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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

embarrassingly PROUD.

my mother is an immaculate cleaner.
i don't remember ever "cleaning" as a child, other than picking up my toys and clothes.
i think she even made my bed most mornings.
my step mother used to tell us stories of being in college and scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush.
bless her for having ari, our house keeper.
in college i lived in the dorms freshmen year where a cleaner did our bathrooms & showers.
my roommate and i traded off vacuuming duties and always tried to keep things tidy and smelling lovely.
throughout the rest of college i lived in apts and learned to clean my toilet and sink.
this sounds awful.
it sounds spoiled.
there, i said it for you.
i don't think i cleaned the tub until i was married.
even then, the scout master did the bathroom most weeks.
i remember moving out of our first married apt in rexburg, telling the manager that the tub just changed colors over time.
i really believed that it did.
the scout master cleaned growing up.
the other day he told me he used to have to clean his parents bathroom.
he told me our children would clean our bathroom.
"oh no, that's gross honey. i'll do it. they can do their own. or we can get a house keeper."
why this story?
can you nest at 15 weeks pregnant???
i think i did.
i looked at my tub the other day and thought,
"that can't be right. i've seen too many scrubbing bubbles commercials where some smiling housewife sprays the said spray and wipes it away."
look for yourself.
i warn you, you may think less of me after this...sigh.
now i want you to know that i clean that tub once a week.
okay, every other week.
at LEAST once a month.
we are not filthy people, but that tub is filthy.
my child bathes in there!
i cringe.
so i got out my KABOOM.
i know, not environmentally safe, but my environmentally safe products made this problem!
they just weren't getting it clean.
they are great for touch ups, but not getting the dirt and grime.
is this a mr. clean commercial?
after an hour and a half of scrubbing and learning what "elbow grease" actually means....

and trust me, there was
NO "spray and wipe it away" going on!
i walked around my house the rest of the day with my chin held high.
i was so embarrassed that my tub had been so disgusting, but amazingly proud at what i had accomplished.
i'm sure there are many of you that think this is quite trivial.
and possibly pathetic.
but i couldn't help myself from running into my bathroom throughout the day to pull open the curtain for a peek at what my hard work had accomplished.
a shiny, sparkling, WHITE, tub.
i'm still smiling.
now, do i really have to do that every week???


Lisa Anne said...

Wow that worked well. Don't feel bad I never had to clean anythign growing up. I still don't do much now. Well I do clean the bathrooms and the kitchen. The BF does all the laundry and the dishes. I hate cleaning the toilets. My poor son, always wants to take a bath, but I never let him because his tub isn't clean. I need to clean the tub more often. I might have to try the Kaboom!

Amy said...

The joys of hard work. I guess our parents were on to something when they said cleaning makes you feel good. By the way, your tub looks beautiful!

Sue said...

Nice job, Em!


PS. BTW, my sibs and I weren't even allowed to leave the house on Saturday until our rotating list of "deep cleaning" chores was completed!

♥CHRISSY♥ said...

I have always hated cleaning, and still do but I do the same thing after it is all done I have to take a look at all the hard work I accomplished many many times!!!

Also congrats on the new little bun in the oven my due date for Alexandra was the day after Valentines day. When do you find out the sex of the babe?

Jess said...

Love a clean bathroom, and I'm so glad Em does her own-I'm half tempted,occasionally, to have her do ours- when she's excessively sassy (my thought being I would just work the sass right out)but I haven't yet.

It looks fab. p.s. something about the avon bubble bath prevents the ring around the tub I've heard.

Fiauna said...

Yeah, "Just spray and wipe away" is a big lie. LIE I tell ya!

Emmy said...

If you do it every week it won't be as hard next time :)
But hey, like I can talk I haven't cleaned a bathroom at all since being married.. my husband has happily taken on that job and I am not rocking the boat!

Boulant Family said...

Watch yourself Emily, you're on your way to turning into an ocd mommy! It happened to me!;)

keri said...

Now that Jeff is back to work, I will be back to scrubbing the tub. It sure was a nice break though!

Natalie said...

Congratulations on a job very well done my dear!! Apparently, I grew up a lot like Sue! ;)

May I make a confession? I love to clean bathrooms. It brings so much satisfaction to me, I wish it was as productive as jogging. I'd have lost the 20 I need to lose forever ago!

And, if I lived close by you...I'd happily be your "ari"...seriously, I love cleaning...other people's houses. I know, I'm a freak!

webster said...

looking good...come on down to my house! I remember when my grandma was super sick I went to her house and saw there shower...it was nasty so i told the g-parents I was going to clean it. They both told me it had been like that forever and that nothing worked...so i took the challenge! It was sparkling white, my grandpa was so proud...he said he'd never seen it so white! For the next week I told everyone to check out the shower because it looked so AWESOME!! sos pads work wonders

Stacie said...

It's not your fault - those plastic tubs get dirty if you even THINK about using them. And it's a production to clean them! I'll be honest, Glenn cleans our tub. I refuse! I lurk and wait until I know he won't say no and then I spring it on him. Luckily, he's always willing! I think it should become your other half's job, too!

Katrina said...

Hey Emily, haven't talked to you in a while, but I like your blog, and glad to see your so happy- congrats on the bun in the oven! I felt forced to comment because I need to tell you to get a 'Magic Eraser' next time! You will not need any sprays what-so-ever and grime will come off in one swipe, no joke. I've found those erasers are best for 'greasy areas' like the tub and oven, and nothing gets a freezer more clean!! I'm a bit obsessed!

beck said...

Oh Em this made me laugh! It brought fond memories of some of your "firsts" that happened much later in life than others. I don't clean our bathroom often enough and this weekend it was the time, well past the time but anyway...I have to tell you if you haven't tried Magic Erasers by Mr. Clean you are missing out!!! I don't know how they work but they come as close as you can to wipe away in my opinion. Our soap scum was quite built up and wow! Ryan swears by them and won't clean the bathroom without them! Worth every penny!!!!!! I use comet a lot for the bathroom and sinks, but Magic Erasers has blown away any other product I've ever tried. They really are magic! I caught the cleaning bug the last month of pregnancy and still have it!! I'm glad I did because it feels good to have things organized and clean (except the bathroom, ok and kitchen, oh well maybe I have more room for improvement).

Beth said...

Emiline!! You are so funny... I can totally see you as the cute little "clean" house wife and Mommy! I just love you! You must be having a girl.... maybe?

Dana said...

The best product ever was Easy Off BAM! Literally, spray and wipe away the gunk. No scrubbing. But I had to wear a gas mask to use it or it would burn my throat! Probably not good for the environment either. Maybe that's why I can't find it anywhere anymore...hmmm.

Bonni and Pete said...

I grew up with my Dad owning a cleaning business... so yeah, I've had my fair share of cleaning. And yes I've used toothbrushes and razors. I could tell you some nasty stories about places I've seen. Is it sad that I would rather clean the bathroom than do the dishes? I know I'm weird. Also, besides the magic eraser try Shower Power, it's awesome and leaves your bathroom with a minty smell.
You did great! my dad would be proud.

Jen said...

Em, I seriously followed your example, and my tub has never been this clean! Thanks so much! Can't wait to see you this weekend!