right side over worked.
yep, my teeth are 85.
but they are straight.
despite 14 years of thumb sucking and no braces.
go 85 year old teeth:)