"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Voldemort on the back of my head

brennan has been referring to me as 
"sweetheart and honey."
"thanks sweetheart"
"hey honey, you're great."
{sometimes he winks and gives me the shooter hand point with this one too.}
and then last week he wanted me to look at something he was doing.
i had already been watching him, 
and knew what he was trying to show me b/c i'd seen him do it five times already, 
but was looking at something else now that he wanted to make sure he was showing me.
so when i said,
"yep, i saw, awesome"
the following conversation occurred...
brennan: "mom, you can't see if you're not looking!"
me: "i have eyes in the back of my head. all mom's do."
brennan: "WOAH. just like that guy from harry potter."
and then he casually went on with his day.
envisioning Voldemort on the back of my head.
have mercy.

Friday, August 24, 2012

baking soda & bee stings

FOUR 4-year old boys.
{two of them are now five, but whatever.}
one 2 year old girl.
one 18 mo old boy.
and one baby man chase.
1. popsicles
2. a good firm voice while cupping your hands around your mouth
the last day of summer vacation.
why i gave BAKING SODA my MVP AWARD for the day...
4 boys chasing a bee up the stairs of the slide.
4 boys looking closely at the bee.
2 moms telling the 4 boys not to touch the bee or bother the bee.
2 toddlers looking at 4 boys chasing a bee.
4 boys trying to soak the bee with a cup of water.
angry bee bit brennan.
one screaming brennan climbs to the top of the slide.
3 boys, 2 toddlers, and 2 moms looking at screaming brennan.
one mom {me} convinces brennan to come down.
my finger in water,
my finger in baking soda.
my finger in water again.
{this is the mixture i used}
baking soda paste on bee sting.
one brennan stops screaming.
one minute goes by.
one bee sting gone.
red bump, bee sting prick, pain, and all.
thank you THANK YOU baking soda.
please you for all of your future bee sting needs.

lifestyle's of the rich and famous {not the song}

yesterday we fancied shelly and chad's pool and took chase on his first official dip.
everyone ooo'd and awe'd over his big moment.
and they even turned up the boiler to a lovely 89* Fahrenheit in his honor.
we watched the builders of the house behind us put up an entire side of a house under the afternoon sun,
listening to all of our favorite pop country songs over their construction stereo,
and let me tell you,
i felt like we were living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.
minus robin leach.
shelly judged a diving board competition unbiased-ly,
brennan found a love for rowing,
max for laying out,
and i for shelly's salt water pool.
no dry skin my friends.
p.s. i can't get over chase's orange hair.
{right after i dunked chase he enjoyed a few minutes of sun bathing.}

we didn't even cook it

the corn was so sweet and tender off of the husk that we didn't even cook it.
max and i stood next to our two rows of corn and ate it like candy on halloween.
all of that growing for two ears of corn per husk.
it may never make it inside the house:)

operation fatten up

operation fatten up chase is large and in charge.
i noticed some extra rolls on his chubby thighs during his bath this morning.
he loves to put his feet right under the faucet and hold them there.
sometimes he sucks on his big toe too.
max loves to wash his body and tickle his tummy.
usually her fingernails leaves red streaks behind,
but he never cries about it.
he loves to sit there in the sun and look up at us.
and then max loves to over do it on the lotion.
we all smell like johnson and johnson for the rest of the day.
not a bad way to smell;)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

quit the stuff that doesn't matter.

last saturday night sean re-grouted our master bathroom floor.
i asked if he was going to finish the rest so we could seal it like the box recommended.
{i'm always scared to not follow the box recommendations on things of this nature.}
he said no.
and i said to him, what about what the box recommends?
and he said to me,
i'm going to go outside and spend the night watching the kids go down that big water slide.
and he cleaned up his grout, washed his hands, and ran outside with the kids to set up the slide.
and that is one of the many reasons why i love him.
b/c he knows when to quit the stuff that doesn't matter to start the stuff that does.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

first base {not kissing}

at brennan's first t-ball game tonight i sat on the grass rocking chase to sleep in the stroller, 
sent max with some girls from our neighborhood to play in the sandbox, 
chatted with susie about life and how our 4 year old boys are the funniest people alive,
and screamed my guts out for spiderman brennan as he stepped up to bat.
he smacked that ball with the biggest smile on his face and ran to first base.
he waved and smiled at me the entire way.
i think i even got a "hi mom" when he was halfway there.
never worried about winning,
just enjoyed his leisurely run to first base,
waving at me the entire way.
then when he got there he gave me the thumb's up and yelled,
"i'm the guy with the hat!"
{he had the hard batter's hat on.}
there's nothing i would rather do with my afternoons for the next 6 weeks than sit on a grassy knoll with max and chase yelling our guts out for spiderman brennan to get to first base.
and i DON'T mean kissing!;)
is that still first base???
 and no dad, he hasn't learned to spit in the dugout yet.
i hope he doesn't start that.
but if he does,
i'm sure i'll get a picture of it.
have mercy.

go big orange {t-ball}

i wasn't gonna let him do it.
i was gonna wait until next year.
for heaven's sakes, i still basically have a newborn! 
{or not, WAH!!! and hooray all at once}.
but then he started playing baseball in the backyard with us,
went to a baseball game,
and his best friend cade wanted to sign up.
practices once a week at normal people times {check}.
games once a week at normal people times {check}.
fields where they play are close {check}.
summer heat winding down & shaded areas with trees {check PLUS}.
so we did it.
and he loves it.
and he's actually really good at it.
even with his adult sized mitt and spiderman light up shoes.
and that adorable little ball cap,
which he told me was not little,
it was a big kid cap.
he trained his coaches within the first five minutes that his name was not brennan, 
"eye on the ball brennan!"
"no, spiderman brennan!"
"right, spiderman brennan, sorry!"
"it's ok, do you know the black spiderman?"
"here comes the ball spiderman brennan."
i can't wait to see how long it takes him to tell coach keith 
about the time spiderman came to his birthday party.
funniest kid on the planet.
so he's surprisingly good at throwing, catching, and hitting,
but we could use a little work on his running;)
although mr. confidence thought he was already the MVP.
{thanks to his fabulous cheerleading section.}