"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, October 18, 2008

scaredy pants? NO SIR, dreamer!

i've been thinking about stephanie, of course, what's new? i've been thinking about what she will think when she wakes up from her coma, life changed forever. from reading her blog i've wondered if she would regret getting mr. nielson his flying lessons, a decision that obviously led to an eternal change in their beautiful life. i might be so bold to say i don't think she'd have any regret. explanation you say?

well, why sit at home and dream of something until your dream is gone? sometimes i'm so afraid to go out and do something. afraid!? yes, utterly and completely frightened that it may not turn out the way i want, or that i might not do it well enough, or that i might fail (tangent: goodness, wouldn't that be awful!...not really b/c some of my best failures have turned out to be my greatest successes!), back on track: or that i might be embarrassed (also related to the "i might fail clause"). the point i'm making is that getting out there and making it come true is what living is all about. have i been deceived by all of those disney fairytales? nay, i say, i've brought my own to life, with many more on the dreamer books in the chapters i can't wait to read!!! "they say that i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one..." john lennon, smart man.

5K run, SO fun:-)

we did it!!! let me first say how incredible it is that one person can unify so many people. sean, brennan, and i ran in a 5k this morning to help raise money for Stephanie Nielson (nie nie) and her husband (known as "mr. nielson"). if you are not current on my blog i have been participating in and working on fundraisers of my own to raise money for this family. they were in a plane crash mid-august and suffered severe burns. you can scroll down my blog to get a more in depth explanation b/c i want to focus on the fun of today!

even though sean loathes running outside on pavement, he woke up early sat. morning with me to get brennan ready and tote the three of us to provo for the run. i LOVE this man. we had a blast running together as a family. it was so uplifting to be out there in the morning air, thinking about how many blessings we have in life. the event organizers mentioned for all of us to be safe, and then as a 1/2 joke said "b/c we don't want to be back out here doing a run for you." we all laughed, and then i thought about it...life is that fleeting. one minute we are worried about forgetting our cell phone at home and the next our lives have changed forever. life is so precious and stephanie has reminded me of that...

the little tyke fell asleep!!!! let me explain what a miracle this is: no crib=no nap. seriously, the kid will NOT fall asleep when we are out and about. i had been doing some serious praying in the hopes that he would fall asleep during the race b/c it started at the same time as his morning nap. aMAZing, b/c he did, and slept for about 30 minutes. he woke up just see the finish line.

we finally got the courage to ask someone to take a pic for us. i know, sometimes i am super friendly and other times i am shy...strange phenomenon.

running the race, proof! there were lots of moms with babies, husbands with wives, single ladies, and even some kids on bikes.

so much harder to run while pushing a 22lb. baby up a hill. thank goodness sean did the major uphill pushing:-)

the FINISH!!! yes, that is my bright red face. no matter how in shape i am, the face gets bright red and everyone around me asks if i'm okay. it's the curse of the flush.

pre-race, all bundled up
it was SO much colder than we thought it would be! yes, i know it's october in utah, but 50* just felt more like 30* this morning, so we blasted the heater and warmed up.

getting ready to have a meltdown b/c it's nap time (see first picture to see how the nap turned out!)

i was trying to distract him, but you can see the "pouty" face

Want to help the Nielson family!?

Scroll down to see my upcoming event NOVEMBER 18, 2008 in SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (7-9pm)! it's FREE to you. register at http://www.complete-wealth.com/, attend the event, and we will donate $5 to the Nie Recovery just b/c you were there!!! the title of the lecture is "The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want," and the speaker is New York Times Best Selling author James Arthur Ray (seen on Oprah & Larry King Live). Remember "it doesn't cost a dime, just 2 hours of your time!" Hope to see you all there!

The same event and fundraiser will be held in Pheonix, AZ, December 2, 2008 (7-9pm) for all of you heat-lovin' people down south! Registration is available now at www.complete-wealth.com!

