"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, July 17, 2010

they're related, minus hair.

the hair is what might throw you off.
brennan 4 months, or something close to that.
inches and inches and inches of hair.
fun for baths.
and gel.max 5 1/2 months.
possibly milimeters of hair.
maybe less.
bubbles make the mohawk.
fun for obscenely large bows.

brennan 5 1/2 months

thick as a brick.

max 5 1/2 months.
skinny as spaghetti.
eats like a horse.
and i absolutely put that bow on just for the picture.
now i wish i would have run for the tutu as well.
twins i say!!!
it blows me away.
minus the hair.

Friday, July 16, 2010

not in your hand.

it's hot in the shade.
the m&m's never even had a chance to melt in my mouth.
everybody took sucky naps today.
heaven bless their personalities.
funny little dude.
max ate sweet potatoes for the first time (blah, blah, blah) today.
there were two bites left.
i think she liked them.
the pork loin asked for a bite.
swallowed it.
stuck his tongue out in disgust.
said he didn't want the last bite.
they used to be his favorite.
he hated the peas.
now they are his favorite.
funny thing.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

pretty much means always now.

desperate times call for desperate measures.
target date.
i had a list.
we had a babysitter.
off we went.

do not buy this mop.
it bites.
don't be fooled by the good looking handle.
we returned it.
and went with mr. clean this time.
realized there's nothing we are exempt from anymore.
rental cars.
too bad i don't want any of that.
well, maybe the fireworks.
a good 15 min. we stood in front of the baby food aisle.
trying to do the math in my head of 10 for $9 vs. one for 46 cents.
yes, i really stood there trying to figure that out.
tired mama picked the glass jars b/c those were the ones i wanted anyway.
decided i didn't care which was a better deal.
dr. scout master scanned everything i wanted with his phone.
it told him where we could get everything for cheaper.
i told him to stop it.
i didn't want to know i could get it for less.
i was here and here is where we were gettin' it.
we talked houses.
we are getting ready to want one.
well, we've been wanting one for quite some time.
but now we get to really want one for real.
like plan for it.
like don't put the sparkly bows in the cart for max b/c we'd rather have a house.
the moon looked like it had eyes, ears, a nose, and a big smile.
it made me think of goodnight moon.

and the cow jumping over the moon.
and 3 little bears, sitting on chairs...

i love that i'm so exhausted that i actually look intoxicated.
Arctic circle is the new way we end our dates.
at least, it's how we've ended our last two.
which pretty much means always now.
i jumped up on my tippy toes for several seconds in excitement when i saw this.
i hope my mr. clean mop doesn't bite.
the scout master has informed me that i need to schedule make out time in the car next time.
i laughed.
mama still got it!
yeah baby;-)

dream it! i dare you.

(and the cake you'll want the recipe for)

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

money laundrier

doing the laundry really does pay.
i have a feeling it's scout camp money,
but for the next 8 hours until the scout master comes home,
i'm going to pretend it's mine.
i'm leaving it out on the counter, just feeling rich and lucky.
and planning what i could buy with it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

peed upon.

if you leave your toddler in their swim diaper,
feed them dinner,
and an entire bottle of Gatorade,
then go to feed your baby,
still not changing your toddler,
he WILL pee,
he WILL leak (or "EAK" as he may say) all down his legs and onto your treadmill and carpet.
you may clean it up with wipes,
only to find wet spots later on as you are feeding your baby.
you may wonder if the baby is wet from her own pee,
or if she has been peed upon.
i am still not sure.
both have been changed and re-diaper-ed.
it's 8:49pm and both of the children are asleep.
i am tired.
and it was a really funny night.
why does the pork loin only pee on the carpet when the scout master is scouting?

Monday, July 12, 2010

the good ol' days right now.

i think she has my eyes.

these are the days we will talk about when we are old and gray.
the good ol' days.
when we were squished into an apartment that felt smaller than us.
saving every penny.
all of our dreams right at our finger tips.
the days when our children surround us for every holiday and season of the year.
my white pants that have been stained with who knows what.
fingers in my dinner plate.
floaties in my soda.
getting my toddler's cold b/c he sneaks drinks from my water mug.
listening to the books crash off of the bookshelf,
only to find a smiling face of someone hoping to be forgiven for unsteady hands.
a sound and then a smell from a baby who's smile can melt me at any hour of the day.
even 5am.
not being able to finish most things b/c someone needs something.
coercing a toddler into the house to get a crying baby from her nap with promises of popcorn, popsicles, chocolates, movies, or anything on the planet he could possibly desire.
tired eyes and body from endless service throughout the day.
and night.
the best word i've ever heard, "mommy!"
the cry of a tiny thing that must be the cutest cry there ever has been.
big eyes asking for a story.
a kiss.
a hug.
a bruised bum.
a glistening tear.
a scraped knee.
it's the best feeling.
the good ol' days.
right now.

snap is not working.

i keep doing the mary poppin's snap,
but nothing is cleaning itself up.
maybe i'm doing it wrong.
is there a you tube video for that???
i watched a baby break dancer yesterday on there.
it was neat.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

we almost didn't make it.

i had a great idea.
take the kids to a baby shower.
this was not the original plan.
but, sean's grandpa was taken to the hospital, so i had the kids.
i was already dressed.
cute and all.
gift wrapped.
i was going.
we would just skip brennan's nap.
it would be fun!
i'm so cool.
and so spontaneous!
after the shower, we had all of this extra time in our day!
naps were such a waste of the afternoon.
this was the thought in my mind pulling out of my parking spot at the baby shower.
this was the thought i would come to regret.
i couldn't help but fantasize about all of the things we were going to get accomplished.
i was feeling extra generous and decided this day was the day we'd go through the mcdonald's drive through for our first happy meal.
i am the COOLEST MOM.
this is what i was thinking.
i was remembering how much i loved them as a child.
the toy! oh the toy!
who am i kidding, i was all about the food.
the cute little box with the arches on top.
lame that they get a sack now.
i order him a milk.
i'm so awesome.
making a healthy choice for my child.
this is what i was thinking.
hand him his bag.
big smile of excitement on my face.
first child.
first happy meal.

first, first, first...blah, blah, blah.
here is where the horrid begins.

he doesn't WANT french fries.
or chicken nuggets.
or his toy.
he drinks some milk.
throws his happy meal across the car.
he is now screaming.
we're all the way across town.
i give him a choc covered granola bar.
it melts on his hands.
he screams.
wipe him off.
b/c now we're parked in front of the bike shop.
max is awake.
i decide we're going to the bike shop.
i want my stroller fixed.
and we're here.
and dr. scout master would surely not want to do it after spending the day in the ICU with grandpa.
we forge ahead.
and so the battle continues.
45 minutes later i'm driving home with my fixed stroller.
with a screaming toddler who has
a. not eaten since 9am (it's now 3:45pm), and he is refusing to eat everything i am offering.
b. he has had no nap (which ended up being a big deal).
max is screaming b/c she is now starving.
i spend the entire 15 min. drive home holding her binky in, while driving (thinking this can't possibly be smart), and laughing to myself over the entire ordeal.
b/c it's funny.
the moment where your life is the pamper's commercial with the screaming children.
except it's not a commercial.
i vow to never intentionally miss a nap again.
this of course will be forgotten, and i will do it again.
but holy cannoli,
we almost didn't make it.
and at that point i still had to get everyone out of the car and bring them into the house.
i'm glad my stroller's fixed.
thorn resistant tires on all wheels now.
and brennan slept 13 hours last night.
for the FIRST time ever...blah, blah, blah.