"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

conference report!

i think my kids might finally be conference trained!!!
like, i sat through ALL four sessions
took notes ALL four sessions.
sean and i kept looking at each other like,
is this for real?
could this REALLY be possible?
i'm hear to say,
it's real!
it took 7 long years,
but something finally clicked:)
also, max learned to do dishes,
and we now have life sized yellow box humans scattered around our house.
along with about one hundred thousand and three small yellow squares that despite my very valiant efforts to discard, keep popping up in every corner still days later.
which is great!
because they were clipping away,
while we were listening to conference:)
no phones or ipads were utilized in the making of the process.
i'm so proud i could burst. 
{i found dean this way: brennan fessed up and said 
he dressed him that way b/c dean is such a bandit. ha!}

 i feel like a million bucks.
can every weekend be conference?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

{this is the BEST way to describe him}

reasons why 
i'm the luckiest gal 
in the world:
1. for the first 7 years we were married he let me put my feet on his stomach when they were ICY cold to warm them up {one word: REXBURG}.
2. he does diapers and burping in the middle of the newborn night {always has, still does--he does get back to sleep duty with max. it's a gift. believe me.}
3. every day he calls me at some point just to see how i'm doing.
4. he let me talk him into have a 4th baby {i MAY have caught him in a moment of weakness, but he tells me now he's so glad i did! right sean?! RIGHT?!--no really though;)...he does!}
5. he is the BEST father.
6. he never has to worry about what he says or does because his integrity and character is just THAT strong.
7. in the dictionary {what are those???}, next to "hard working" there is a picture of him.
8. he gets along with everybody, and i mean EVERYBODY.
9. he is SO thoughtful and considerate AND LOYAL to me as his wife.
10. he loves his mother {which is what makes him such a good husband}.
i could go on and on and on with a list of 100 things and STILL not be done 
with this amazing man of mine! HAPPY HAPPY TO MY ADORABLY HANDSOME 
{this is the BEST way to describe him} SEAN SEAN!!!