"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, January 27, 2014

skillZ to pay the billZ.

{we can thank brennan for these little photo gems.}
adventures in after dinner activities.
the kid hangs on better than a monkey.
it's all about distribution and core people.
look at those spread out legs!
and that muscle arm grip!
headed for the Olympics,
no doubt.
with balance like that his future is
you should have seen my arm extension.
all the way to the center.
and he didn't even fall off once.
i've got the skillZ to pay the billZ.
yes sir.
his little body was so warm and soft.
and he smelled like taco.
intoxicating blissssss:)
for real.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

put yo' back into it

you should have seen me 
walking through michael's 
thursday morning.
imagine this cart with 40 more white geraniums stuffed into the opening behind chase's backside.
it was a pretty sight!
the flower man.
then i had another cart with 10 grape vine wreaths towering in the place where another kid would go,
{and thankfully i just had the one with me, 
otherwise i may have had to make the second kid balance them on top of their head 
or something crazy like that}
and then the main part was filled with more pink, green, and white geraniums.
i pushed chase's cart all over and back again twice through that store with one hand,
and pulled the second cart with my other arm.
it reminded me of the days when max was a newborn, 
and i felt it necessary for brennan to ride in the cart in the kid seat,
with max's infant seat in the main part, 
which then forced me to push them in one cart by themselves,
and pull a second cart full of food with the another.
there is a skill to it my friends.
there IS a skill.
put yo' back into it.
put yo' back into it.
we did great until we finally made it to the checkout area and had to go over the little carpet lip.
i lost 3 wreaths before my catlike reflexes kicked into play.
god bless the cashier,
as we counted, 
double counted,
and then made 4 different transactions
of geraniums,
and more geraniums.
yep, i was that lady.
i have never seen so many geraniums!
i just love those big puff balls that geraniums are.
i want to squish them,
and decorate with them.
and hang them on my front door,
why not the back door too?!
put them in vases around my house,
hang them from the chandeliers!
you get the idea.
i love the flower which is geranium.
i felt like the most accomplished woman as we walked out to the car in the parking lot,
with all of my organized receipts and geraniums.
so happy, i almost thought it was friday.
a whole day early.
anyone need any michael's 40% off coupons?
cause i have 4:)