Friday, October 17, 2008

wedding (sean's friend)

brennan was SO full, but i was trying to get him to finish b/c we were out.
i didn't want to carry the extra food in my purse anymore. he was not happy with me.
much happier now that he's all cleaned up and listening to the dj.
sean and i both taking our turn dancing with B

the brilliance of a box

i bought brennan two new toys to tide his interest over until christmas. the first one arrived yesterday. what did he spend most of his time playing with??? the box. i should have known...


I always have the best view of the cutie pie.

fall coats & hats=soooo cute

dinner at cheesecake factory with mom befoe she left for her jerusalem trip

this is how i walk with dad now...that's real security, man

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

EVENT 11.18.08: "it doesn't cost a dime, just 2 hours of your time!"

I have felt prompted to organize a few events to help raise money for the Nielson family. One event is already planned for November 18th in Salt Lake City, Utah from 7-9pm. The exact location is TBA. My father in law is an affiliate for New York Times best selling author James Arthur Ray, seen on Oprah and Larry King Live. If you will come donate two hours of your time from 7-9pm on November 18th at the speaking event we will donate $5 for each person to the Nie Recovery. The title of the event is "The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want," time well spent for you as an individual and for a good cause to help the Nielson family. This is an exclusive event worth $149 to attend, but we will provide the tickets for free. If 100 people attend we will donate $500, for 200 people $1000, and so forth.

Please go to www.complete-wealth.com to sign up for the event, and after signing in and attending the event we will donate the $5 amount per person.

Feel free to forward this email to any of your friends and family in the area. Every person's time will help. Don't hesitate to contact me with any ideas you may have in this effort with your fundraising ideas, including talents you may be able to contribute. I am working on several other ideas and events and would gladly welcome anyone's help. You can check out Stephanie's blog at http://www.nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/ or her sister Courtney's blog at http://www.cjanerun.blogspot.com/ to read about current updates on Stephanie and her husband. I have links to both pages from my blog: http://www.gibsonfamilyof3.blogspot.com/

Monday, October 13, 2008

5K run with me!!!! anyone in the area want to join?

stephanie (nie nie), my hero

stephanie nielson is an online mormon mommy blogger. i have talked about her to many of you. i LOVE this woman, whom i've never met. whether you are mormon or not you can relate to her. she is an inspiration. i love her joy in life. reading her blog has helped me to truly focus on the beautiful parts of my life. i am a happier person because of this woman i've never met. it's amazing how you can think about a person so much that you've never met...pray for a person you've never met...share stories about a person's life who you've never met...did i mention that i ADORE this woman? I DO, I DO!!! i have a link to her blog at the top right hand side of my page "i read nie nie." she is in the hospital from a plane crash in august, so people are reposting some of their favorite blogs on her site. after spending 3 hours reading her blog (and still not finishing), i clicked over to a link for her sister's blog "cjanerun," which i now frequent for updates on stephanie, her husband (mr. nielson), and their four children. this entire family is amazing. heaven on earth that we can all achieve. i find myself doing more to make my life beautiful and i LOVE that...

(here is a link to the New York Times article written about the accident. you can also visit stephanie's blog and her sister courtney's blog from my blog. there is a link to cjanerun's blog under my "i read nie nie" link....enjoy.)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

gigantor, mug, and kirkland

when i was a freshman at chico state i took a communications class where i had to give an informative speech on any topic of choice. i chose water. i found out tons of cool facts on why you should drink water and LOTS of it!!! i used to get horrible headaches, but rarely get them anymore. anyway, you can google all of the facts for yourself. not only did i convince my class to drink more water (2-3 liters a day! depending on your weight: 160 lb. person=2.5 liters abt.), but i became a water junky. if you spend any time with me at all you'll notice that i rarely go anywhere without a bottle of water. poor sean is such a good sport b/c at the end of the day all of my bottles need to be refilled. yes, i know i am not supposed to be reusing the bottles, but i do and it's better to refill and drink than not drink at all. i do get new ones every month for those of you that are worried. the Dansani bottle is named "gigantor" b/c it is 1.5 liters and looks HUMONGOUS, the hospital cup is "mug" (yes, it's the free one from the hospital when i had brennan and all of sean's old people patients have them), and the kirkland one is named "kirkland" of coarse:-) drink up people!