"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the happiest place on earth: not disneyland.

i don't like my cheeks in this picture.
tell me they look great.
please, validate me.
i wish you could have been in the draper temple with me tonight.
the chandelier in the celestial room was the most beautiful chandelier i have ever seen.
i think that room might just be the happiest place on earth.
and white.
all of the prisms in the chandelier reminded me of polyanna.
and her glad game.
and of heaven.
i can't imagine heaven being any more beautiful than this room in the draper temple.
and i had lots of happy thoughts.
peaceful happy thoughts.
gloriously, heavenly,
peaceful, happy thoughts.
the temple is really good for that.
disneyland's got nothing on the temple;)
AND it's free.

when i say "clean," i mean there was nothing in it.

dog was dropped in the clean toilet bowl.
by bieber himself.
and when i say clean,
i mean there was nothing in it.
i do NOT mean i cleaned it this week.
or today.
i mean there was just nothing in it.
which lately means clean.
and it appears by the looks of it that this toy would not do well in the washing machine.
lots of lights and sounds that don't unattach.
so i don't know what to do with it.
but i don't want to throw it out.
and i once heard on oprah that your toilet bowl is more clean than your kitchen sink.
but i'll bet oprah's toilet bowl is cleaned every day.
and mine is not.
but it is cleaned more than my sink.
and if the dog dropped in my sink i would surely not be worrying about washing it.
it would already be mixed back into the toy bins.
but now it is sitting on the counter top.
of our half bath.
waiting for its fate.
which i have not yet decided.
i'll get back to you...

Friday, June 10, 2011

living social

$7.50 my friends. $7.50.
it was the first time the popcorn actually looked like a good deal.
i had my heart set on raisinettes.
there were none at the 7-11 we stopped at on the way to the movies.
and we were late.
the cashier just raised his hands in disbelief.
good thing our 2 tickets only cost $9.
thank you living social.
thank you late night date night.
{and ashley for babysitting}
i did manage to get my liter of smart water in.
wrapped up in my hanalei bay sweatshirt.
i'm still dreaming about floating in hanalei bay:)
eating raisinettes. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

amelia earhart, except with a happy ending.

it's almost friday.
and sean got home from work early.
i made blt-a's.
i have a love obsession with bacon.
it is one of my many guilty pleasures.
is it time for the
the kids played dress up in our neighbor's yard.
and put on shows.
the men talked inside.
we ladies sat on the tramp shivering.
needed 10 more degrees.
or shoes.
brennan wore the pirates of the caribean hat the entire night.
i thought he looked really cute.
as in Earhart.
 except with a happy ending.
a really happy ending:) 
i have a new love for motorized scooters.
but the chicken in me was scared going down the hills.
and made my heart skip.
and stomach flip.
so i pressed on the breaks more than i needed to.
nothing new about that.
sean had to carry brennan home crying over his shoulder.
nothing new about that either.
oh happy day:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the time of our lives

at some point this year "man talk" began before bed.
where sean and brennan talked about man stuff.
then it turned into a "fireball" dragon story.
everything very "man."
{insert time allen barking here}
the stories are different every night.
sean makes them up as he goes.
usually with some of the day's actual events included to the story line.
the characters are always:
fireball (a dragon he got on his birthday from blake)
cheetah racer (a game on pbs kids)
robot tiger (no idea where they came up with this one)
a life lesson is sometimes at the end.
they always do things during the story.
like go swimming, eat dinner, fight knights and other mean dragons, or save princesses.
one time robot tiger's head fell off b/c he was standing in the water table after lunch and slipped, falling head first onto the cement.
where his head fell off.
and he was hurt.
and had to have a time out.
b/c he didn't listen to his mommy about not standing in the water table b/c he might fall out and hit his head on the cement.
life lesson:)
brennan gets to make up some of the story as sean goes along.
and then he always asks for me to come in to sing a song after the story is over.
twinkle twinkle little star and/or baby beluga.
sometimes he is already asleep by the time i get upstairs.
i sing anyway.
and stroke his hair.
kiss the bridge of his nose.
and his temples.
this is the time of our lives.
every single minute.
today i learned:
max hates the big pool.
even at 91 degrees.
she loves the hot tub.
at 101 degrees.
it is the only place she will stop crying.
she laid on her back kicking her legs the entire time.
and brennan wants to live in the water.
and never get out.
and last but not least,
it is more fun to get in the water with my kids,
but makes me more tired.
worth it.
*bonus thought*
do not wear a non-maternity swim suit when you are 9 months pregnant and then try to wear it the following year when you are no longer 9 months pregnant. you will have a saggy bum b/c you stretched it out when you were 9 months pregnant.
then you will wonder if you had a big bum when you were pregnant,
when you didn't think you did,
{which i still claim i did not and that is all that counts},
but you will feel like you have a small bum now,
so that is great.
really great.
that is all.
the end.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

under my umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh

 my air conditioner is fixed.
there, now we can be friends again:)
brennan stands like a man in the bathroom.
to make a "fountain."
he's really proud.
the mcqueen potty has been retired.
and public restrooms are a problem of the past.
i really do have a big boy.
and max learned a valuable life lesson:
when you point a hose straight up in the air.
it's going to soak you.
and you only.
every time.

Monday, June 6, 2011

i'll be in the baby pool.

apprently everyone's air conditioning in the state of utah broke yesterday.
which means,
ours will not be fixed until tomorrow morning between the hours of 10am and noon.
if you need me, i'll be in the baby pool.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

air conditioner luster

the good news is that it's hot outside.
and perfect in the shade.
the bad news is my beloved air conditioning is broken.
not cooling.
can you believe it?!
it's like the dang thing read my blog this morning and thought,
"i'm gonna show her!
i'm gonna break on the first hot day of the year.
and i'm gonna make it be on a sunday.
take that air conditioning luster."
this home owner stuff is annoying today.

lawn mower races

{"lawn mower races"}
what do you set your air conditioner at?
what time?
what time does it change temps?
what time does it come on?
is it set for different temps throughout the summer?
i've never had one of these before.
unless you count my car.
or the window one we used in our basement apartment.
which i don't.
b/c central air is in a class of its own.
hello summer happiness:)
i've looked forward to you for a LONG time.
and i'm going to use you.
and enjoy you.
every minute.
of every day.
oh how i love air conditioning.
{have you read "the help"? i love the part where she stands in front of the air conditioner and blows out the power b/c she turns it on high. my kind of girl.}