"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

extravaganza review {jan, feb, march}


and so it begins...
we literally spent the entire winter sick.
and when i mean entire,
i mean
every day of
every week of
every month
from december 2010 thru may 2011
there was someone sick in our family.
there was the costco purple smoothie incident.
not pretty.
i still cringe at the thought of the smell.
{insert stomach flip here}.
{and here}.
{and here again}.
i admitted my love affair with the doorbell ring of the UPS man.
beth created a cookie recipe just for me.
{note: for all beth lovers, not to fret, keep your eyes open for a new segment coming soon!}
i deleted an entire month in the calendar.
you may refer to it as january.
the month is no longer celebrated in our home.
it was THAT rough last year.
and yes, i'm just being dramatic.
no surprise there.
i wrote an ode to max.
she had no hair back then.
i had no idea.
we searched sundance for Steven Spielberg,
and got the juiciest steak ever created instead.
fair trade.
it was a rough.
and then it wasn't.
but that was two attempts and 6 months later.
look at his little baby face.
i prayed and prayed and prayed for an early spring.
in vain.
despite the groundhog.
grandpa came to visit.
without kids.

it was great:)
and i remembered her birthday.
it was sad.
but now i don't mind it.
max started to grow hair.
and brennan and max discovered they were friends.
and started playing together.
and his trusty dog max.
pun intended.
brennan turned 3.

and was still wearing diapers.
but the capes and beth's oreo cake are what i remember about that day.

the snow in march was the greatest snow to fall in utah all year.
trust me,
i know my utah snow.
max got RSV.
fought ear infection after ear infection.
we found garlic drops.
which brought peace.
and joy.
really, i'm being serious.
and then i decided i was going to grow a garden.
or strawberries rather.
which turned into a garden.
even though the strawberries never grew.
imagine that.
max found her tongue.
and we celebrated our irish blood.
"for the kids."
and then we gave up on potty training.
and celebrated with cotton candy.
at our defeat:)
so look back my friends.
link up and look back.
you'll be glad you did.
unless you don't.
which i promise you'll wish you did.
especially b/c if you don't link up,
then you can't win.
8 lovely gifts,
from 8 lovely ladies.
and maybe a partridge and a pear tree.
so link up!
{every week for an extra bonus entry}
and review with us.
so you can
and i don't necessarily mean the 8 gifts.
although i hope you do.
b/c that part would be great:)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

apparently the operators didn't either.

jungle jims.
pure cheesy, grimy, kid bliss.
fastest carousel i've ever seen in my life.
full of spinning ponies.
took me two hours to recover from a few spins around.
i don't do well with things that spin.
or move in general.
max went six times in a row.
ponies with pink saddles.
and gold twirly poles.
her dreams come true.
i swooned over the swings.
watching her hair breeze by,
and legs dangle through the air.
oh how i used to love those swings.
brennan met the bumper cars.
and after the first attempt of only spinning in circles he finally mastered
the pedal
the wheel
at the same time.
45 min later i had to bribe him with soda and ice cream to get him to get out and leave.
bribery=a mom's best friend:)
hello, my name is emily,
and i bribe my children.
works great!
the most traumatizing part of the day was the roller coaster.
which i did not know was a roller coaster until both of my babies and brooke's baby were flying by us faster than the speed of light.
(i use the term "baby" loosely here--adds drama--seeing as 2 of the 3 babies are actually 4 years old.)
ok really,
it wasn't that dramatic.
the 4 year olds were fine.
and so was the 22 mo old.
it was just watching the 22 month old whiz by that was alarming at first.
maybe b/c she's small.
and a girl.
and still a baby to me.
but mainly b/c it's shocking when every other ride you've put them on goes 2 miles an hour and then one starts going what feels like 20 miles per hour.
it throws you off!
brooke and i started laughing about how fast little max was going round and round.
smiling from ear to ear.
until half way through.
when the ride stopped for a few seconds to change directions.
and "the fun" really began.
b/c brooke's blake climbed out of the seat belt.
and under the safety bar.
which the ride operaters did not catch.
so imagine brooke and i screaming at the operator to stop the ride b/c blake was spinning around at 20 mph (exaggeration MAYBE, but not by much) with no restraint.
trust me,
it was scary!
and i'm betting we were the crazy moms with their hands raised up,
waving around,
on our tippy toes,
with the kids looking at us like we were crazy.
good thing blake's good luck streak remained intact.
the kids never knew anything was wrong.
and apparently the operators didn't either.
2 wrist bands down,
8 more to go.
holy moly,
indoor kid amusement ride heaven.

Monday, December 5, 2011

the baby jesus and oreos

for family night tonight we learned about the birth of the baby jesus.
followed by a serious lesson on the art of dunking oreos.
brennan even mastered sean's "sinker" rule.
wait for it,
wait for it,
max just overly dunked.
it was complete with singing and signing (did you read that right?) "away in a manger."
it was my favorite 20 minutes of the entire day.
we're on this week.
so on:)
except for the part where in my 29 years i somehow missed the part about WHY mary and jospeph were going from Nazareth to Bethlehem.
i don't know what i thought they were doing.
going there b/c an angel told them to???
or they were just moving???
or something directed them there???
my brain had just never wondered about that itsy bitsy little detail.
NOW i do.
NOW i know.
to pay their taxes.
have mercy.
it's just plain embarrassing.
and enlightening all at once.
good grief.

he grew, or i did

he grew.
in the last two weeks.
or i did.

i finally "get" what everyone was talking about with your third baby.
i thought they were wrong.
b/c they said it would happen with max.
and it didn't.
i just carry my babies inside.
this is what i told them.
until 26 weeks.
'tis no longer so.
b/c apparently my body now pops out a 26 week belly at 22 weeks.
or maybe it was the peanut butter cheesecake...