"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, December 23, 2011

"santa is going to love these"

"santa is going to LOVE these!"
 this was supposed to be an angel.
it looked a lot like a dementor to me.
 does the frosting remind anyone else of the movie "hook"?
me too:)
 we fondly named brennan's,
"the green monster." 
and max fondly kept dipping her arm into the frosting,
and then licked it off of her arm.
it started as an accident.
and then she decided she really like the game.
oh to be almost 2:) 
tonight i put brennan to bed.
one last time.
with his binky. 
i think i am going to miss his binky more than he is.
i need a hug.
my little prince.
and his big brown eyes.
i'm so in love.

the shelf

two more days.
two more days.
i just couldn't make it two more days.
maybe it's b/c they have started taking the trains off the track,
driving them around the big room,
get caught,
and shout,
"yay, let's go to time out! do we get to go to timeout!? hurry run to time out! mommy, set the timer! we are in timeout:)"
trains and timeout.
not effective anymore.
it's funny.
and i honestly couldn't hide my smile when it happened this morning.
so instead of being grinchy,
i just put those trains on the top of the book shelf.
with the dora bat.
the fishing game.
and the santa paws christmas book sean and i dread reading.
do you have a shelf such as this?
it's a beautiful thing:)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

review extravaganza #3 {july, aug, & sept}

it's week 3!
and just so there's no confusion,
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my garden started to grow.
a meditation shrine of sorts.
there was still a lot of snow in the mountains.
rare for july.
the weathermen were worried about how the safeguards were going to keep the valleys from flooding.
it was on the news a lot.
brennan had an awesome flip flop tan.
and we continued life by the pool.
the fourth of july was cloudy and warm.
so perfect.
my mom turned 65.
we continued to live in the family yard day after day.
enjoying every warm summer night.
ice cream.
outdoor movies.
we flew to california to the lake house.

and came home.
to find my garden producing
i weeded all night i was so happy.
until the sun set in the west.
really, i did.
it was lovely.
then we got right back into summer.
swimming=bath for the day.
and a house that never got cleaned.
i really was ready to just skip august altogether.
especially once i found out i was pregnant.
and started feeling sick.
i then became a shade seeker.
harvest days.
my computer was broken the entire month.
so i did a lot of blogging from my phone with all small pictures.
and never went back to fix them all.
i prayed for a MAC.
i got a fixed computer instead.
i was still happy.
my parents AND sean almost killed me.
it grew back:)
i repeat: it's just hair!
except no one knew i was pregnant yet.
so it just seemed like i was having crazy dreams.
which i know only happens when i'm pregnant:)
my jack o lanterns started to grow.
i chopped off my hair.
too hot for a pregnant lady to have long hair in august in utah.
and pretty much quit weeding altogether.
i found a REAL SHAVE ICE shack in the middle of utah.
10 min from my house.
i was sold for life.
i learned how to kill fruit flies.
{note: the cone worked better than the saran wrap}
they were marvelous.
and they had toddler saddle bowling shoes.
i still wish i would have stolen those shoes for max.
the garden was overly plentiful.
i felt like a green success:)
beth announced she was moving to germany.
for her husband's master's degree.
football season began.
and i spent the entire month waiting to feel better and for the weather to cool down.
neither of which happened.
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