"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, April 10, 2010

something organic like that

25th percentile.
say what?
she's full when she finishes!
is she ok???
failing to thrive!!??
these were the thoughts that went through my mind.
and my freezer full of breast milk.
i've never had a child that was 25th percentile for anything!
i think i scored in the 25th percentile for my state science scores when california started testing all of us in high school.
i never did well on those state exams.
or the SAT's for that matter.
"not a good test taker."
that's what i was labeled.
Dr. Lynch assures me she is just a delicate pixie.
a healthy small little thing.
a 10lb thing.
but it still took me 20 minutes of checking, double checking, and triple checking for the doc to convince me 25th percentile can be healthy.
i'm used to 98th percentile PORK LOIN!
25th percentile is starving children in africa!
then came the infamous 8 week shots.
if we thought max couldn't cry,
she proved us wrong at her 8 week appointment.
oh boy, did she give them a good scream after they poked her.
in other news...
BOTH of our children have marked their "territory" on our carpet.
scout master's fault this time, not mine;-)
oh how good THAT feels.
i'm liberated!!!

and the most EXCITING news of all!!??!!
i cut open this pepper for our pizza last night.
and it was SEEDLESS and cluster free!!!!!!!!!!!
i blinked 4 or 5 times and pinched myself to make sure i wasn't dreaming.
it's true folks.
and i wouldn't believe it unless i had opened it myself.
so it's a good thing i did.
b/c it was the most glorious moment of my pepper cutting life.
no disgusting cluster seeds.
glory be!
disregard the mold.
we're going organic.
actually we're not, but it makes me feel really cool to say "we're going organic."
have you heard of this water? bling water

it has fancy jewels on the outside of the bottle.
and costs $200 a case or something like that.
really, it's true, i've seen them.
just like the seedless cluster free pepper.
if i were friends with oprah, i'd ask her to buy me some.

then i'd turn the bottle into wall art.
or something organic like that.
just saying;-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

an irish white girl

it's 48 and sunny and i get a sunburn.
which the picture does not do justice.
it's red folks.
embarrassingly red.
like i'll for sure be wearing makeup to max's 8 week tomorrow.
don't want to be the white girl that is bright red in the face from a sunburn.
not cute.
trust me.
not cute.
red=you get the idea.
not cute.
i had a childhood of not cute moments.
some sunburn related,
some not.
the back of me was lobster red after snorkling for 5 hours in kona one year.
stupid surf instructor.
told me i just needed to lay off the sunscreen to go home with a tan.
never listen to a hawaiian when it comes to sunscreen if you're an irish white girl.
what am i going to look like if sean gets a job in arizona?????
sunscreen, i know.
i'm usually great about it.
even the dermatologist says i am.
tells me it is taking years off of my face.
i used to hate my freckles.
like when i was 8-ish.
now i like them.
freckles are cute.
so hopefully the red will go away.
and the freckles will stay.
in the words of faye,
"i'm a poet, and i didn't know it!"
hip hip horray!
now i've just gone too far.
just too darn far.
in other news...
even nemo needs a bath sometimes.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

even then

can i put him
time out
for being naughty
time out???
in other news...
it WAS the baking powder i forgot last time.
it was NOT that i added oil.
oil and baking powder together, plus the rest.
makes great "cake."
or cornbread.
whatever you call it.
we had it tonight.
taco soup and "cake."

found this in max's bed.
brennan was here.
i've never seen anything look so pretty in pink.
i'm trying to find the strength to try out other colors, but i always end up grabbing pink.
i feel more pink.
i love pink more.
i love me more.
i've bonded with makenzie much faster than i ever did with brennan.
it's not a stronger love by any means.
it's just different.
i love building the bond between mother and daughter.
i love it when the boys go outside and "the girls" make dinner.
watch the news.
watch oprah.
get dressed.
have a snack.
girl time is any time.
an extra special time.
even if it's "nothing" time.
it's not better than mommy and son time.
b/c lord knows i love a good truck smashing and bear growling sesh with him.
it's just different.
and i'm loving it.
even when there's puke down my shirt and my eyes hurt from the 4am feed.
and the 20 times she needed the binky last night.
it's worth it.
even then.
now, where are the pb reese's eggs?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

pour me a goblet of red wine

i am covered in baby puke down my left arm.
it happened just after brennan stole my water mug and dumped it onto our coffee table.
or should i say, INTO our coffee table.
the table has a game center in the middle of it.
it now has 2 inches of water floating in it.
i wish i could just leave it there.
maybe throw in some fish.
i'm wearing my hooter hider around b/c i'm too lazy to take it off.
i want to sleep for 2 days.
maybe 3.
and i especially don't want to clean up the water.
maybe i'll just get a straw and drink it.
which is why i filled up the mug in the first place.
then she puked on sean.
and i was sassy when he asked me to get him something to wipe it off.
this can all be solved with sleep.
i think if i drank wine,
now would be the night i would pour a big glass.
no more chocolate for the toddler for breakfast.
it makes for too crazy of a day.
i never want to do that ever again.
sean cleaned up the water.
thank goodness.
guess my fish idea is out.
dang it.

down the chimney

brennan gorged himself on chocolate, peeps, pez, and more chocolate before 9am.
he ate some with a fork.
there was a sliver of shredded cheese that snuck in,
so i counted it as a serving of dairy.
then i used my brain and started using the chocolate as a bribe.
he ate 2 scrambled eggs and half a piece of toast after that.
after a thirty minute tantrum and a time out,
i finally ate breakfast sometime after 1030am.
the best part was that i was so hungry it tasted like the best scone and rasberry butter i had ever eaten in my life.
which says a lot.
b/c it always tastes really good.
just better when you're so hungry you could eat your arm.
the easter bunny forgot to leave our presents while we were sleeping.
did you know that if you lock your door, turn out your lights, and go to bed he won't come down the chimney and leave out your chocolates and lollies?
wait, i think i have that wrong...
so he hopped in while the pork loin watched curious george,
and left him his presents and chocolates on his breakfast tray.
max was SUPER excited about the entire ordeal.
and her tummy time.
she slept from 830pm-430am last night.
too bad she didn't want to sleep anymore after that.
at 6am i finally pulled her onto my pillow and cuddled up to her face.
we slep until 830am.
i was ready to explode so i woke her up to eat.
she's still tired.
gram's favorite.

we forgot the cadburry cream eggs.


brennan is spending conference taking pictures of us on the scout master's phone camera.

dad's going to spend the rest of the day erasing the 57 pictures brennan took of the carpet.

better than the 30 minute tantrum.