"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, May 18, 2012

puddle swimming

"i'm playing mean and good marshmallow.
And I am the mean marshmallow eater."
-brennan 4 yrs old-
he was drenched before he even made it into the pool for swimming lessons.
very convenient when you're going to get wet anyway.
along with the rest of us.
except we weren't going to get wet.
but we did.
the rain hit my face and soaked my rain coat right when i stepped out of the car,
and it made me feel like a kid on one of our trips to iowa to see my grandparents.
the thunder and lightening would roll in,
huge sheets of rain falling,
humid air,
a monsoonal downpour.
raincoats and galoshes,
except i don't own galoshes now,
and wore my flip flops instead.
knowing my pants would be wet up to my knees,
and they were,
but i did not want to wear furry uggs to the indoor, hot, humid, pool deck,
{just the thought is nauseating--a shirt and shorts is sometimes too hot},
chase gasped when the rain hit his face.
first time for everything:)
after 8 hours i've finally warmed up from the morning soak.
chase is cooing in his bouncer,
max is napping,
brennan is playing with a friend out back,
and the birds are talking to each other in the trees around our house.


it's hard work getting your seatbelt on with buzz hands.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

chubby chase

that little chubby baby face
is the face of a man
that slept 8 straight hours last night.
such a gem:)
on the other hand,
woke up after 7 hours
{actually more like after 4 hours b/c i stayed up watching american idol with sean}
{GO PHIL!!!}
at the seems.
i made sure he was breathing.
but for the first time out of all three babies
i knew he was just sleeping through the night,
and not worried he was dead.
so i got up,
banged around,
flushed the toilet,
woke up sean,
"can you believe he's sleeping this long?!?"
{yes, i really woke him up to tell him that}
went downstairs for a banana,
ate the banana.
drank half a liter of water.
went back to his little bassinet,
and told him what a fabulous sleeper he was,
and still,
an hour later
he made a small grunt,
and i leaped out of bed to feed him immediately.
bless him.
imagine if i had gone to sleep at the same time as him.
i might have been too rested to fall back asleep.
imagine that!

second chance peas?

it says on the back that i can still grow them in the fall.
does this count for utah???
those big plump sweet peas are screaming
from their little lilly miller packet.
but wait,
do i really want to still be weeding and growing in the fall?
i was sick of it by then last year.
the pumpkins only survived b/c they required no attention.
i have to know,
can i grow fall peas in utah?


in the afternoon shade,
it's perfect:)
i love a baby on a clockwork schedule.
nearly impossible with the third.
this is what everyone told me.
but come hell or high water i was determined to try.
epic fail.
who knew they don't have to have a schedule to be happy?
i thought they did.
but they don't.
b/c i thought i needed one to be happy too.
go figure.
i don't.
the third really does change all of the rules.
and i mean that in a good way today.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

weeding before june...i hope

i bought these tomato plants today.
$6.99 for all three.
hoping they will motivate me to pull the weeds in my garden sometime before june.
b/c i really want something growing back there other than weeds.
and i want fall jack-o-lanterns again.
did you know you have to plant peas when it's cold.
i didn't.
now i do.
i bought my seed packets when i was still gestating chase.
thinking i would put them all aside and think about them again in may.
i bought carrots too.
and watermelon.
and the giant sunflower seeds again.
well here it is may,
and here my inexperienced gardening has left me without peas in the ground.
next year!
more room for jack-o-lanterns:)
who's coming over to help me weed?!

children's motrin=water

this is how many medicine cups you go through in two days
when your 2 year old is getting her two year old molars.
it's an around the clock process.
i am however saving money on groceries.
as she has not eaten a real meal in almost 6 days.
it is so sad.
until i offered her costco swirled frozen yogurt and a combo pizza today while we were out.
she took a bite of yogurt,
i gave her an itty bitty piece of soft pizza.
i am sure i looked ridiculous when i was cheering her for eating,
but man it is almost as exciting that she is eating again
as it was when brennan was finally potty trained.
no joke.
finger's crossed that the worst is behind us.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

an entire bottle of bubble bath {mother's day}

who knew sean was a gourmet chef???
have mercy,
it was the meal i've always dreamed of,
but never knew it.
and he came up with it,
bought it,
with two kids in tow,
cooked it,
and cleaned it all up.
by himself.
complete with the lava bunt cake of my dreams.
and mother's day:)
breakfast and flowers in bed,
from a smiling husband,
with the fruit ninja i've been dreaming of for months.
{my kale smoothies just reached a whole new world starting tomorrow}
and 2 cranky kids by his side.
one that woke up at 6:30am for no apparent reason,
other than the sun being up then too,
the other one i was up with until 2am with a teething fever of 102.
those 2 year old molars are beasts.
{3 if you count me}
that's a first.
and then there was sleeping chase,
that sean briskly wheeled into our closet
before the circus monkeys climbed into his bassinet.
then the two big boys went off to church,
and the other three of us stayed in our jammies until lunch.
i spent the afternoon soaking in a bubble bath,
with my head propped up on a towel,
and a book in my hands.
i poured an entire bottle of bubble bath into the tub,
and locked the door.
2 hours of no interruptions.
i had the best day:)
happy mother's day indeed!